Tag Heuer F1 Party Passionate Interpretation Of Racing Legends

On April 16, 2011, at the ‘Red Square’ located in one of Shanghai’s fashion landmarks, a passionate Tag Heuer 150-year F1 party was staged fiercely. & ldquo; 150 years of precision racing & rdquo; The temperature of the tour has not retreated. After two months, TAG Heuer once again presents & ldquo; 150 years of precision racing & rdquo; F1 theme party. Speed, passion and avant-garde fashion trends in the F1 arena have been presented with unprecedented precision. Superstars gathered at the scene, and TAG Heuer global spokesperson Lewis & bull; Lewis Hamilton, Asian queen Xiao Yaxuan, film star Li Guangjie, supermodel Pei Bei, rising star Huang Ling and Xue Zhiqian were invited to attend this passionate feast.
  TAG Heuer’s precision racing comes from the deep relationship between TAG Heuer and the car. The update speed of the car, TAG Heuer challenges precision. For 150 years, TAG Heuer has provided the most advanced and accurate timing equipment for racing cars, dedicated to digging and supporting top team drivers. In China, in order to fully show the charm of speed and passion, TAG Heuer & ldquo; with the time and competition & rdquo; issued an invitation to invite young people who are passionate about racing and timepieces, to spark the city with the spark of time.
  If you are still lamenting the F1 qualifying day, then the F1 party that night will let you enjoy the racing world created by TAG Heuer. The Red Square under the night evoked speed excitement in the roar of the engine. The huge racing instrument panel and road warning signs at the entrance restored the F1 track. The F1 cars on display seemed to be whistling away. Entering the venue, huge portraits of the drivers hanging on the two walls will tell the myth of TAG Heuer’s racing, Steve McQueen, Lewis & bull; Lewis Hamilton, Jenson & bull; Jenson Button) These well-known legendary racers take TAG Heuer’s avant-garde to the extreme. In the center of the main stage of the venue, the cool Formula 1 racing real-life game is in front of the eyes, and guests can enjoy the infinite charm in the racing world.

 The presence of F1 World Championship driver Lewis & bull; Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton) is undoubtedly the focus of this event. Once it was unveiled, it instantly exploded the audience, especially his virtual racing competition with lucky fans brightened the audience. The elaborate computer game platform allows people to watch TAG Heuer’s exclusive Formula 1 Formula 1 real-world game in front of a wide screen. The realistic racing scene allows the audience to experience the extreme speed experience of the F1 race. When the audience watched the simulation car race breathlessly, Hamilton had already conquered everyone with his skillful car skills, braking, cornering, and flicking, and the smoothness of the action was breathtaking. As everyone knows, TAG Heuer has the responsibility to excavate and train racers. As early as 2003, TAG Heuer found the Lewis Hamilton on the British circuit, and immediately invited him to join the TAG Heuer Renault team. Since then, Lewis & bull; Lewis Hamilton’s momentum has been unstoppable. While he was constantly on the F1 podium, we also saw that TAG Heuer watches were always worn on his wrist, witnessing every victory.

 That night, Xiao Yaxuan also appeared as a special performance guest. The opening song ‘Miss Chic’ surprised four people. The dynamic dance pose accurately presented the quality of TAG Heuer’s avant-garde, pushing the party scene to a new climax.

 As a world event, the F1 World Championship represents the most cutting-edge technology and the courage to constantly challenge the limits, and perfectly presents wisdom, passion and vitality, which coincides with TAG Heuer’s always advocating ‘advanced innovation and pioneering spirit’. TAG Heuer will always adhere to the eternal belief in time and speed.