Girard-perregaux And The Gentle Girl’s Fate Table Is Known As Mona Lisa

Chen Yirong wears Girard-Perregaux (GP for short) Cat’s Eye series, which has won the ‘Best Women’s Watch Award at the Geneva Watch Awards’. ‘Cat Eye Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Diamond Watch’ is priced at 8.7 million. For the first time in his life, he brought such a dazzling watch. Chen Yirong said excitedly ‘I feel like the time is now stopped and I hope to stay at this moment forever.’ The fate of gentle girls and solemn watches lies in this, the combination of tough watches and feminine beauty.
Chen Yirong attends Girard Perregaux events
8.7 million diamond watch upper body
    ‘Sanjinqiao’ is a watch craft with a very artistic evaluation, and it is also a classic representative of GP. ‘Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon’ is also known as ‘Mona Lisa in the watch’. When it is added with the petite temperament of ‘Cat’s Eye’ , The effect is more amazing, can be regarded as the pinnacle of GP technology and art.
    Cat’s Eye three gold bridge tourbillon, 18K white gold case, 31.30 x 36.30 mm diameter, bezel and lugs are set with 84 square diamonds (2.12 cts), the face plate is set with 208 gorgeous diamonds (0.55 ct.), Buckle set with 14 beautiful diamonds (0.118ct), crown set with diamonds (0.2 ct.), GP9700.0A bracelet movement, diameter: 27.00 x 32.00 mm, vibration frequency 21,600 vibr./h (3Hz.), 20 stone, 72 hours power reserve, hours, minutes, tourbillon with small seconds, sapphire crystal scratch-resistant mirror, back cover fixed with 4 screws, waterproof 30 meters, Jianyi price: NT $ 8,700,000
    The second watch on display is the three-gold bridge tourbillon from the Vintage 1945 series, which is known for its simple, retro style. This watch combines Art Deco rectangular case, perfect proportion of Sanjinqiao design and original GP9600 movement, which is both practical and aesthetic.
    Vintage 1945 three-gold bridge automatic tourbillon watch, GP9600 automatic movement, vibration frequency 21,600 vibr./h (3Hz.), 30 stones, power reserve 48 hours, hour, minute, tourbillon small seconds, rose gold watch: (Also available in platinum, 18 white gold), diameter 32 x 32 mm, waterproof 30 meters, handmade alligator leather strap, suggested selling price: NT $ 5,680,000
    The third ‘LAUREATO EVO3 Tourbillon with Three Crystal Bridges’ changed Girard Perregaux’s proud golden bridge from metal to crystal. It is more difficult to produce and is currently the only bridge watch on the market that uses non-metallic materials. The design of the crystal bridge is similar to the nickel bridge pocket watch created by the founder of Girard Perregaux, with a titanium case, and the inner octagonal case is also the visual focus.
     Laureato EVO3 triple crystal bridge tourbillon, GP9600 automatic movement, vibration frequency 21,600 vibr./h (3Hz.), 30 stones, power reserve for more than 48 hours, hour, minute, tourbillon with small seconds, titanium metal case, Platinum bezel, 42 mm diameter, anti-glare sapphire crystal back, sapphire crystal back cover fixed with 6 screws, waterproof to 100 meters, the bridge of Sanjin Bridge is made by hand polished sapphire, and the gemstone ball of the bridge is fixed by rose gold The machine board is hand-matted, the depression is manually added with a ring pattern, and the concave edge is polished with diamonds. 72 tourbillon parts, weighing 0.3 grams, are balanced, chamfered, and polished by hand. Suggested selling price: NT $ 6,385,000
   For these three watches, Girard Perregaux specially invited Chen Yirong to attend the press conference yesterday. Chen Yirong put on a diamond watch for nearly 9 million yuan for the first time, ‘I really hope that time will temporarily stop.’ As she almost hit her while taking pictures, the first thing she sat down to interview was to quickly take off her watch.