Time Plaything On Your Wrist Four Popular Chronograph Recommendations

The chronograph was manufactured around 1720. At that time, George Graham, a famous British watchmaker, produced a timer with a pendulum, which is characterized by clever control of the stop and start of the pendulum. It is an independent timing system superimposed on a traditional clock, which can record how long an event lasts, and the British is also known today as the ‘father of the timer’.
Hublot King Power F1TM Monza
    It may be the first time in the history of watchmaking that a commemorative watch has been produced in collaboration with a well-known circuit. From this perspective, Hublot must be the watch brand most keen on limited editions and cooperation.
   This chronograph watch uses a red sapphire crystal glass surface, with a micro-sandblasted black ceramic body, revealing a hint of evil, full of power. Multi-layer nickel-plated decals, F1TM logo at 9 o’clock.
Blancpain Lamborghini Super Trofeo flyback chronograph
    In addition to mastering watchmaking, Baobo CEO Heijek is also a loyal consumer of sports cars, and Lamborghini is one of his cars. Both Blancpain and Lamborghini are known as developers of unusual styles and enthusiasts of machinery. Both are devout seekers of precision and high-end machinery. This watch is limited to 300 pieces worldwide. The body is made of carbonized steel. The red and white letters ’12’ and ‘9’ indicate the moment. The strap is made of the same Alcantara material as the Lamborghini sports car seat.
Commander El PRIMERO Chronograph (left)
Panerai LUMINOR CHRONOGRAPH 40 mm chronograph (right)
Panerai LUMINOR CHRONOGRAPH 40 mm Chronograph
    Panerai is one of the few fine-calibre watches with fine-calibre watches. Although those who are self-sustaining fans will always sniff at the 40-mm watch diameter, more brothers with thin wrists like me will undoubtedly watch this watch Generate great interest. The watch is screw-fastened to the case back and is water-resistant to 100 meters. Two case finishes are used: the bezel is mirror-polished, the ring, crown bridge, and the chronograph buttons slanted into the ring are satin sand Surface, creating subtle contrast effects and depth changes between two different surfaces.
Zenith El PRIMERO Commander Chronograph
    In 1969, ZENITH launched the El Primero calibre shockingly. At a speed of 36,000 balances per hour, it quickly set off a whirlwind on the altar, while shattering the so-called accuracy of many 28,800 balance-speed movements of the same period. It has become the legendary watch factory that dominated the watch industry in the peak era of mechanical watches. Today’s ElPrimero-powered chronograph is also dazzling, and the perfect rose gold case inherits all the elegance and luxury of Zenith.

Which One Do You Prefer, Wine Tasting And Table Watch?

Wine is full of spirituality. It has no thick sweet taste, no thorny alcohol, only a scent of fruit, a touch of sourness, and a slight wine power. The scent of lips and teeth after drinking makes people intoxicated. Endless aftertaste. As a kind of wine, red wine is very special. The taste of red wine is simple and complex. It can be called a beautiful and profound essay. You need to calm down and read it patiently. It is precisely a watch that is also in need and worthy of taste. Its added value far exceeds the value of use. On a sophisticated mechanical object, the watch conveys the spirit of the brand and reflects one’s taste, temperament, Identity and other connotations. Fine wine and watches are both men’s favorite. When they compete, do you prefer wine tasting or playing watches, or are both indispensable?

  American writers in Lost Generation in Paris often sipping wine in cafes and salons, generally thinking about philosophical issues. In The Flowing Feast, Hemingway once said, ‘In Europe, we generally think of wine as a healthy and ordinary drink like food. It is also a source of happiness, health and joy. Drinking wine does not mean Snobbishness is not a symbol of education, nor is it used for religious worship. Drinking wine is like eating, and it is difficult for me. I can’t imagine how a meal without wine, cigars, and beer can be swallowed tripe.’
  It can be seen that men’s love of wine has never stopped since ancient times. The history of wristwatches goes back to ancient times. Not only did these years not dilute these two kinds of things, but they have made them more and more important to people, and their affections have become stronger and stronger.

 Wine Selection vs. Selection

  Red wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermentation of fresh grapes or grape juice. Due to the different quality of grapes and different origins, there are many ways to choose wines, such as reference to the price, year, origin, variety, Due to the limited space, the editor only talks about two common ways here.

  Price is the most intuitive factor for both layman and layman, so it is easier to operate in practical applications. Dozens to hundreds of cheap wines, thousands of expensive wines, and even hundreds of thousands. Different countries or different distribution channels, the price of wine will change. A bottle of good wine first reflects the hard work done on the vine throughout the year, and all these costs are reflected in this bottle. In addition, the year is also an aspect that many people value, so you must choose a ‘good year’, and the taste must be different. For example, French wines are priced by the sky. The quality of the grapes is related to the amount of rain before the grapes are harvested. If the rain is too much, the wine is weak. For example, in 1991 and 1992, the Bordeaux region had been overcast. As a result, the grapes in these two years were not sweet enough, the skin was thin, and the wine was obviously insufficient and the taste was poor. Tycoons often use vintage watches to compare wine selection. This is the truth.

  Choosing a good watch for yourself is just as important as choosing red wine. There are many factors for tasting a good watch. You can refer to the price, brand, production materials, functions, etc. of the watch. Price is naturally the first consideration, followed by the brand. Historical big names may be more traditional and classic, and emerging brands have more modern elements. Both of them have their advantages, but big names often have the vitality of history. In addition to strong economic strength, a big name also has a cultural heritage that has been accumulated for hundreds of years. From the designer’s equipment to the design and selection of watches, the best will be selected to show its unique brand characteristics. When you set the price and brand of the watch, it is easier to choose according to other requirements.

 Open wine VS unveil film

  When you have a good bottle of wine, opening a wine is a process full of expectations, including the deposition of time and the taste of life. A wine bottle is not just a packaging for wine. Its shape, size, and color are like a set of clothes, which are integrated with the wine. And elegant bottle opening is an art. In foreign countries, there is a dedicated wine waiter to open the wine, and their opening is a professional performance.
  In the first step of opening the wine, first use a bottle opener to cut the envelope along the protruding part of the lower edge of the bottle mouth, and then remove it with a blade. Note that the cutting action is to turn the hand in a circle, not to rotate the bottle below. Because if it is an old wine, the bottom of the bottle often has normal rosacea sedimentation, and the rotation of the bottle often causes the sediment to float, affecting the appearance. The second step is to wipe the mouth of the bottle with a damp cloth to remove dust, so as to prevent mold ash from floating into the wine and affecting the taste. You must know that it is normal to have ashes, not to mention that the wine is broken. In the third step, insert the tip of the auger vertically into the middle of the cork. Do not insert it aside to prevent the cork from breaking and the debris falling into the wine. Rotate clockwise and drill into the cork.

  For watches, the excitement and excitement of the film can be compared with the mood of opening wine. The film is affixed by the watch factory in order to prevent friction during transportation and to ensure that the surface of the watch that the customer buys is not damaged. Many people think of peeling off films for a variety of new purchases as a treat, and peeling off watches is more feel-good. This Rolex watch has 18 original films, large and small, and each one has a new look. It is said that in the watch that has just opened the film, the metal shines with the luster of ice and jade. It only appears once, how to renovate afterwards, how to repair the film will not help. That gloss is only the first appearance. After that, it will be exclusive to you. Those who understand the watch will surely finish this work carefully and enjoyably.


 Wine tasting vs reward table

  The tasting of red wine is an art-learning science. It is not as boring and dry as beer. Red wine tastes more tasteful. The first step is to control the temperature of the wine. Traditionally, the temperature of drinking red wine is cool room temperature, between 18 and 21 ° C. At this temperature, red wine of various years is in the best condition. A bottle of chilled red wine has more tannin characteristics than a cool red wine at room temperature, so the taste is more astringent. When drinking alcohol, the correct way is to pinch the stem of the goblet with your fingers instead of holding the cup with your hand, otherwise the difference in the temperature of the wine will affect the coordination of the wine.

  In order to make the aged red wine more flavorful, we need to sober up. After the red wine is fully contacted with the air and oxidized, the rich aroma will be revealed. This process is best done for an hour, creating a fragrant atmosphere. At this time, you can pour the wine. A goblet is the most needed. You can choose a universal 6-ounce wine glass (drink any kind of wine, it is a very suitable wine glass. Its medium-sized glass belly gradually shrinks upward, Send the aroma of the wine directly to the mouth of the glass), pour the wine glass into the red wine horizontally, and as the liquid slowly flows into the glass, the red color in the transparent glass is enough to make people feel uneasy.

  Before entering the wine, sniff deeply in the wine glass. At this time, you can appreciate the fragrance of red wine. The fruit aroma of the new wine is very heavy, and the aging wine deeply introverts this publicity. Swallow a bite of red wine, let the red wine stay in the mouth for a while, make two rolls on the tongue, take a deep breath to make the senses fully experience the red wine, and finally swallow it all, feel the sweetness and sweetness of the taste, and a fragrant fragrance immediately lingers in it.

  Although watches and red wine belong to two different attributes, both need to be experienced step by step to understand the beauty of them. The so-called ‘everything is called out’, the surprise behind is more worth pondering. The one-step or one-stop approach will only waste the various connotations of the watch and every detail of the carving, and live up to the heart of the watchmaking masters. .

  Appreciating a watch starts with the appearance and touches the mind with visual feelings. Everyone will encounter a watch that falls in love at first sight. For example, Breguet’s wristwatch inherited Breguet’s noble blood from its bones, flowing with pure royal blood. Under the sapphire crystal, the blue fish-eye hands are long and nimble, and the moon phase display is icing on the cake. In addition, the dial is hand-carved gold-plated silver-plated design with carved decoration, which is delicate and beautiful. The case is made of 18K rose gold, with a crocodile leather strap. The design and material selection of each detail inherits Breguet’s usual style.

  After seeing the appearance, you need to further understand the internal structure. Just like red wine, it only has a real feeling after tasting. Compared with the ETA movement, which is commonly used by many brands, the self-produced movement developed, designed and manufactured by the brand can better reflect the brand’s true strength. Many mid-to-high-end brands that use ETA movements will also carry their own production movements in flagship series or high-priced models. Each movement also has its own characteristics, such as Lange’s movement, unique version, luxurious decoration, Sought after by table friends; although the Rolex movement is simple and unpretentious, the movement is extremely ‘strong’, precise and sturdy. Although hidden under the bottom cover, it is difficult to hide its super strength. Finally, when the watch is worn on your hand, you can experience the closeness and feel the honor and high quality of the brand.

  Different flavors of red wine made from grapes naturally have slightly different tastes. The same is true of watches. Different designs and materials also make different types of watches. Wine is more and more fragrant, watch is more and more fun, and red wine adds a touch of charm to life, while watch makes life more precise. Both will bring different experiences and feelings, which are wonderful and comfortable.

Summary: Red wine blends the aroma of grapes and the taste of oak into the wine. The wine produced is full of fresh sour, round and sweet, elegant and bitter. It can be imagined that men who taste wine must be attractive. Under the diffuse soft light, ‘tears of red wine’ are hung on the shaking wine glass. At this time, any ornaments on the hand are superfluous. Only the watch can compete with the sun and the moon, because a bottle of Old-fashioned wine is like meeting an old friend, time is the best winemaker, and watches are the best companions. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Introduction To Vacheron Constantin 1955 Slim Watch

Do not think that wearing a gold watch is very old-fashioned. As a gold collar, you naturally know that ‘gold’ is a precious, cherished, cherished, and even sincere description. In fact, & rdquo; Also fits these attributes. At the same time, from the perspective of financial management, the value retention and appreciation potential of gold watches must be greater than that of ordinary stainless steel watches: because most of the stainless steel or more civilian plastic and rubber watches on the market are mostly for public consumption. ‘Route’, which belongs to the basic or best-selling models of various brands, and gold, as a ‘hard currency’, is often used in high-end watches; furthermore, in order to be compatible with many high-end movements and top watchmaking processes Matching, gold is often used in top watches, or as a limited style material to show the difference from ordinary watches (such as 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, 18K rose gold, etc.), which indirectly will ‘Gold watch’ and ‘ldquo; good The watch was drawn with an equal sign; and as a synonym for precious metals, since in the early history only European monarchs and nobles had the right to enjoy watches, and they were fans of precious metals, naturally from the watches passed down from that period Count the most gold materials, and often have some wonderful celebrity stories, which is why many gold collars deliberately buy a gold watch, so their dreams and achievements belong to their own The meaning of your own wonderful legend. Of course, you should also be very clear that today’s gold watches can show a more varied and charming charm after incorporating different design elements. It is suitable for all kinds of clothing in business occasions. It is definitely a must-have on your career path. An identity card.

Vacheron Constantin RMB 200000

Historique 1955 ultra-thin watch, made of 18K gold, equipped with 1003 manual winding mechanical movement, this movement is by far the world’s thinnest movement, only 1.64 mm thick, with the Geneva mark.