Introduction Of Bvlgari’s New ‘deep Starry Sky’ Color Watch Series

BVLGARI Astrale series jewellery watch: the vast starry sky-the extreme of light and color, loyal to the brand’s core values, BVLGARI Bvlgari launched two new color watches fully show The magical charm of the starry sky.
The new Astrale jewelry series continues BVLGARI’s beloved aesthetic theme, glowing with an everlasting fire of innovation, evoking a more brilliant and shining eternal light than the past. BVLGARI is loyal to the brand’s core values. It is like a great artist holding a colorful palette, and his hands are matched with gems that emit wonderful colors cut in various ways.

Bvlgari’s new ‘Deep Starry Sky’ color watch series
The talented gem masters boldly innovated, perfectly designed unparalleled works, cleverly expressed the most shining light of diamonds in a harmonious and moderate design, and ruled the supreme elegance of contemporary jewelry.
最早 The earliest series of BVLGARI Astrale jewelry watch was officially launched in 2005. The densely paved ornate diamonds on the watch exuded a glowing light, which quickly stunning the entire jewelry field. The ‘jewels’ shining in the sky have always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which has continuously stimulated the enthusiasm for innovation of human beings, and has also promoted the gorgeous birth of Astrale jewelry watches.
Over the years, many designs in this series have appeared on the jewellery stage, just like the stars in the dazzling galaxy, exuding a dazzling eternal light, vividly reflecting the starry and endless nobleness of the jewellery space.