Speaking Watch Fashion That Looks ‘outdated’

The sounding watch dials the sound of nature
Who can imagine that a watch can strike a melodious movement like a church bell, or even play Mozart’s ‘Serene Serenade’ or Tchaikovsky’s ‘Not Great Love’? Letting the clock make a sound is the research result of the watchmakers. As a model in the field of fine watchmaking, audible watches have always been favored by experienced watch collectors. ‘The vocal watch turns actual time into audible and measured, adding extra meaning to the reading of time, not just a quick look at the surface.’ Watch fan Zhou Zheng said.
Seemingly ‘outdated’ fashion
Alarm watch, minute repeater watch, self-sounding watch … In the field of mechanical watches that symbolize tradition and heritage, if a watch can make its own voice, even if it is only a single alarm bell, it is the concentrated embodiment of watchmaker’s superb design and excellence. . ‘Traditional minute repeaters use hammer strikes to report the time with the bass, the mixed sound as the score, and the high tone as the score. The wearer can infer the exact current time based on the number of beeps of the three tones; and The minute repeater is different. The alarm clock cannot be ‘timed.’ It can only sound at regular intervals, and its structure is almost the same as an alarm clock. The self-sounding watch has a self-sounding alarm function, which can play a fixed tune. Due to the extremely complicated functions of watches and self-sounding watches, the output is much lower than tourbillon watches, and the price will not be less than one million yuan. ‘Ding Zhifang, a watch collector, said.
Li Caiyi of the Public Relations Department of Girard Perregaux told reporters that Girard Perregaux’s ‘Opera One’ watch launched in 1999 is now priced over 5 million yuan. The design of ‘Opera One’ is inspired by the elegant bells of Big Ben in Westminster, England. This watch uses 4 lightweight hammers ‘mi, do, re, sol’ to strike the hour, moment, and minute. The ringing sound is beautiful and charming. Its unique feature is that ‘Opera No. 1’ is the world’s first four-hammer scale minute repeater, while the traditional minute repeater only has two ring-shaped springs and two small hammers that can pronounce. Subsequently, Girard Perregaux launched the second and third generations of the ‘Opera series’ watches, with the third generation being the most striking. ‘The third generation is like a small music box. It plays the music by the hour. The music watch also has two songs to choose from, which are Mozart’s’ Serene Serenade ‘and Tchaikovsky’s’ Not Great. ‘ ‘The love of Girard-Perregaux watches. All functions of the Girard-Perregaux watches do not rely on electronic means, but are completed by mechanical processes, fully showing Girard-Perregaux’s extraordinary watchmaking capabilities.’
Alarm function and three-question function are representative of classical design. These audible watches are typical high-complex watches, which have always been the patent of high society. ‘Ask watches were born in a time when there were no electric lights. European nobles got up at night and wanted to know the time, but were too lazy to light candles. Therefore, they needed a watch that’ speaks ‘on their own. In fact, with the watch came out. With the advent of electric lights and luminous hands, the practical function of this design is no longer needed. Today, more and more watch brands still insist on retaining this seemingly ‘outdated’ function and make them rejuvenated. It is because in the eyes of many people who pay attention to details and recognize the quality of life, these legends of the handmade era are precious. ‘IWC public relations department said.