Waiting For A Low-key Glory Tasting Longines Compat Series Rose Gold Diamond Female Watch

The addition of the new Compaq series adds a beautiful scenery to Longines’ classic series, which has earned it a reputation and success in the world. This watch itself does not possess the potential of real luxury, but what is attractive is that it is not outstanding, but it is excellent in style and has a diffuse beauty. Feeling good things doesn’t need to be full of gold, only luxury is the best. Official model: L2.

  On the surface, this ladies’ watch does not use too many complicated decorative designs. Relatively, its simple but exquisite features have won many praises. Let us take a closer look.
  The white mother-of-pearl dial is set with sparkling diamond hour markers, and the scales on the sides are fine and restrained. A small black frame is added to the small calendar window to lock the date numbers more quickly.
  The classic round case is made of 18K yellow gold and looks exquisite. Coupled with the ingenious crown design, the watch as a whole does not look too swaggered by the luxurious material.
  The quality of Longines movements is well known all over the world. The movement of this automatic mechanical watch adopts the classic style of the Longines family. From this point of view, it seems to have begun to take shape.
   Seen from the uncrowned side, this watch is not heavy, and is of course specially made to cater to women’s slim wrists. The use of pure gold material seems to be able to lay a foreshadowing for women’s clothing.

 From the moment the big brand LOGO penetrated the hearts of the people, Longines always engraved his LOGO on the buckle in order to make the buckle more exquisite and to create a high-quality atmosphere.

  The clasp is very convenient to open and close. The picture shows the clasp opened.
 The lugs of the lugs and the case complement each other perfectly. The same material is used to create a beautiful and proud radian, which is very comfortable to match, and also demonstrates the humanity of Longines skills.
  The simple three-pin calendar design is always invincible in the watch industry. The reason is that practical and classic considerations will never be outdated, and the integration of gold into the hands is the embodiment of true luxury. This women’s watch has a diameter of 29.5 mm and a rose gold case with a black alligator strap.
  This mechanical watch uses a Longines L595 mechanical movement. It is a very classic model of the Longines family. The exquisite back reveals that this movement dares to show its edge. Although the design of the watch is very simple, the technology contained in the movement is indeed unparalleled precision.
Summary: Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres, and its spiral case back with sapphire crystal is perfectly sophisticated. Women want to own a watch and hope to enhance its taste and connotation, so this Longines is the best choice. Official model: L2.; Reference price: 43,700 yuan
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Heigang Di Changed ‘new’ Rolex Black Ceramic Ditona New Products Appreciation

In the past few years, Rolex’s steel Daytona has few pitiful styles. In many Rolex counters, only one Daytona can be seen, sometimes with black disc Sometimes it was a white plate. At that time, the Daytona of the black plate was more popular than the white plate. This year, with Rolex’s use of black ceramic rings, Rolex’s ‘Black and White Double Shake’ Daytona finally reappeared with a new look, I believe this will be more popular than the previous Daytona.

    Following the long-established steel ring, this year Rolex first applied black ceramic to the Daytona bezel, which is of great significance to many labor fans.

    Above the black ceramic bezel, Rolex uses PVD technology to cover the bezel scale with a layer of platinum, so that the tachymeter scale remains clear and eye-catching.

    The classic Rolex crown, with three dots under the logo, remains the same.

    Compared with the original stainless steel bezel, the ceramic ring obviously has more meaning, maybe it is more Sven, it may be more high-tech, or it may be more modern.

    Of course, apart from the bezel, the new Rolex Daytona has not made other major changes, which will make it easier for original Daytona enthusiasts to accept and upgrade.

In summary: Although the black disk Daytona has also changed to a ‘new outfit’ this year, from the current situation, it seems that the white disk is more popular. However, Hei Gangdi has been popular for so long, and naturally has its classics. So who do you prefer, these two old partners?
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Dior’s Decade: Watches Are More Brilliant Than Jewelry

Over the past ten years, we have seen the efforts made by DIOR to enhance the professionalism of watches. In 2001, Dior was in Laschau, known as the ‘Cradle of Swiss Watchmaking’. Defeng establishes its own production base, and Dior’s best jewellery manufacturing technology is also integrated into the Dior Crystal Diamond Watch (Christal) series. Christal Ruby Tourbillon Watch
2008Since 2008, the movement supplier ‘Concepto’ has begun to develop a tourbillon movement for Dior, and has mounted the tourbillon movement on Christ’s crystal watch Christal. This world-limited one-diamond ruby ​​tourbillon watch, produced in 2009, is also very difficult to manufacture. In order to find rubies that meet the designer’s expectations in color and quality, the watches are selected from the closed rubies A Thai ruby ​​mine, and a private collection of the mine owner for 30 years. At the World Expo, the global eyes gathered in China this year, this watch also came to China, and promoted Dior’s own brand culture through display to the public.

Dior Crystal Watches Mysterious Movement Series
John Galliano once said, ‘I am fascinated by the art works of the Art Deco decoration period. The beauty of structuralism in high-order uniforms has inspired me. I imagine the minute and second hands on the face plate with diamonds Dancing with jazz melody, I imagine the endless extension of black and white on the faceplate, so it gives time a new look. ‘ It was this inspiration that inspired Dior to develop a mysterious movement series watch.
Once, the mysterious movement could only be used on table clocks and pocket watches. Dior worked with Quinting and five engineers from the watchmaking, automotive, and electronics industries to develop this completely transparent mysterious machine for seven years. core.
Dior crystal diamond watch advanced custom series ‘PASSAGE N ° 3’
Although Dior has always wanted to maintain an innovative mind when making watches, designers are constantly evolving their imagination. But although Dior already has its own production base, these watchmaking workshops have integrated creativity and expertise into watch production. However, there is still a mechanical device or technology conceived by some designers, which is not within the scope of La Saude’s watchmaking workshop. At this time, Dior began to seek the help of external experts to jointly implement ideas . This can make up for the shortcomings of Dior’s own technical manufacturing processes such as movements. This custom concept has already been implemented in other areas of Dior. In 2010, Dior also launched its advanced custom series of crystal diamond watches for the first time. Each of the 8 watches with a diameter of 33 millimeters includes a completely different color scheme, which fully meets people’s desire for bright colors.
Dior Crystal Watch ‘8’ Series Gold and High Jewellery Painted
When you open Dior’s historical memo, you will find that 8 is a significant number for the Dior brand. In February 1947, the first collection of Dior’s first clothing show was named after ‘En Huit’ (‘8’ in French). Dior’s flagship jewelry store is also located at 8 Place Vendome, Paris, France. As a lucky number in the life of Dior brand founder Dior, Dior making 8 into a watch style is naturally the best way to pay tribute to Mr. Dior.

Dior Red Digital Watch I03 Alligator Strap
    In 2004, Dior Homme designed a watch with a partial bezel designed as metal teeth. The widened right lug of this watch highlights asymmetrical elements, making the crown on the right less obtrusive . This watch series is a red digital watch Chiffre Rouge, which is quite masculine for Dior. In 2010 Chiffre Rouge launched the gold version of 103, and the dazzling gold color became the keynote of this watch.