Glashuti Senator Chronometer Watch

When the second becomes an important moment, the chronometer represents a very accurate watch. In the past, the accuracy of time was absolutely necessary in the field of navigation and aviation. Also today, an impartial and independent body uses the same standard measurement procedures to test whether a watch meets the accuracy requirements of the year. A watch is eligible to be called a ‘chronometer’ only if it is certified by an authorized body. Needless to say, all of Glashütte’s hand-finished movements meet these strict criteria: and the sensor chronometer is the first watch to have this official certification.

 The Senator chronometer is equipped with the redesigned caliber 58. cal. A new stop-second / reset mechanism makes it easy for the wearer to adjust the time: pull the crown to stop the time, the second hand jumps back and maintains the initial position, and the minute hand moves to the next minute mark. When you turn the crown to adjust the time, the minute hand does move in accordance with the minute scale: this mechanism ensures that the minute hand and second hand are in the correct position.

Gong Li Wears Piaget Jewellery And Dazzles Cannes International Film Festival

May 11, 2016-The star-studded Riviera in France, where many actors, directors and producers gathered to participate in the 69th Cannes International Film Festival. Gong Li, Piaget’s global spokesperson, graced the film’s red carpet with an elegant dress and high-quality Piaget jewellery. When she stepped onto the iconic steps of the Festival Palace, her elaborately designed fine gold and diamonds instantly exuded unparalleled charm and dazzling.

Gong Li wore Piaget jewelry, sparkling the red carpet of the Cannes International Film Festival

Gong Li unveiled Piaget jewelry at the Cannes International Film Festival

Piaget Extremely Piaget High Jewellery: 18K white gold necklace set with 1 pillow-cut sapphire (approx. 20.42 carats), 2 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1.08 carats), 70 horse-eye cut diamonds (heavi 27.7 carats), 123 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 26 carats); G37LX640

Piaget Sunny Side of Life High Jewellery: 18K white gold earrings with diamonds, 2 cushion-cut sapphires (approximately 10.32 carats); G38M9200

Piaget Sunny Side of Life high jewelry: 18K white gold ring set with 1 brilliant-cut diamond (about 1.01 carat), 4 pear-shaped diamonds (about 1.04 carat), 4 triangular-cut diamonds (heavy (Approximately 0.40 carats), 170 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 4.02 carats); G34HJ500

   As the incarnation of gorgeousness, Gong Li chose the bold and fearless Piaget jewelry this time-Extremely Piaget series of high-end jewelry necklaces, and Sunny Side of Life series of high-end jewelry earrings and rings, which complemented her luxurious white see-through dress, making the subtle and delicate oriental The charm blooms on the gorgeous Cannes red carpet.