Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Diamond Watch

The internal quality and external charm of the Maltese Tourbillon Fine Jewelry Watch complement each other with more than 2,000 hours of careful creation, the perfect fusion of high-end watches and top jewelry, the Vacheron Constantin Maltese Tourbillon Fine Jewelry Watch symbolizes art, The perfect blend of watchmaking craftsmanship and innovative talents, the mystery of watchmaking and the jewelry inlay are magically subtly integrated. This treasure on the wrist is a passionate gift to Métiers d’ Art’s traditional watchmaking craftsmanship. The watch uses hidden diamond setting technology, all processes are completed by hand, a total of 565 baguette diamonds weighing 19 carats, making the entire watch brilliant.
Malte Tourbillon Diamond Watch
At present, only a few jewellery masters are proficient in hidden diamond setting techniques. The gold material is completely hidden under the diamond. All diamonds are supported by the bracket to form a light field without any fixed traces, so it can release the dazzling light to the maximum extent. Although this watch has a curved outline, its sharp edges and tight lines pose a huge challenge to diamond setting. Therefore, Vacheron Constantin chose to use hidden diamond technology for this watch, which is an extraordinary technical performance.
In order to overcome the problem of diamond setting, from designers to jewelry cutters, watchmakers to jewelry setters, the technicians in each process must be united, cooperate closely, and even exceed their own limits to ensure wearing comfort, movement Performance and water resistance meet strict standards. The designer’s Maltese Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch is transformed into a diamond-stacked design, which makes people look at a glance. The cutter cuts the diamonds to the micron size, so that the jewelry setter can perfectly set these diamonds in the place they designed. It takes rigorous precision to complete this difficult task, and it takes more than 2,000 hours of careful work to create this amazing combination of diamonds.
Because the gold case is completely hidden under the diamond, the entire watch is a sculpture made of diamonds: whether it is the lug, bezel, case center, dial, buckle, crown, or Vacheron Constantin’s iconic Maltese cross, every component shines brightly. The pavé diamond dial faithfully retains the original design of the watch: the hour, minute and second hands on the tourbillon frame are displayed separately and read vertically. In this perfectly integrated ballet, precious diamonds surround the digital ring, next to the minute scale and form the tourbillon frame, subtly highlighting every element of time on the dial.
7951795R movement — the perfect fulfillment of Vacheron Constantin’s superb craftsmanship
If the hidden diamond setting technology casts a layer of mystery on the jewellery setting process, then the Maltese Tourbillon Advanced Watch has no intention of concealing the complex structure of its exclusive 1795R movement. Through its sapphire crystal case back, The entire movement is at a glance. This hand-wound mechanical movement was designed, developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. After careful decoration and polishing, it combines two sophisticated processes into one, so it is highly sought after by watch enthusiasts.
Malte Tourbillon Diamond Watch
The tourbillon can offset the negative effect of gravity. It is a complete reflection of the mastery of Vacheron Constantin’s master watchmaking craftsmanship. It is still one of the most iconic complex functions in watchmaking. The regulator shows that it originated in the late 19th century and was originally used to regulate rail traffic. Vacheron Constantin applies this technology to watch functions. On the dial, the hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed separately to display the time more clearly, thereby facilitating more precise adjustments. It aims to highlight the importance of the item and ‘tell’ the wrist. The connoisseurs of the past used to watch the clock, which is extremely important at every station.
Extraordinary decoration craftsmanship: eleven hours manually decorated tourbillon bar 1795R movement. Some beautiful decorations are completely polished by human hands, especially the bars.
These processes are called “berçage” or sanding. This is undoubtedly a great challenge to the master craftsmanship of the watchmaker. The perfect standard is polished at the leading edge of the lever arm to make it a conical and semi-cylindrical shape, and the center and root parts are carefully divided. To complete this process, the watchmaker must use grinding stones, asbestos fabrics, wooden sanders and powders, plus their excellent handwork, to achieve a perfect sanding effect. In order to meet the strict polishing requirements of Vacheron Constantin, watchmakers often have to spend more than eleven hours to complete this detailed process.
ÔCôtes de Genève’s meticulous decorative texture, fine hand engraving on the edge of the cross bridge, and an independent product number engraved on the watch body make the 1795R movement more unique and flawless. In addition to the tourbillon device, this manually wound mechanical movement also has a 40-hour power reserve, showing the designer’s ingenuity.
腕表 This watch brings the art of watchmaking to its peak and evokes a new understanding of time. Vacheron Constantin watchmakers continue to challenge the concept of time and push it forward. This allows us to keep in mind the absolute authority and invaluable value of time.

Tianjin Watch Advanced Exhibition Tour Tianjin Delicately Presents Time Feast

On December 27, 2013, IWC’s advanced custom watch crafts China tour exhibition came to Tianjin, exhibiting 6 series of classic products and long brand stories, and presenting the essence of watchmaking technology such as perpetual calendar. One of the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watches will be shocked to debut, the watch is worth more than 700,000 francs, equivalent to nearly 5 million yuan, making watch fans in Tianjin feasting.

IWC Exhibition

之一 One of IWC’s most famous and world-renowned watchmaking technologies is the perpetual calendar. The ‘IWC Advanced Watchmaking Exhibition’ is dedicated to show the brand’s outstanding achievements in the complex mechanical function of the perpetual calendar.

的 IWC headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

猎 Hunter pocket watch with Jones movement, produced in 1874. Between 1868 and 1874, IWC produced a number of timepieces named after the company’s founder Florentine Ariosto Jones. The movement of this pocket watch is equipped with an ultra-long hand that adjusts the speed called the ‘Jones arrow’, which simply, cleverly and accurately ensures the frequency of the balance wheel, and also proves the IWC technology The strength of innovation.

L 伥 INE open face digital display pocket watch produced in 1885

The first masterpiece of IWC’s six major watch series-seen from the top clockwise: 1967, marine timepiece automatic watch; 1955, engineer automatic watch; 1939, Portuguese watch; 1969, Da Vinci watch; 1936, Mark Nine Pilot’s Watch; middle: 1984, Portofino

IWC watchmakers are assembling and debugging the movement. IWC has always been pursuing the realm of precision engineering of movements, and regards it as the brand’s watchmaking spirit. Adhering to the essence of innovation and extraordinary craftsmanship, IWC continues to create brilliant achievements and masterpieces for fine watchmaking.

50000 movement series: This movement series is characterized by super large eye-catching. This series of large-scale movements are equipped with outstanding devices not seen in automatic movements (including the famous Pellerton winding system), and a balance wheel with Breguet hairspring, which is extremely accurate. In addition, its 7-day power reserve also represents a major advance in the development of automatic movements.

 59000 movement series: The newly developed 59000 movement for Portofino manual winding eight-day power reserve watch faithfully inherits the tradition of 50,000 movements. The movement has a large size and accurate and reliable performance.

The 59210 is the first IWC manual-winding movement with an 8-day power reserve. The movement is equipped with a power reserve indicator, a date indicator and a small second hand with a stop mechanism.

89000 movement series: This movement series adopts innovative chronograph display device. The combination of chronograph dial shows the hour and minute chronograph, as if a ‘watch in the table’, so that the wearer can see the timing results at a glance.

The IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch (pictured in white gold model IW503203) is one of the brand’s most popular complex mechanical watches. It is equipped with a 7-day power reserve of the IWC-made 50,000-calibre movement, which includes the date, week, and month. The perpetual calendar of four-digit years and the permanent moon phase profit and loss display are extremely sophisticated and extremely precise.

The core charm of excellence in precision mechanical engineering

 The ‘IWC Advanced Watchmaking Exhibition’ opened on December 27th on the second floor of Tianjin Hisense Plaza for a period of 10 days. The exhibition design is inspired by a precision movement, centered on a beautiful silver ‘gear’, with black ceramic texture, creating a low-key and noble kingdom of watches. The exhibition distinguishes three areas of watch masterpieces, watchmaking craftsmanship, and peak starry sky. The exhibition area includes dozens of complex mechanical timepieces belonging to the Portuguese series, engineer series, and Portofino series. And after ten years of intensive research and development, the pinnacle of the IWC watch, the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch, under the mysterious starry sky, shows the time technology and art.

凡 Extraordinary perpetual calendar The masterpiece of advanced watchmaking

     As everyone knows, one of IWC’s most famous and world-renowned watchmaking technologies is the perpetual calendar. The ‘IWC Advanced Watchmaking Exhibition’ is a collection of the brand’s outstanding achievements in this complex mechanical function of the perpetual calendar.

   The perpetual calendar design is an innovation of watchmaking genius. This mechanical masterpiece fully considers the complexity of leap years: it identifies all the years that are divisible by 4 but cannot be divided by 100 (such as 2012), and the hundred years that are also divisible by 400 (such as 2400). year). These leap years have 29 days in February. Years that are divisible by 100 but not divisible by 400 (such as 2100, 2200, and 2300) are not leap years. In the above case, calendars equipped with a pointer display generally need to be adjusted by the watchmaker by one day on March 1. The digitally displayed calendar can be adjusted by the wearer. The century display of the IWC Perpetual Calendar watch continues to accurately display the calendar, and it does not need to be adjusted until December 31, 2499. Relying on the perpetual calendar technology, IWC Zoran ranks among the world’s finest watches.

 IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch (Model: 5032) is one of the brand’s most popular complex mechanical watches, which can be called the dazzling focus in this exhibition. The perpetual calendar equipped with this fascinating and timeless work is sophisticated and precise. It is equipped with a 7-day power reserve IWC-made large-scale calibre, which includes the date, week, month, four-digit year perpetual calendar and permanent The moon phase profit and loss display is the most ideal combination of functions for complex watches.

 The date, day of the week and month of the Portuguese perpetual calendar are clearly set on three small dials, which are very easy to read. Classic disc moon phases—whether single moon phases or northern and southern hemisphere moon phases—are generally set at the ’12 o’clock’ position. The Portuguese perpetual calendar watch has increased the moon phase wheel and modified the number of teeth, thereby greatly reducing the error rate. The heir to the wearer of this watch, theoretically, can not go to 577.5 years until the moon phase display is left to the watchmaker to adjust the day’s error. In other words: according to the current level of human knowledge, only the moon in the sky can be more accurate than it.

Customized Starry Sky

 Since 1868, IWC has inherited and created unique timepieces in Schaffhausen with avant-garde spirit, perfect rigorous attitude and pure tradition. Today, IWC’s unparalleled extraordinary achievements are condensed on the most complex and expensive pinnacle of the brand-Portugal Sidérale Scafusia. This masterpiece, which was born after ten years of in-depth research, has successfully equipped the watch with solar day, stellar day and astronomical display. This watch was created to precisely combine different astronomical displays. When it comes to the attention of this new sophisticated watch, it is the dial of the constant-power tourbillon. In addition, the back of the watch is not inferior, neatly displaying the star map, horizon, geographical coordinates, sun day, stellar day, sunrise and sunset display, and day, night and dawn hours in a small space. Even more impressive is that the perpetual calendar is also displayed on the back of the watch with a circular pattern.

 The perpetual calendar is connected to the edge of the case back, displaying the current time of the day, the time of the star, and the time of sunrise and sunset, and is accompanied by a 24-hour arrow mark. The central night sky design with a yellow engraved horizon shows the location of the night sky chosen by the wearer. IWC’s engineers use the coordinates of individual locations to calculate the angle of the horizon, and then mechanically control the cams displayed at sunrise and sunset. The wearer not only owns an extraordinary watch, but also can choose the stars to show the night sky in a specific geographical location. The background of the night sky is further equipped with polarization filters, which are displayed in gray and blue at day and night time, respectively.

 Each Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch is unique. In addition to the personalized star map on the case back, buyers can also choose a series of case materials and dial designs, as well as the color and materials of the strap. In view of the time required for personalization, and the complicated design and installation of watches, buyers need to wait about one year after purchasing. Of course, exclusive customization is always worth the wait.

IWC Schaffhausen

 Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen focuses on technology and innovation, and has continuously created watches of lasting value since 1868. The company is eager to pursue innovative craftsmanship and original technology, and has won wide acclaim internationally. As one of the world’s leading brands in the field of professional luxury watches, IWC combines high precision performance and unique design to create a model that reflects the highest state of fine watchmaking art. As a company with environmental awareness and social responsibility, IWC actively promotes sustainable production, supports the work of children and youth organizations around the world, and maintains close cooperation with climate protection and environmental protection agencies.

Foreseeing Timepieces Pay Tribute To ‘explore The Limit’ Military Spirit Bell & Ross New Limited Edition Br01 Burning Skull Bronze Watch Released

On November 20, 2017, Bell & Ross, a well-known Swiss watch brand, held an ‘Explore the Limit’ experience tour at the Beijing Flying House Space Experience Center. To pay tribute to its military spirit, the brand presented a number of 2017 forward-looking timepieces at the event and released the new BR01 BURNING SKULL BRONZE watch at the event. At the event, guests not only can experience a series of new Bellwatches in person, they can also explore the limits with the brand through indoor skydiving, flight simulation and fighter battles.

   This time, the event venue was selected in the Space Experience Center located in the central area of ​​the south area of ​​COFCO Xiangyun Town in Shunyi District. The functions include experience, leisure, entertainment, events, science popularization, training and catering. Experience hall. The theme coincides with the Bell & Ross brand who likes to explore the limits, and spent an unforgettable time with the guests.

Miss Zhu Xuanhua, General Manager, Bell & Ross North Asia

   Ms. Zhu Xuanhua, General Manager of Bell & Ross North Asia attended the event, sharing the brand’s latest information with the guests and the 2017 watch beyond the limit series, and unveiled the highly anticipated BR01 BURNING SKULL BRONZE in China and Hong Kong. Mysterious veil. Miss Zhu Xuanhua said: ‘We are very happy to be able to present our new Belles products to our guests today. These models follow the brand’s philosophy of focusing on both function and style, and can not only cope with the extreme conditions encountered in flying, land and deep sea It also symbolizes that we have been innovating for many years. At the end of November 2017, Bell & Ross will soon be located in the Drivepro International Trade Store and SKP Shopping Center. We also hope that in the future, the brand can have more points of sale in the Chinese mainland. Bell & Ross fans can enjoy the brand’s latest timepieces for the first time ‘

Death from Above

Bell & Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze


   In 2009, Bell & Ross launched the BR 01 Skull watch with a skull as the focus. In 2015 and 2016, the brand introduced the eye-catching BR 01 Skull Bronze and BR 01 Burning Skull again. In 2017, the brand presents a new work BR01 BURNING SKULL BRONZE. This watch is selected with a micro-blasted copper case. It is an alloy made of 91% copper, 6.8% aluminum, and 1.75% tin, and has excellent wear resistance. At the same time, it presents unique colors and presents an excellent retro feel.

The Air

Bell & Ross BR03-92 Black Camo Watch

   In 2017, Bell & Ross further introduced the BR03-92Horolum and BR03-92 Horograph, a ’round in a square’ case, reminiscent of the clock in the cockpit of an aircraft. In addition to these two timepieces, a new member of the camouflage watch series ‘BR03-92 Black Camo’ was exhibited this time. The original military tri-color coating and matte treatment make the watch secret and low-key, and the time is clear and easy to read. It also has the camouflage characteristics of the army.

The Land

Bell & Ross BRV1-92 Military Watch

Bell & Ross BRV1-92 Bellytanker Watch

   The new Bellytanker series uses a retro round case design, while maintaining the classic modern style. BRV1-92 Military, a member of the third-generation vintage series, is inspired by the military code. The arched sapphire dial makes the look more retro and brings a more comfortable matching experience.

Deep dive into the sea

Bell & Ross BR03-92 Dive

Bell & Ross BRV2-94 Garde

   This time, the brand exhibited three watches related to diving. A BR03-92 Diver, the first square diving watch launched by the brand, and two BRV2-94 Garde watches with different straps designed to inherit the Vintage series round case, presenting a more sporty, modern and modern style. Exterior.

Summary: As a world-renowned brand, Bell & Ross has been committed to manufacturing professional flight timepieces since its establishment, and has actively explored other professional fields to push the limits. Never ending. The brand launched a new ‘Watch Beyond’ campaign in 2017 with the brand’s three elements: sea, land and air as the theme, leading everyone to invest in Search of Extremes, looking forward to the brand’s new watches. arrival.