Chic Ruya 2015 Basel Tissot Vintage Men’s Watch

Tissot vintage series watches are the first choice of many elegant gentlemen’s watches. Warm gold with vintage leather straps and simple dial design are all wisdom interpretations of glorious history. Tissot once again added its new vintage series ‘Tianxin Ding’ at the watch exhibition. Let’s enjoy the real shots sent back by the report group in front of the watch home:
Tissot vintage series men’s watch real tushang:

Rounded case

Elegant gold case

Watch understated and restrained

Elegant white dial with Paris motif in the middle

3 o’clock position date display

Crown and lugs appear in gold

With a dark brown leather strap

Summary: Baselworld 2015 is a feast for global fashion people, and we really feel the true meaning of art from it. Later, the watch group in front of the Watch House will bring us more exciting content. For more information, please click on the watch home Basel live show:

Earl Earl’s Pillow Ultra-thin Minute Repeater Watch Most Slim

The introduction of Piaget Emperador pillow-type ultra-thin automatic minute repeater watch is an interpretation of Piaget’s superb skills in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking since 1957. It lays down a double record for its watch category: the movement is 4.8 mm thick and the case is 9.4 mm thick. This watch is called the 2013 SIHH ‘the thinnest’ watch.
 This ultra-thin watch adheres to the twin creations of Piaget’s top watchmaking workshops: the movement-making technology specialized in the La Côte-aux-Fées workshop, and the skilled case-making technology of the Plan-les-Ouates factory. In order for excellence and perfection to go hand in hand, the new 1290P movement inside it is also decorated with the highest specifications of hand polishing.

 Conveying Piaget’s unswerving pursuit of the extreme superior performance of clocks, the 1290P verifies the unique professional skills accumulated by Piaget, a rare watchmaking brand in the top watch industry. Piaget Emperador’s pillow-type ultra-thin automatic minute repeater is Piaget’s first minute repeater, and it is also the fourth watch with large complications developed by Piaget. Piaget has developed, produced, and produced more than 35 movements by itself in a short period of 14 years, including 11 complex complication movements. Excellent and excellent craftsmanship, reflected in the famous 600P movement (the world’s thinnest rectangular manual winding tourbillon movement), 880P movement (ultra-thin automatic chronograph stopwatch movement), 855P movement (ultra-thin automatic perpetual calendar) Movement), and 1270P movement (ultra-thin automatic tourbillon movement). These achievements require continuous self-challenging, and at the same time attempts to push the production of ultra-thin movements to the limit, and they need to be backed by the determination to tailor their cases perfectly. This belief is, in fact, to perfectly fit the curve of the movement and the case, so that the two are closely integrated into one, as if they were integrated. Piaget’s Watchmaking Workshop applies this philosophy to all its major complication movements, of course, the 1290P is no problem.

 Looking at the large complex functions, the most difficult to produce is the minute repeater function. In order to compound the movement with an automatic winding mechanism; to give it a unique and outstanding timepiece sound; to provide the thinnest movement in its functional category and its thin case; to ensure its The waterproof function reaches 30 meters; in order to be 100% self-made and not faked by others; each of the above-mentioned single challenges is assembled into the most unique components of the world’s top watch and clock, and has become the most unparalleled achievement under the realization of Piaget. Piaget’s Watchmaking Workshop has thus won the skills of ultra-thin watchmaking in the process of making the Emperador pillow-type ultra-thin automatic minute repeater. The 1290P movement took about 3 years of development time, and 6 professional engineers invested in this task.
 Based on the 1200P movement, the 1290P movement, which is the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement, is only 4.8 mm thick, setting a new ultra-thin record for its functional category. This movement requires up to 407 pieces The detailed components of the movement-this exciting number, not only requires unique and sophisticated micro-mechanical engineering technology, but also shows the determination to refuse to compromise the sound quality and mechanical reliability of the time. In addition, every detail component of the movement needs to be carefully calculated and shaped, which is undoubtedly a difficult feat.
 The characteristics of the ultra-thin movement make the production of this automatic minute repeater movement even more complicated. From the initial sketch design to the final retouching process, each process requires absolute expertise in each single technology. This is a series of continuous challenges. During the process of assembly, adjustment and decoration, every step needs to be precise and error-free. For example, the thickness of some gear trains is only 0.12 mm, which is comparable to the thickness of 0.08 mm hair, let alone some parts are only 0.07 mm thin! The micro-rotor is made of platinum to ensure the best winding efficiency with the smallest volume. Test the consciousness of the limit of the ultra-thin watchmaking technology, and lead to unique structural considerations, such as placing the hammer on the side of the bridge or reversing the lever of the watch to make it dial down to activate the timekeeping function instead Go up. The accuracy is not biased. The 1290P movement is equipped with a surprise-piece device to ensure that when the hands advance to 59 minutes, the optimal time-changing mechanism is reached, and the accurate time rhythm is tapped.

The world’s rare pure sound
 The technical merit comes from a double-record ultra-thin movement and its perfectly crafted case, and its wonderful sound quality is no less impressive.
 Rather than being complacent about making a minute repeater with a clear and regular timepiece, Piaget Studios has been working hard on the performance of the melody. Despite the use of fixed gongs, Piaget succeeded in creating a richer sound with three identical harmonic components.
 Indeed, the pursuit of the world’s few sound performances has influenced the shaping of the entire movement concept. Turn the lever at 9 o’clock to activate the minute repeater function. The sound is produced by the chatter when the hammer hits the gong. The hammer is made of stainless steel to ensure optimal hardness and weight ratio. The gong is made in one piece to achieve the best vibration frequency transmission, so that the sound is transmitted from the movement to the case. In order to maintain its pure sound quality during the transmission of sound, the movement is equipped with a set of inertial speed flywheels to adjust the rhythm of the hammering from the beginning to the end of the time.
 Considering that the average volume of human dialogue volume is 65 decibels, the 1290P movement has a unique time signal strength, and the volume is not less than 64 decibels, which is only for pure and beautiful sound quality. When the hammer fell on the fifth octave, the pitch of the time signal increased by G, and the minute by A. Musical reverberations are lingering and lingering. Because of their excellent hysteresis coefficient, the value is 2600-this is another outstanding feature, because the coefficient between 2000 and 3000 is regarded as the best performance.
 Carefully meticulously, this watch is indeed an art treasure incorporating the efforts of Piaget’s many watchmakers.

What The ‘core’ Is All About: Glashütte Original New Senator Calendar Date Watch

Glashütte Original’s new Grand Chronograph Chronograph watch was unveiled at the 2017 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show. The watch is equipped with the highly praised Glashütte Original 37 movement, which has been praised in the industry, Strong proof of Glashütte’s original craftsmanship in the watch industry. Calibre 37, specially designed for chronographs, is one of Glashütte’s original and proud representative movements. Once launched, it caused a sensation in the watchmaking industry and is still a commendable classic. The platinum and red gold models equipped with its MP Calendar Chronograph are still the first choice for elegance, becoming one of the brand’s classics. Now that this series has been upgraded again, Glashütte Original has once again introduced the new MP Chronograph Chronograph with a consistent attitude of excellence.

Just the right balance of complexity and simplicity
The 37 caliber, which was first introduced in the Congressman’s Grand Calendar Chronograph in 2014, opened a new series of Glashütte original movements. The performance of the 37 movement is far superior to that of a general-purpose chronograph movement. Minimizing the number of individual parts, it covers a large calendar, one of Glashütte’s original representative craftsmanship, a 70-hour power reserve, 30-minute and 12-hour timekeeping, and a flyback timekeeping And other complex functions.

Unlike the monotony of the basic movement, which does not require the complexity of a complex movement, Movement 37 finds the perfect balance between complexity and simplicity, bringing a stable and reliable experience to the wearer. The simple design and complex performance perfectly reflect Germany’s distinctive character of ‘simple and precise expression’.

Turn complexity into simplicity
The new Senator Large Calendar Chronograph is both internal and external. Through the sapphire crystal caseback, the wearer can see the delicate internal mechanical structure and feel the charm of the top German craftsmanship. Movement 37 insists on originality and keeps making breakthroughs. The movement uses a columnar wheel to simplify the structure. The composition of the switch lever is reduced from four small parts to one. The coupling clutch works by swinging the pinion gear. It is specially designed to use the same short path when the clutch is engaged and disengaged to ensure the technology. The stability and reliability of the watch at the same time save the internal space of the movement, and enhance the beauty of the movement.

Simple and stylish interpretation of different styles
Different from the previous members of the Grand Calendar Chronograph, the unique frosted silver-plated dial and hand-painted silver powder add elegance and modernity to the watch. The new Senator Calendar Chronograph uses a 42mm stainless steel case, which is alternately polished and satin-brushed. The atmosphere is exquisite and durable. The strong contrast between the dark black dial and the white hour markers makes the watch more personal and dynamic. The dial’s large area is coated with SuperLumiNova, ensuring excellent legibility in all lighting conditions. In addition, Glashütte Original has selected three strap options for this new watch: black calfskin strap, black rubber strap, and stainless steel bracelet. Each strap is unique and creates a different style.