2014 The Eighth Hamilton Behind The Scenes Heroes International Grand Opening

The annual Hamilton behind-the-scenes heroic festival is the eighth to 2014. This year’s festival was held by Los Angeles Confidential by Hamilton and Niche Media on November 9 in Los Angeles. Co-sponsored by the Bell Theatre, it is a tribute to outstanding film heroes. Their hard work contributed to the success of each movie.

   Today, Hamilton can be found in more than 400 film and television works, the latest representative of which is Interstellar (‘Interstellar’). Hamilton Global President Sylvain Dolla said, ‘The difference between watchmaking and film and television production is that they are passionate about creating works of art with unique aesthetic value that can infect and touch the audience.

Starring ‘Magic Black Forest’ Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress Emily Blunt Attends the Awards Ceremony

   The famous Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Matthew Morrison hosted the awards ceremony, and many award-winning stars and well-known filmmakers active on the screen served as awards guests.

   Winners were selected to participate in the films released this year, or to be shown in many famous film festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival, and the American Film Institute Film Festival.

Winners of the 2014 Hamilton behind the scenes heroes include:

Best Director: ‘Fox Catcher’ Bennett Miller
Best Producer: Magic Black Forest, John De Luca, Rob Marshall, and Mark Platt
Best Film Editing: Sandra Adair
Best Production Breakthrough: Nora Grossman, Teddy Schwarzman, and Ido Ostrovsky
Best Visual Effects: Dan Lemmon
Best Art Direction: Lost Lover Donald Graham Burt
Best Screenplay: ‘The Year of the Storm’ J.C. Chandor
Best Photography: Budapest Hotel Robert D. Yeoman
Best Props Specialist: Ellen Freund
Lifetime Achievement Award for Film Music: ‘Imitation Game’, ‘Budapest Hotel’, ‘Unbreakable’, ‘Godzilla’, ‘Allied Treasure Team’ Alexander Desplat –