Mb & F Launches 70s Vintage Hm5 ‘on The Road Again’ Watch

At the Geneva Watch Awards, MB & F, which won two awards with the LM1, launches the HM5 watch. The HM5 is inspired by the 1970s. The brand states: ‘The Horological Machine No. 5 reflects 70 The era-an era where everything seems possible, space exploration, supersonic aircraft, hovercraft, jet engine components and the first supercars like Lamborghini Mullah. ‘

‘In the world of watchmaking, quartz movements and LED displays were intended to eliminate traditional mechanical movements. If you go back then and ask someone what the watch will look like in 2012, the answer will certainly not be ’round , White dial, hour, minute, second hands’-like most watches today. ‘

The HM5 is nicknamed ‘On the Road Again’, meaning that its watch details are directly inspired by supercars, such as the aerodynamic body, chassis, exhaust vents and dashboard. On the technical level, the HM5 successfully combines an automatic movement with optical-grade sapphire glass, with 90-degree reflection and 20% magnification, achieving the vertical display of two-way time and minutes.