Atoll Guardian—oris Launches Clipperton Island Limited Edition Watch To Continue Supporting Marine Conservation

Did you know that fewer people have been to Clipperton Island than to Everest. This inaccessible atoll is located in the tropical tropics, southwestern Mexico, about 1,100 kilometers north of the Baja California Peninsula, and the closest distance to the mainland is 945 kilometers.

Clipperton Island is an unmanned atoll in the tropical tropics
Its unique geographical location is crucial to the marine ecological balance
Clipperton is threatened by extraordinary fishing and pollution

Oris Clipperton Island Limited Edition Protected for Clipperton Atoll

 Despite its remoteness, this uninhabited French island and its unique ecosystem are threatened by illegal fishing and pollution. Clipperton Island is a passageway for many endangered marine life, and it is also a relay station for countless bird migration. Protecting Clipperton Island is important to maintaining the ecological balance of the East Pacific.

Watch with engraved outline of Clipperton Island
And the geographical coordinates of the island

 In May this year, Oris funded the Clipperton Island expedition initiated by the non-governmental scientific organization N2Pix, which was founded by Canadians Michel Labrecque and Julie Ouimet, focusing on underwater imagery and exploration. The Oris expedition consisted of scientists and environmentalists. After more than 80 hours of rigorous voyages, they reached Clipperton Island to conduct research on endangered shark migration data collection and continuous protection of the Clipperton ecosystem. The expedition hopes that through these practical actions, more people will understand the importance of Clipperton Island.

Oris Clipperton Island Limited Edition

 Ocean protection is endless, and half a year after the expedition, Oris launched a limited edition of Clipperton Island based on the brand’s iconic diving watch Aquis. The new watch is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide, and part of its sales profits will be invested in future marine protection projects. Last year, France issued a decree to establish a marine protection area of ​​12 nautical miles around the atolls. Oris and environmentalists hope to persuade and study the French government to expand the protected area to 100 nautical miles. The organization applied for the listing of Clipperton Island as a World Natural Heritage.

Special watch box made of environmentally friendly seaweed extract

 The Oris Klipperton Island Limited Edition is a tribute to this great atoll and its protectors, Michel Labrecque and Julie Ouimet. The gradual blue dial of the watch is inspired by the color of the waters of Clipperton Island. The lagoon in the center of the atoll is clear and blue, but the surrounding area looks dark and dark due to the sharp drop of more than 60 meters. It is quite artistic. The 43.5 mm case is made of stainless steel and is water-resistant to 300 meters. The screw-down caseback is engraved with the pattern and geographic coordinates of Clipperton Atoll. Oris registered Oris Clipperton as one of the brand’s trademarks.

 In addition to these saluting design elements, the new watch naturally also possesses the excellent diving watch attributes of the Aquis series. The watch is equipped with an Oris733 self-winding mechanical movement that displays hours, minutes, seconds and calendar. A Super-LumiNova® dot is embedded in the middle of the extended second hand, which is also noticeable in dim water. This design is very meaningful. Although the minute is the most important time unit when diving, the moving second hand also plays a key reminder function-your watch is still working normally. The unidirectional rotating bezel is an indispensable part of the diving watch. It records the diving time safely. The ceramic scale ring is very strong and ignores the wear and tear caused by underwater sediment.

 The introduction of the Oris Clipperton Island Limited Edition is a brand’s commitment to the continued protection of the marine environment. Like previous coral replantation and hammerhead shark research collaborations, the limited edition of the watch is of far-reaching significance.

 “We have always been proud of our pure Swiss quality,” said Ulrich W. Herzog, global president of Oris, “but the brand’s efforts and passion for protecting the ocean make us even more proud. Oris was back in the 60s of last century The production of professional diving watches began in the 1950s, and it was also at that time that it was inextricably bound up with the ocean. The Clipperton Island limited edition watch is the embodiment of Oris marine protection. ‘

product features

Oris Clipperton Island Limited Edition
Product Code: 733 7730 4185, Table Diameter: 43.5 mm
Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide

Oris733 automatic mechanical movement with 6 o’clock calendar display
· Stainless steel case, stainless steel screw-in crown and shoulder guard, water-resistant to 300 meters
· Unidirectional rotating diving bezel, black ceramic scale ring marking 60 minutes scale, scale coated with Super-LumiNova®
· Double-sided arched sapphire mirror with anti-glare coating on the inside
· Screw-in stainless steel caseback with engraved Clipperton Island pattern and its geographic coordinates
Gradient blue dial with scale and hands coated with Super-LumiNova®
· Black rubber strap, Oris original safety anchor design, with sliding buckle for quick adjustment of strap length; or stainless steel strap, also with sliding buckle

· Environment-friendly watch box made from seaweed extract with Clipperton Island stamp
· Recommended retail price: tape model is about RMB 13,800, steel band model is about RMB 15,200

Illusion Dreams Needle Elina Svitolina Makes A Stunning Appearance In New York Wins Streak

Eight world top tennis girls will gather together and hold their breath. Every point is very important. If you get the tenth first, you will win and fight for the final championship. This is the charm of TieBreakTens. The tennis show at Madison Square Garden in New York attracted much attention. On the occasion of the game, Ulysse Nardin officially announced that it will continue to cooperate with Elina Svitolina, the women’s tennis star and the champion of this tournament.

During the award ceremony, Irina Svitolina wore a classic blue jade watch with a diameter of 37 mm and a stainless steel case with a mother-of-pearl dial, a diamond-set bezel and a blue alligator strap.

   New York, Monday, March 5th-Svitolina and the Top Ten Tournaments Shook New York City! The previous match in Melbourne was a huge success and tickets were sold out early. The Top Ten Tournament came to the United States for the first time, and kicked off Monday night at the landmark Madison Square Garden in New York. This is a women’s tennis match. Eight days away from the International Women’s Day, eight world-class tennis women will gather together to compete on the same stage. Ukrainian legendary female Irina Svittorina is also among them. This season, the 23-year-old female tennis player participated in all trophies and achieved her best record in the women’s tennis career: WTA ranked fourth and has since become a shining star in international tennis.

   ‘This top ten competition provides an opportunity to compete with the world’s top players. It is even more exciting in places like the landmark Madison Garden Plaza,’ said Svittorina. ‘This kind of physical demanding The format of the competition is a great challenge for the players, but I believe that my spirit of competition and strong will definitely help me. I am honored to wear the Athenian watch. I think that every top athlete is asleep in his heart. With a skilled watchmaker. Self-control, time control and unremitting pursuit and love for perfection. Whether on the tennis court or in the field of high-end watches, precise and extraordinary skills, beautiful posture and outstanding performance Is the key. ‘

Svittorina wears Athens watch classic jade watch

   Because of her unremitting efforts, constantly surpassing herself and bravely breaking away from her comfort zone, Svittorina has proved her strength with her results: she has become the most noticed strength female player in the WTA Tour.

   ‘I’m excited to continue working with Svittorina,’ said Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive of Athens Watch. ‘We need a partner with determination, leadership, and ambition like Svittorina to help us attract today. A brave and bold young man. Thank you for joining our team, dear Svetolina, welcome! ‘

   On the occasion of this event, Svittorina wore her classic jade watch, a 37 mm diameter stainless steel round watch with a blue alligator leather strap. The brand is located in Le Roque The watch factory was built and exhibited at the SIHH exhibition in Geneva in January 2018.

Girard-perregaux Promotes A Revolutionary New Material In The Field Of Fine Watchmaking-glass Carbon

A truly world first. GP Girard Perregaux inherits the brand’s tradition of innovation that goes hand-in-hand with aesthetics and function, pushing a new and even carbon material. This material is 100 times harder than stainless steel, and it has impeccable tightness without the need for a housing. Thanks to the addition of blue glass fiber, its uniform texture appears to be flowing and quite lively.

Girard Perregaux _1966 Collection Skywalker_Earth To Sky Edition

  Girard-Perregaux watches around the theme of ‘Earth to Sky’ explore the vast universe, explore the interweaving of light and shadow, and explore the mysterious ‘middle world’. The brand opens up the dialogue between the earth and the interstellar, material and space in a brand-new way, thus interpreting the science of “timepiece surface craftsmanship” that the brand is proficient from a brand-new favorable perspective.
  Glassy carbon is a new type of carbon material. It has a vivid appearance, elegant and special color, and is also particularly impermeable, resistant and lightweight. As the crystallization of comprehensive and in-depth research, the original intention of glassy carbon is to create a material that is at the forefront of innovation. In short, the material with extremely high hardness, quiet blue tone and precise fit with the brand’s theme of this year’s ‘Skywalker’ is an extraordinary feat of aesthetics and technology.

Girard Perregaux _1966 Collection Skywalker_Earth To Sky Edition

Core advantages of glassy carbon: powerful performance
  The formation of this material depends entirely on a patented manufacturing process: high temperature injection and strong compression. The resulting material is simplified and purely massive, which optimizes homogeneity (uniform texture). The visually consistent, uniform texture is achieved by adding glass fibers to the carbon material. The effect is truly extraordinary: each modification is unique, so each timepiece is unique and unique.
  The most outstanding innovation of this process is that the material’s impermeability makes the timepiece impeccable tightness: no other carbon material manufacturing process can make the timepiece achieve such a high level without any casing Tightness. The use of the powerful compression process not only gives the material excellent uniform and homogeneous characteristics, but also greatly increases the material density, which in turn achieves extraordinary and excellent sealability.
  And the appearance also obtained a smooth and smooth beauty effect completely different from other carbon materials-360-degree uniform, smooth. The blue appearance of this material is derived from the fiberglass in it, but it can also be made into other colors, and it can even be replaced with other materials, such as gold.
  Another major innovation is the super hardness of this material, which is also extremely rigid in all directions without dead angles. It is also unmatched by other types of carbon materials. Glassy carbon is 100 times harder than stainless steel. In addition, its intended use is not only in the appearance of ‘wrapped’ timepieces: its density is close to 1, but it can actually float on water (the density of stainless steel is about 8, and the density of titanium is about 4.5).
  The new material will soon be unveiled at a special preview event at the 2019 Swiss Haute Horlogerie Show (SIHH) with the Laureato Laurel Collection Absolute chronograph.

Kunlun Watch New Grand Precis

Kunlun Watch has created many classic watches since 1957, and has left a glorious footprint in the history of watchmaking. In order to pay tribute to the brand’s classic Grand Precis this year, Kunlun Watch specially launched two limited-edition watches with original movements, which are bound to become the new darling of watch collectors and lovers.
保存 In order to preserve some important traditional watch styles in the history of the brand, Kunlun Watch has presented two classics again in 2010: Golden Tube and Chinese Hat. This year has continued, presenting the reprinted Grand Precis in 1957, just two years after the brand was founded. As the ultimate representative of watch classicism, this 18K gold watch model with bar hour markers, toffee hands and small seconds at 6 o’clock is limited to 100 in the year; this Grand Precis wrist was launched again Watches are available in 18K red gold and 18K white gold, each limited to 100 pieces and 50 pieces.
In order to retain the most traditional mechanical watchmaking features, this classic watch only has a time display function. Simple and easy-to-read surfaces, a slim and thin round case, a precision movement, these timeless watch features are beloved by fine watchmaking enthusiasts.
The two Grand Precis watches launched this time are based on the original Grand Precis watch and only slightly modified the case-from the original 36 mm to the larger 38.5 mm. The champagne-colored dial and its strong classic vintage atmosphere reflect respect for the original work-small seconds at 6 o’clock, bar-shaped hour markers, luminous treatment of toffee hands and fine vertical and horizontal lines, revealing the classic elegance of the watch. The watch is equipped with a manual-winding CO162 movement, which is constructed from original parts, with a vibration frequency of 18,000 times per hour and a power reserve of 38 hours. These original parts are collected by the brand from its parts inventory and are only enough to make these two limited edition watches. This extraordinary movement features an oversized balance wheel, which guarantees excellent precision, which is why this watch received a great response when it was introduced in 1957. Adhering to the respect and spirit of traditional watchmaking technology, the decoration of the watch movement and its satin-finished plywood are manually processed to preserve the traditional craftsmanship of this watch. The bottom cover of the watch is made of sapphire crystal, which reveals the internal structure of the watch. The two Grand Precis watches launched this time are equipped with crocodile leather straps and 18K gold pin buckles.

How About Tissot Eta2834-2 Movement Performance? Recommended Tissot Watches Series

As the leading Tissot brand in sales, Tissot Weiyi series has attracted the attention of many people. Some netizens asked: What about Tissot’s ideal series? What kind of movement does Tissot’s ideal series use? Next, the editor introduces the movement ETA2834-2 of the Ideal series and recommends three Tissot watches.
Technical parameters of ETA 2834-2 movement:
 Movement type: automatic machinery
 Movement diameter: 29 mm
 Movement thickness: 5.05 mm
 Vibration frequency: 28800 oscillations per hour
 Number of gems: 25
 Power reserve: 38 hours
 Relevant movement information: Tissot-Weiyi series T038.430.22.037.00 men’s mechanical watch equipped with automatic mechanical movement ETA2834-2, vibration frequency of 28800 oscillations per hour, power reserve of 38 hours. This elegant and mysterious Ideal series watch can be called the finishing touch of Tissot. In the design, the material is made of 316L polished stainless steel strap and case. The silver-white dial design is simple and classic. The hour markers and hands are displayed in gold. Noble and elegant; through two concentric circles, the layered sense of the dial is outlined.
 Related watch information: Tissot-Weiyi series T038.430.11.037.00 Men’s mechanical watch equipped with automatic mechanical movement ETA2834-2, vibration frequency of 28800 oscillations per hour, 38 hours power reserve, the case back can show the elegant operation of the movement. Silver dial, date, day of the week, big three hands. Paired with finely polished stylish stainless steel materials, the watch’s charm is enhanced. Simple appearance and stylish business style. It is a fine example of elegance.
 Related watch information: Tissot TISSOT-Weiyi series T038.430.16.057.00 men’s mechanical watch equipped with automatic mechanical movement ETA2834-2, vibration frequency of 28800 oscillations per hour, 38 hours power reserve. The date display at 6 o’clock and the week display at 12 o’clock, the junior hand is particularly clear on the black dial, which is convenient for reading. A 38.5mm diameter stainless steel case with a black high-grade leather strap is both elegant and stable. Wear it on your wrist, stylish and elegant, and draw a beautiful arc between your hands and feet, making you the focus of everyone.
 Related watch information: Tissot Watch series inherits the classic and elegant and simple design concept. The simple but classic, layered dial is accompanied by the fine workmanship that focuses on details, which outlines the charming and elegant atmosphere of the watch, making you relaxed Control any occasion.