Cartier Tourbillon Lové Tourbillon

Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Lové Floating Tourbillon Watch, through the front presentation of the floating tourbillon and the perfect mastery of the space on the opposite side, it interprets a unique and creative aesthetics. To create this Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Lové floating tourbillon watch, Cartier cleverly uses shiny white gold to present a radial glyph.
The dazzling face is decorated with traditional carvings, and its radial pattern is Cartier’s iconic design
   Get rid of history and let new ideas flow freely and be realized … For Cartier, the exploration of the field of fine watchmaking is endless, and the creation of each piece begins on a whole new page. Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Lové floating tourbillon watch, through the frontal presentation of the floating tourbillon and the perfect grasp of the opposite disk space, interpret a unique creative aesthetics.
   By limiting the hours, minutes, and seconds function display area to free up the faceplate space, simplifying the entire movement to only be supported by a tiny watch bridge, Cartier watchmakers show the magnificent floating tourbillon device, making this The Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Lové floating tourbillon with 9458 MC movement becomes an extraordinary masterpiece combining geometric design and masculine aesthetics. The challenge for watchmakers lies not only in the appearance of the watch, but also in the design of the case back. Cartier successfully implemented the movement in the square inch space provided by the bridge.
Personalized watch free interpretation floating tourbillon watch with Cartier 9458 MC workshop refined movement

   Since Pierre Cartier discovered the work of designer Fabergé on his first trip to Russia, the carving has become one of Cartier’s classic design projects. Lines and dots are carved on the metal to form geometric patterns. Then paint with enamel, or keep the carved state. Cartier’s rich inspiration comes from a variety of pattern designs: radial patterns carved with the center as the origin on the face plate, frame or small wall clock; corrugated or scale patterns embellished on office supplies or pens.
   To create this Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Lové floating tourbillon watch, Cartier cleverly uses shiny white gold to present a radial glyph. The non-rhodium-plated white gold creates a wonderful light source effect, and the brilliant radiation effect of the geometric pattern forms a dazzling beam of light. With the movement of the face plate, the radial engraving captures the reflected light and then disperses it, creating a wider range of colorful flashing effects.
Every detail on the case of the floating tourbillon watch is rich in spiritual connotation

   The rich design has attracted much attention: every detail on the case of the Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Lové floating tourbillon watch reveals rich spiritual connotation. Radial carving, the delicate setting of the floating tourbillon and the bridge, the semi-curved second display window, and the conspicuous blue steel hands all make this piece more perfect. The simple dial that abandons the digital time scale subtly blends many Cartier’s iconic design items: Cartier’s classic Rotonde de Cartier case, the convex sapphire crown, which indicates the Cartier ‘C’ modeling. In order to highlight the unique geometric pattern on the faceplate and enhance the radiating effect of the engraving, the watch as a whole is off-center, showing a traditional asymmetric beauty. Therefore, the floating tourbillon located in the center of the second display window, beating like a heart.
Floating tourbillon watch expresses unique creative aesthetics
Free interpretation under strict supervision
   Combining technical innovation and elegant appearance, this Tourbillon Lové floating tourbillon movement is carefully crafted by Cartier Watch Workshop, which includes all the characteristics of the brand’s new and old culture.

   Cartier is determined to reveal the secret that has always been hidden. This delicate, exquisite and exquisite craftsmanship requires a lot of effort from the watchmaker to complete the decoration process of 167 parts. Like all movements used in Cartier’s Haute Horlogerie, this manual-winding mechanical movement with a 52-hour power reserve, each part is hand-machined and decorated. Every part of the movement is carefully decorated: the bridge is chamfered and polished, the sides are brushed, the screw heads are polished, and the C? Te de Genève is decorated with parallel stripes and carved patterns on the dial Echo each other. This beautifully decorated movement strictly follows the requirements of watchmaking craftsmanship and meets the strict standards of ‘Poin? On de Genève’ (Geneva’s premium mark), which means that the watchmaker meticulously completes every process according to tradition.