Swatch Launches New Free Lightweight Snorkeling Watch

At present, it is the summer heat wave that inevitably makes people want to hide in the sea and hug. Because of this, Swatch’s new 2014 free lightweight snorkeling watch (Scuba Libre), colorful tones, Diving-specific rotating bezel design and 200-meter water-resistant specifications. Wear it together for a hot summer day and fight various water sports!

 Gao Yixiang and Wang Siping present a new free lightweight snorkeling watch

 This time Swatch recently released a new free lightweight snorkeling watch in Taiwan, which was selected to be held in Taiwan’s largest Swatch Zhongxiao image concept hall. The handsome niche Gao Yixiang and supermodel Wang Siping exhibited models together. The bright and colorful design of the free lightweight snorkeling watch greets summer life with a cool shape.

 In 2014, there were 3 new models of the Scuba Libre series. The new neon design was inspired by the striking neon sign lights in the Miami seaside style, showing the fluorescent colors of summer and playing in the water. Or the freedom to stroll leisurely on the beach. The bright color also has a little transparent rubber case, lemon yellow, berry red or sea blue color, as if Hawaiian music is sounding in the ears.

 Swatch 2014 new free lightweight snorkeling watch, translucent bright color silicone material, rotatable bezel design, and 200 meters waterproof specifications. (NTD. 2,700 / piece)

 Swatch watches have always been known for their beautiful colors and cool collocations. In this hot summer, whether it is boys or girls, wearing such a cool watch will definitely lead the cool trend. The brand also chose Gao Yixiang and supermodel Wang Siping to display the (Scuba Libre) series of watches. Their unique handsome sunshine and affinity can attract young people now.

 In addition, the silicone watch is very comfortable in the summer, which is also considered by the brand at the beginning of the design. Therefore, the new free lightweight snorkeling watches are made of translucent bright silicone, and With the comfortable wearing feeling of this material, it also presents bright colors like candy, which light up the whole summer.