Extremely Thin Watch House Interview With Mr. Franck Touzeau, Director Of Piaget Watch Department

At the 2014 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Show, the reporter in front of the Watch House was honored to interview Mr. Franck Touzeau, Director of Piaget Watch Division, and made a series of plans for the brand’s development and planning. In-depth dialogue, the content of this interview will be presented below for you.

Home of Watches: You have a professional academic background in the fields of watches and jewellery. Which one do you prefer?
Mr. Franck Touzeau: I like both. In fact, Piaget’s watch design incorporates more jewellery designs, including men’s and women’s watches, in consideration of the needs of users. Therefore, Piaget integrates watches and jewellery in the development process.
Watch House: From the development to the finished product, what do you think is the biggest difficulty encountered in the process?
Mr. Franck Touzeau: It takes three years for each Piaget brand to develop a watch. The most difficult problem is to have new ideas. Before each watch is developed, market-savvy personnel must first understand the voice of the user’s desired product, and then whether the engineering department can ensure that the structure and assembly of the movement can be completed, so it is necessary to complete the two. Balance is more important. The biggest challenge is whether to turn imagination into reality.
Watch House: What suggestions do you have for Piaget’s promotion on the Internet, and how to better handle the relationship between product development and image positioning during online promotion?
Mr. Franck Touzeau: In 2016, Earl will do some online sales, but we define this as a service and a window, so that users can get better and better. To contact the brand and promote it through the Internet, it may just be that the communication channels have changed, but Piaget will always maintain a high-quality culture of the product. Mr. Franck Touzeau also said: Piaget has a product line called Altiplano. This series is a series of genes representing Piaget. The price is very high. It is not possible to imagine how such a complicated watch can be sold online. .
Watch House: Piaget’s High Jewelry Watches Are Most Popular In The Market Of Which Country In The World? why?
Mr. Franck Touzeau: Actually, we have both displayed Piaget’s watches in Hong Kong and Asia, and they are very popular with users. Of course, they are also the same in other countries such as the United States, and not Which market will be biased.
Home of Watches: What do you think is the greatest challenge Piaget faces in the future?
Mr. Franck Touzeau: In fact, Piaget has always worked in the ultra-thin field, so the future challenge is whether to continue the ultra-thin series of watches.
Summary: Piaget, as a watch brand that perfectly integrates jewellery and watches, has continuously understood the needs of users in the development of many years, and has formed its own unique style on the road of watchmaking. In the conversation with Mr. Franck Touzeau, the director of Piaget Watch Division, we learned that Piaget has always insisted on working in the ultra-thin field in the future development and continues to challenge the slim design of watches.