2018 Amyron Challenger Meet The Challenge Brand New Departure

The bell for the new year is about to ring. When we leave the old and welcome the new, we are full of hope. Although we are nostalgic for 2017, we still have to welcome 2018 with a new face!

   The new beginning is always dare to change and break through, Emilon Challenger helps you, so that you are full of energy to meet the challenge. 2018 starts with Emilon Challenger.

   Inspired by deep-sea diving and extreme climbing, Amy Long has designed a series of challengers for men who are dynamic and daring to meet challenges. The courageous charm of men who dare to challenge themselves is due to their love for life and higher requirements for themselves, so they embrace the beauty brought by nature more enthusiastically.

   The unknown at the bottom of the sea is always fascinating, and it seems that another wonderful world attracts challengers to find out. Emmyron designers used this as inspiration to design challenger diving watch timepieces.

   The large 42mm dial shows a masculine and domineering side. The luminous hands and scales can still read accurately in the dark, allowing you to grasp your time every moment. The shape of the anchor at 6 o’clock on the dial symbolizes the firm will of every man and the courage to face the challenge; the deep blue fashion personality and the calm black are more resolute.

   Swiss watch brand Aimi Long always insists on drawing inspiration from nature. Ascending the precipitous mountain peak, a sense of awe of nature emerged. With its snowy landscape facing the Jura, the watch factory facing the Alps, inspired by nature, brings another boutique watch.

   The creation of the Bingfeng watch is inspired by the achievements of the pioneers who conquered the Alps, and it is also a tribute to these explorers. Climbing the road, they desperately desperately, just to feel the sense of independence, freedom and accomplishment at the peak. The Bingfeng series boldly showed the sharpness of the rock through the inner circle of the watch, emphasizing the tough lines and sharp angles, recreating the unique sense of majesty brought by the mountain.

   Continuing the ascending ascension feeling of the Challenger series Ice Peak watch, this new watch from Emilion symbolizes the quiet lake between the two mountains. Its handsome and firm design makes people calm and calm in the cold.

   The new 2017 design is simpler than before. The blue dial with white luminous scales is beautiful and vibrant. On the basis of simplifying the dial, more attention is paid to the grasp of details. The complex sword-shaped hands decorated with three different processes (fine points, polishing, and luminous coating) reflect the masculine and perseverance of the Challenger series, the sharpness of mountains and rocks With the enthusiasm through the triangular pattern on the inner shadow circle and the three-dimensional effect on the dial, the details are expressed. Bingfeng’s new style shows the charm of casual sports watches through a simpler dial and details that cannot be ignored.

   Challenge means breaking through the inherent limitations of oneself, exerting its potential, exploring and tapping. Therefore, this also makes the Challenger series have an unparalleled profound significance. I hope that the Challenger watch will become the strength to accompany every warrior, and welcome the new beginning with blood and vitality.
   In the unknown 2018, bravely break through myself and meet challenges.
   Amy Long is here to wish everyone a happy family and wish you all the best!
   Happy New Year 2018!