A Cross-border Sentiment That A Print And A Few Tables Have To Say

Back to the 19th century, when Impressionism was on the rise, realist oil painting creation has reached a pinnacle, so the artists began to explore a new path, in addition to recreating the real world, but also What different forms of expression are possible?
  At the same time, Japan opened its doors. In 1853, a black ship came to sail, and Japanese products began to circulate worldwide. Coincidentally, some products were printed with ukiyo-e paintings on the wrapping paper. Their free and unrestrained style inspired the time Impressionist artists, famous artists such as Van Gogh have copied many Japanese ukiyo-e paintings, leaving behind a beautiful scroll. It can be seen that the impact of Japanese ukiyo-e painting is extremely profound. In the later generations, many art-oriented merchants like to combine some paintings with commodity production. Among them, the famous Japanese ukiyo-e painting ‘Kanagawa Surf’ is used as an example. Some brands use this print as a source of ideas, especially in the watchmaking industry. The world has even designed several masterpieces, so why is the work ‘Kanagawa Surfing’ so popular among many art paintings?
  ‘Kanagawa Surfing’ is the work of Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese ukiyo-e artist. Ukiyo-e, also known as Japanese custom paintings and prints. It emerged as a unique national art in the Edo era in Japan, mainly depicting people’s daily life scenes, landscapes, etc. Compared with other painting styles, it is peculiar in that it presents unique hue and content gesture.

  This work has been called one of the three masterpieces of Ukiyo-e since ancient times. It dares to break through the obsolete style of painting, and use vibrant lines to outline scrolls. It itself will be printed on commodity packaging papers to disseminate it in Japan. If there is a demand, there will be a market. In order to meet the audience’s needs for this print Love level, many other types of merchants have also incorporated it into the product design concept, which is also the main reason why famous painting watches choose this layout as the design concept.

  The main content of the painting ‘Kanagawa Surfing’ is that the stormy waves set off a fishing boat. The heroic boatmen fight against nature, reflecting the spirit of riding the wind and breaking the waves. A closer look at the painting also depicts the famous Mount Fuji in Japan.

  The watch design that has a high degree of reduction in Kanagawa Surfing is this Reverso series watch designed by Jaeger-LeCoultre. The design style of this watch continues the style of the double-sided watch of this series. The technique of enamel micro-painting is presented on the back of the table. The color application of enamel micro-painting is not more difficult than the color of the Ukiyo-e painting. It also needs to manually render the colors in the masterpiece one by one.

  The case is made of 18K white gold with a size of 45.5 × 27.4mm. The front dial also uses blue enamel that matches the color of the back. It uses Cal. 822A / 2 manual winding movement. This watch has an enamel pattern. Can be customized, currently, according to the official explanation of the brand has not been displayed on its official website.

  The Boucheron NATURE TRIOMPHANTE series is dedicated to blending fantasy and reality, combining elements of nature and aesthetics to design watches. This watch uses different materials and paving techniques such as white gold, diamonds and polished hematite to vividly interpret the kudzu The waves under the brush of Hokusai. Due to the brilliant brilliance of diamonds, the vivid design of the waves recreates the fierce form of the original prints.

  41 mm diameter, with gray alligator leather strap, the bottom of the case with a hollow design through the sapphire mirror can watch the movement of the movement, the movement adopts Girard Perregaux watch factory automatic movement, Boucheron imprint shape hollow pendulum, power Store about 40 hours.

  Blancpain’s classic watch series was released at the Baselworld 2016. The unique design of this watch is the material and method of the wave making in the ‘Kanagawa Surf’ on the dial, which uses three-dimensional gold carving and red Extraordinary craftsmanship such as copper makes the waves appear 3D on the watch.

  Mexican silver ocher is used as the basis for the white gold inlay of the ‘Big Wave’ watch. It will be designed using two major processes, gold carving and red copper. The color and texture of the dial and the waves are difficult and complicated to handle. After the chemical reaction, the motion of the waves was amplified to form this watch masterpiece.

  The above three watches are based on the design concept of ‘Kanagawa Surfing’. According to the originality of their own brand, they have created unique watch treasures. Although each watch is completely different in appearance and material, all of them The creative focus of the famous painting is perfectly presented in the watch, so that people can watch the unique charm of the art of printmaking while wearing the watch, and truly integrate art into watch design. Which of the above watches would you prefer?

Fortis Launches Space Art Competition-news Fortis

Fortis, a Swiss watch manufacturer known for producing precision timers in the aerospace and flight fields, recently launched a special Fortis Space Art Contest to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary.

Scan the QR code for a direct link to the Fortis website.
Experience the weightless experience in parabolic flight and an Fortis B-42 Official Cosmonauts Chronograph official astronaut chronograph, where the chronograph is one of the official equipment designated by the official space mission.
The winner landed the same group of scientists on a zero-gravity aircraft and assisted them in weightlessness experiments. Anyone over the age of 18 in the world can participate in this competition.
Participants can submit their various creative art works, such as pictures, graphic works, videos or songs, etc., to join the Fortis Space Art Gallery. However, these works must be related to the theme of ‘space’.
After the work is uploaded, global voting is initiated.
The majority of netizens in the online community are referees, and winners are selected based on their votes as of March 31, 2013.
To view the first entries, click here
Source: Fortis