Withstanding The Ruthless Years, What Are The Loves Of The Old Goddess

I don’t know if you have discovered that in the entertainment circle that is constantly changing, female stars have a longer career than male stars. For example, regardless of age, the girls and women around you change ‘husband’ and ‘boyfriend’ every 30 minutes, but the ‘goddess’ of boys and men mostly accompany them for a long time and witness their growth. Can withstand the ruthless changes of years and ruthlessness, does time really leave no trace on them?

First put a photo of ‘Gong Huang’ when he was young

‘Gong Huang’ ‘s reputation is by no means blown
 Speaking of not being old, Gong Li’s status among Chinese actresses is unshakable. Born in 1969, she will be 50 years old by next year. Although Gong Li has rarely appeared in the public’s eyes now, during the promotional period of the film ‘Return’ in previous years, Gong Li’s state completely overturned our impression of 50-year-old women. It is indeed our ‘Gong Huang’ ‘.

Gong Li in the movie ‘Return’
 As the first generation of girls, Gong Li’s movies have become classics. From ‘Nine Children’ in ‘Red Sorghum’, to ‘Four Madams’ in ‘High Red Lantern’ (this movie won the Silver Lion Award at the 48th Venice International Film Festival), and then to ‘Autumn Chrysanthemum’ in 1992 Gong Li brought us too many excellent works for the rural women in the ‘Luggage Lawsuit’ (won the 49th Venice International Film Festival Golden Lion Award).

Gong Li’s ‘four wives’ in the movie ‘The Red Lantern is High’

Gong Li in her youth, the photos taken on the seaside of Cannes become classic
 In the play, we see the changeable Gong Li, but outside the play, the more impression of Gong Li is ‘domineering.’ And this domineering is elegant. Especially in recent years, every public appearance of Gong Li has revealed the unique courage and femininity of Oriental women.

Recent photos of Gong Li
 ‘Gong Huang’ is very specific in the choice of watches, especially after choosing to cooperate with Piaget, on many occasions, she chooses to wear the same watch, a Piaget LIMELIGHT series watch.

 When attending the film festival, Gong Li chose a black shirt suit, paired with Piaget LIMELIGHT series watches, looks exquisite and elegant without losing the atmosphere.

Gong Li wears Piaget LIMELIGHT series watches to shoot blockbusters

Participate in film promotion, with white shirts and tight black pants, capable and friendly

Gong Li wears Piaget Altiplano G0A29167 watch
 In addition to the high exit rate of that Piaget LIMELIGHT series watch, according to different dress styles, Gong Li can always find the best watch for her. It’s good for daily wear, and you need to dress up. Gong Li will definitely not let us down in the matching of watches.

 When attending a film festival, in order to complement the golden evening dress, Gong Li matched a Piaget creative series watch. The gold strap is like a fine work of art, and the wine red dial is the finishing touch.

When shooting a blockbuster, Gong Li chose the Piaget LIMELIGHT series diamond watch that can highlight the protagonist.

Gong Li wears Piaget’s extraordinary collection of watches (similar)
 The same time as Gong Li’s immortal actress, there is a star with a higher popularity abroad than domestic. She is Xi Junmei, from Shanghai. In 1986, she starred in the ‘Embroidered Embroidery’ of ‘The Last Emperor’, and the film also became an Oscar-winning film, which opened her international popularity. Later, more outstanding works also made her one of the few acting skills in Asia Famous female movie star. She has many identities. In addition to being an outstanding actor, she actively participates in charity activities; in addition, she serves as a lifetime judge for the Academy Awards.

Young Junmei

In the film ‘The Last Emperor’ as the emperor ‘text embroidery’

 Known again by the Chinese, she appeared in the movie as a small but tense character. In the excellent film and television works such as ‘Snowflake Fan’ and ‘The Founding of the People’s Republic of China’, she did not choose the role of the role of ‘picking the beam’, It is to give more young blood more opportunities. It is difficult for us to find her private photos on the Internet, which may be related to her low-key lifestyle, but in the recent magazine blockbuster, we still found a watch that closely matches her temperament.

Wu Junmei shoots magazine blockbusters

Junjun Mei wears Blancpain Women’s Watch Series 3653-2954-58B
 As soon as he wore white clothes, his eyes revealed the quiet power. Many people envy young people with blood, passion, and vitality, but as the annual rings continue to change, the tranquility accumulated in the years will be conveyed from the eyes. Wu Junmei is very contrasting with this Blancpain women’s watch series, she exudes a clean and elegant temperament, together with the light from the white mother-of-pearl dial, telling the world that what time left on her was only as fragrant as wine. Charm.

 Chen Chong, who participated in the film ‘The Last Emperor’, with Ji Junmei, is also an internationally renowned actress. In the play, she played such a tragic role as the heroine Wan Rong. Gradually appeared in the American film industry in 1990, in 1994 with the movie ‘Red Rose and White Rose’ won the Golden Horse Award for best actress.

Chen Chong plays Wan Rong in the film ‘The Last Emperor’

Chen Chong in the movie ‘Red Rose and White Rose’
 Chen Chong’s looks are very recognizable among Chinese actresses. The bones are very angry, and the eyebrows are carrying some rare British spirits of southern girls. When young, Chen Chong was mostly a girl’s shame. She graduated from Shanghai Foreign Studies University and did not follow the path of an actor. In 1976, when she was only 15 years old, she starred in the movie ‘Youth’, and started her acting career.

Chen Chong when he was young, studying at Shanghai Foreign Studies University
 In her nearly 40 years of acting career, Chen Chong has always put the arrogance in her bones into each role, and she has always maintained elegance when we see it on other occasions.

Chen Chong wore Van Cleef & Arpels CHAMP95VCARM95300 watch to attend the film festival
Summary: People say that the hardest thing in the world to imagine is that Fanghua is perishable, that it can fight against time, and that it can calmly accept the traces of time. Just like a clock, it is a pleasure to keep it well and keep it as it is, but it is also an honor to wear it on your hands and walk with you for a few years, leaving traces of time on the surface. (
 Photo / text watch home Mo Yang)