Love The Pain Of Scratches

Some people say, ‘The person who loves a watch is arrogance.’ I think I am such a typical. Since I bought my first watch, I have been troubled by a problem-scratches. Although calm a lot today, the troubles caused by scratches have never been eliminated. I believe that even if you do n’t wear a watch, you rarely ignore the scratches on your car? The same goes for tables.

   The polishing process of top-level watches is naturally very good, so I have said it more than once before: When you buy a new watch, when you gently peel off the cover on the case, you can see a warm luster like dew in the morning. This is one of the most enjoyable processes for watch lovers. But I didn’t say anything: as long as you wear it normally, no matter how careful you are, basically there will be scratches on the shell of the afternoon schedule. Scratches are the inevitable use of metal case (cases made of ceramic, plastic, DLC, etc.). Just as car scratches can be repaired, so can watches. There is no paint on the case, so the repair is mainly re-polished. However, although the re-polished case is bright and clean, there is no longer a dew-like person. And polishing cannot be done too many times. The case is originally a small thing. Polishing a thin layer at a time, the case may be deformed without throwing it a few times. According to rumors, even if it is a sturdy Rolex, its case can only be kept polished and deformed 23 times under standard operation.
   How do scratches occur? This matter is mainly blamed on the air around us. For the metal case, the hardness of the textile does not pose any threat to it. So wear long-sleeved clothes to damage the case, the problem is not on the clothes, but the dust in the air. It is said that the main component of dust is quartz. Although quartz is very small, it is harder than metal. When the cuff is wrapped in dust and rubs against the case (such as the swing arm when walking around), it will leave a small amount on the case Scratches. As the watch is worn for a long time, there will be more and more scratches, like human wrinkles.

  Since scratches are unavoidable, how to reduce the occurrence of scratches seems to indirectly reflect a person’s love of watches. And only through the time-honored watch, if the auction market will get a good price in the future, in order to reflect the legendary watch’s ‘value preservation ability’. I often tell my friends: If I go to a densely populated area like Beijing Wangfujing, I will habitually cover my left hand on my stomach. It’s not that my stomach hurts, but that my arms won’t sway, which greatly reduces the chance of the watch making hard contact with surrounding people or things. If you swing your arms, when you hear ‘Dang’, at this moment your watch is no longer a scratch, but a pit. The scratches can still be removed by polishing, and this pit is difficult to repair. The left hand is placed on the abdomen because no matter how densely populated the area is, the chance of head-on collision is almost zero, and the watch is the safest here. In addition, when wearing long-sleeved clothes, if the haze is severe, reduce the arm swing. The air is good, but you can stretch your arms. The steel watch is okay, the hardness of the gold watch is softer, and special attention is required! If you are a local tyrant, and you like to wear your watch and accessories on the same wrist, and let them come and go before, I have nothing to say. But as an old love lover, every time I see this situation, my heart is bleeding.

  What kind of case does not scratch? The more mature technologies are high-tech ceramic case and DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon Film Cover) case. But the harder the more brittle. Ceramic watches are very abrasion-resistant, and in my opinion have achieved a long history, but they are very afraid of falling. As a user of a ceramic watch, you must prevent the watch from falling. Although the DLC case is not broken, there are pits that cannot be repaired if dropped. However, the plastic case is difficult to scratch and cheap, but watch fans always lack excitement about the plastic case, you know why.