Omega Helps Water Athletes Jump In Kazan At The 16th Fina World Swimming Championships

The 16th FINA World Championships ended successfully in Kazan, Russia. The world’s top water sports players gathered here, breaking records repeatedly with their outstanding performance. In this event, OMEGA is responsible for timing and is responsible for timing and data processing for all events.
   The Kazan World Championships brought together the stars, and the 18-year-old Katie Ledecky of the United States won 5 gold medals and broke the world record 3 times. Omega celebrity ambassador, South Africa’s Chad Le Clos (Chad Le Clos) in the 100m butterfly finals, hit his personal best and won the gold medal. In the 100m butterfly final of the National Swimming Championships on the same day, another omega celebrity ambassador, Michael Phelps, won the championship with great performance. In addition, Chad Le Clos won the silver medal in the 200m butterfly final of the Kazan World Championships.
Omega celebrity ambassador Chad Le Clos hits his personal best and wins the gold medal in the men’s 100m butterfly final of the 16th FINA World Swimming Championships in Kazan

Omega cutting-edge technology
   While responsible for timing and data processing, Omega also provides development support for key technologies in swimming competitions, thereby ensuring a highly accurate record of competition results. Key equipment includes a quantum water sports timer, a well-known touchpad timer at the end of each lane, a take-off platform with a skip detection system, and a high-speed video camera.
   Omega also provides support for screen image technology and virtual record lines. The screen image can enhance the watching experience of the TV audience, and the extremely popular virtual record line moves at the speed of the world record, visually showing the distance between the leading athlete in the game and the world record of the event.
   Through the omega real-time timing website (, global audiences can not only view detailed information about each participant’s rankings, stage results, etc., but also details of any records that may be broken or created.
   In addition, Omega also brought new innovations including backstroke ledges and underwater lap devices. The backstroke ledge can increase the starting kick force of swimmers at the start and improve the trajectory of players after entering the water.
   At the same time, the virtual diving animation provided by Omega in diving events is one of the most popular and practical water sports support technologies at present.
Strong water sports partner
   The International Swimming Federation (FINA) is the world’s leading authority on water sports. The cooperation between Omega and FINA dates back to 1973.
   Omega has recognized the world’s leading sports timing technology. As a long-term partner of the FINA, Omega will provide services to outstanding athletes in all major FINA events. The FINA World Swimming Championships is one of the important events, which includes major events such as long pool swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, open water swimming, diving and high-level diving.

Patek Philippe Presents 2017 New York Watch Art Exhibition

PatekPhilippe is proud to announce that the 2017 New York Watch Art Exhibition will be held in the Cipriani Building, 42nd Street, New York from July 13th to 23rd next year. This ten-day public exhibition aims to present Patek Philippe’s long-established watchmaking tradition, review the 178-year history of the brand, and show its heritage in fine watchmaking. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the rich world of this family-owned watchmaking company in Geneva.

2017 New York Watch Art Exhibition-Entrance (Design)

This is the first time a two-story structure has been built in the Cipriani Building to meet the venue requirements for this exhibition. Patek Philippe has set up ten special exhibition halls (including movie screening halls, cash series exhibition halls, museum exhibition halls, American history exhibition halls, rare crafts exhibition halls, and super complicated function timepiece exhibition halls, etc.) with distinctive styles. At that time, the audience will have the opportunity to see many extraordinary pocket watches and watches in the 13,218 square feet of exhibition space, the oldest of which can be traced back to 1530. Watchmakers and artisans will show live during the exhibition so that the audience can gain a deep understanding of the connotation of advanced watchmaking. After viewing the entire exhibition, visitors can also relax in the Patek Philippe Cafe.

2017 New York Watch Art Exhibition-Geneva Salon (Design)

According to Jasmina Steele, Patek Philippe’s director of public relations planning, the large-scale exhibition aims to reproduce important scenes in the company’s development process, bringing an unforgettable close experience to each visitor, making them feel like Patek Philippe is located in Geneva’s watchmaking workshops, museums or salons on Rue du Rhone. ‘By immersing visitors in the world of Patek Philippe’s timepieces, we hope to show Patek Philippe’s passion for watchmaking, and hope that visitors will gain a wealth of knowledge in watchmaking and appreciate the art of watchmaking from the exhibition.

2017 New York Watch Art Exhibition-Channel (Design)

Mr. Thierry Stern, President of Patek Philippe, said, ‘In the early days of Patek Philippe’s founding in 1850, our founder, Mr. Anthony Patek, first came to the United States to open up the market. Today, the US market is important to Patek Philippe. Sex is unquestionable, as can be seen in the long history presented by the New York Watch and Clock Art Exhibition. In addition, our family continues a tradition in which the future owner of Patek Philippe must follow the steps of my grandfather Henri Stern He went to the United States to study and receive training. In 1946, it was he who founded the Henry Stein Watch Company at the Rockefeller Center, and my father, Phil, sent me to the United States for training when I joined the company. This time, it allowed American consumers I am proud to learn more about Patek Philippe’s historical origins in the US market and its relationship with modernity. ‘

2017 New York Watch Art Exhibition-Napoleon Exhibition Hall (Design)

Larry Pettinelli, president of Patek Philippe America, continued: ‘We are extremely proud to have such a rare opportunity for the American public to understand Patek Philippe and the important historical significance of timepieces.’ He also added ‘New York is ideal for our large watch exhibition in the United States, because it was one of the first places Patek Philippe began exploring the American market in the nineteenth century.’

2017 New York Watch & Clock Art Exhibition-Current Series Exhibition Hall (Design)

The watch art exhibition will be open to the public free of charge, from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm, of which the opening time on July 20 (Thursday) will be extended to 9 pm. Guided tours are provided daily. School visits and family day activities will be conducted in accordance with the educational program planning of this exhibition.

2017 New York Watch & Clock Art Exhibition-Rare Crafts Hall (Design)

Hall introduction:
Movie screening hall
Play Patek Philippe history videos.
Cash series exhibition hall
The current series of showrooms aims to present the original Patek Philippe salon on Rue du Rhone in Geneva.
Napoleon showroom
Spectators will travel through time and space to the Patek Philippe Salon on Rue du Rhone in Geneva, and you will be captivated by the incredible real-time beauty of Lake Geneva. Napoleon showroom will showcase limited edition timepieces made specifically for the U.S. market
Museum showroom
The exhibition hall is designed with reference to the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva and is divided into two parts. The first part is a collection of antique timepieces (17th-20th century), showing the most outstanding historical timepieces in the past five centuries, including the earliest clocks in history. The second part focuses on Patek Philippe’s antique timepieces, dating back to 1839.
American History Gallery
A specially-designed hall for this large-scale American watch exhibition, to display important timepieces from American collectors.
Rare Crafts Hall
The on-site artisans will not only show their superb skills, but also the traditional enamel craftsmanship we use to decorate enamel timepieces and dome clocks. In this showroom, we will learn about Patek Philippe’s commitment to rare crafts, as well as the past, present and future development of these rare crafts.
Watchmaker’s showroom
Patek Philippe watchmakers will show you the microscopic world inside mechanical timepieces in this showroom.
Super Complexity Timepiece Showroom
This is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of Patek Philippe’s most sophisticated and innovative timepieces. Our super-complexity series showcases Patek Philippe’s extraordinary technological strength and unique innovation tradition.
Movement Exhibition Hall
This showroom is dedicated to displaying different types of Patek Philippe movements, from basic movements to some movements specially created for the world’s top complex timepieces!
Interactive showrooms and watchmaking films
The unique immersive movie viewing experience leads the audience to explore Patek Philippe’s Geneva Watchmaking Workshop.