Looking Towards The Sea From The East Of The Stone, Holding The ‘dual-time’ Palm Sky, Ulysse Nardin’s Original Dual-time Zone Watch, Father’s Day

Cao Cao in the ancient times, conquering the vastness of Daze, and climbing to the top of the extreme, is his lifelong aspiration. The majestic man in troubled times, the capable minister of the country. In the troubled times of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the warlords chased the deer. He showed the heroic spirit of ‘Driving the Six Dragons and Traveling the Four Seas’, taking Jiangshan and Huaihuai; destroying Yuan Shao in the north, facing the flint in the east, he described the vastness of ‘a trip to the sun and the moon if out of it’ The sea, strong cloud will. ULYSSE NARDIN’s original dual time zone watch

   Today, there is ULYSSE NARDIN’s original dual time zone watch, which stands at the top of innovation. It completely adopts the UN-334 self-winding movement independently developed by Athens. It is decorated with blue three-dimensional diamonds on the three-dimensional diamond hour markers. With an 18K rose gold case, it is very modern.
   Original dual time zone watch with hour and minute display, oversized second hand, dual-window calendar and dual time function. It is also equipped with the best mechanical device-automatic calendar synchronization. With one touch, the time between the two places can be changed at will, and the world is in full control.
    Man, born as Cao Cao. On wine, life is divided into three swords, and it means the sky is the world; Seven is divided and the light is shining, and the world is leading in all directions. Among the famous men of the Wei and Jin dynasties, only the three sons of Jian’an have their own styles. Why is the father of a tiger without a dog, big love and time are silent.
The spirit of sailing is the highest pursuit of exploring unknown areas and discovering new things.
   As early as 169 years ago, the brand’s founder ULYSSE NARDIN has made astronomical clocks in Neuchâtel surrounded by mountains in Switzerland. It is committed to the accurate design of nautical timepieces and is known worldwide for its impeccable astronomical clocks. The NARDIN (UN) navigation clock is set as the standard configuration of the navy to protect human navigation. Since then, UN has won more than 4,300 championship awards, of which 18 are world-respected gold awards, while also obtaining the most patents for mechanical watches.
   Science, innovation and imagination have inspired ULYSSE NARDIN, and talented ghosts have created precedents, leading the global watchmaking industry with unprecedented design concepts and bold breakthroughs. Relying on its firm conviction, ULYSSE NARDIN uses the bold innovations and the pursuit of excellence in watch manufacturing to interpret the ultimate professional attitude and the purest ideas of top watchmaking experts.

Montblanc Sponsors The ‘white Night Art Festival’ In St. Petersburg

June 22, 2012, St. Petersburg-International luxury brand Montblanc, as always, sponsors the St. Petersburg ‘White Night Art Festival’ (White Nights Festival) and a spectacular awards ceremony at the Mariinsky Theatre. As the artistic director of the White Nights Festival and star conductor of the Mariinsky Theatre, Valery Gerdjeev will present this year’s ‘Montblanc New Voice Award’ to Russian soprano singer Viktoria Yastrebova and baritone singer Andrey Serov. At that time, VIPs from all walks of life invited by Montblanc to gather together for a grand event. Valery Gerdjeev will introduce the two young artists who won the award to the audience, in order to reward young talents with outstanding talents and outstanding performance in the field of opera. At the same time, they also performed at the new Montblanc White Night Festival New Concert in St. Petersburg that night. On June 23rd, the Mariinsky Ball held at the Catherine Palace was a gathering of international stars and important guests. Montblanc White Nights Festival New Voice Awards winners Viktoria Yastrebova and Andrey Serov brought the ball to the climax. The Montblanc White Nights New Sound Concert is one of the most important events of the White Nights Festival, accompanied by the Mariinsky Orchestra conducted by Valery Tejeev. The beautiful voices and exquisite singing skills of the two award-winning young artists have once again aroused public praise for the new sound concert of Montblanc White Night Festival.
  Both winners this year will receive a prize of 10,000 euros and a Montblanc Brahms donated pen series and trophy.
‘White Night Art Festival’ and ‘Montblanc White Night Art Festival New Sound Awards’ at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg
  The White Night Art Festival was first held in Russia in 2007. Every summer, the well-known Russian cultural and artistic city, St. Petersburg, enters the summer ‘White Nights’ cycle. During the ‘White Night’ in June, the sunshine period is extremely long, almost day and night. At this time, the far north city will be completely bathed in the silver light of the sky. And this unique natural landscape will become a magnificent background for the ‘White Night Art Festival’ of the Mariinsky Theatre. This festival can be regarded as the highest level international arts and cultural event. At that time, top opera, ballet and classical music performing groups in Russia and other countries will gather here to celebrate the festival.
  In 2007, the Welsh mezzo-soprano singer Katherine Jenkins, who was only 27 years old, won the first Montblanc New Voice Awards. In 2008, Montblanc teamed with Valery Gerdeev to present the grand prize to the young Russian soprano singer Anastasia Kalagina, and since then began performing Mozart classics ‘Magic Flute’ and ‘Fegaro’ Starring in The Wedding. In 2009, this honor will be shared for the first time by two young singers: Russian soprano singer Kristina Kapustinskaya and Russian baritone singer Alexei Markov. In 2010, two other singers won this honor: Russian tenor Sergei Skorokhodov and Chinese baritone Shen Yang. Shen Yang has since started his international star journey and has recently become a Montblanc brand spokesperson. In 2011, Russian tenor Sergei Semishkur and Russian tenor Mikhail Petrenko won the award. The tradition of awarding two outstanding talents will continue this year, and Valery Gerdjeev and Montblanc will jointly award the singers this year’s new voice award with the attention of global audiences.