Imperiale Chrono All Black Mysterious Beauty

Black, sporty and mature, the Imperial Chrono All Black watch exudes the mysterious beauty, which is suitable for the most glamorous fashion dinners, as well as the sports hiking that steals the leisurely half-day leisure.

  When the elegance of modernism echoes the splendor of the empire, classics are bound to brew. The Chopard Imperiale series, which was born in the 1990s and redesigned in 2010, added a new ‘all black’ automatic chronograph, which is full of sportiness and full of mature beauty.
   The Imperiale Chrono All Black watch is all black, and its reflection in the light is striking. Every face and hands of the dial have been carefully selected to achieve the best legible results while maintaining the beauty of its simple and solid colors. The bezel set with diamonds adds maturity to it, creating a shockingly strong contrast effect, making the positioning of this new Imperiale watch even more elusive, lying between the middle of elegance and sportiness.

   Details in luxury The Imperiale Chrono All Black series watches retain the luxury details of the Empire era in style. The fine Arabic pattern dial is set against Roman numerals, reminiscent of embroidered cushions on which the royals of the palace place their badges. The slightly curved hands resemble the sharp daggers that the monarchs used to fight.

   The lotus-shaped crown is inlaid with onyx and is mounted on the angular frame, adding a glory and lightness to the watch. The lug shape draws inspiration from the ancient temple pillars known for their perfect balance and proportion.
   The strap and case of the Imperiale Chrono All Black watch are made of top-grade stainless steel, manufactured in-house by Chopard Watch Factory, and then processed with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated stainless steel to form a distinctive black gloss. There is another black rubber strap for the strap of the Imperiale Chrono All Black. The watch is 40 mm in diameter and features a self-winding mechanical movement that is water-resistant to 50 meters.

Technical specifications
• DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated stainless steel
• Total diameter: 40.00 mm
• Thickness: 10.9 mm
• Water resistance: 50 meters
• DLC-coated stainless steel crown with onyx 5.50 mm
• DLC coated stainless steel polished bezel or diamond
• Anti-glare sapphire crystal surface
• DLC coated stainless steel closed bottom cover

• Automatic mechanical movement
• Diameter: 28.60 mm
• Thickness: 6.10 mm
• Number of gems: 37
• Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
• Power reserve: 42 hours

Dial and hands:
• Black dial, black chronograph
• Black metal hour and minute hands
• Black metal seconds hand
• Black metal timer
• Black metal time indicator

Function and display:
• Hour and minute display and centered second hand
• Small seconds at 3 o’clock
• Chronograph: 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock and 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock
• Date display at 4:30

Strap and buckle:
• Black rubber or DLC coated stainless steel strap, DLC coated stainless steel folding clasp
• DLC coated stainless steel pin buckle

Model: 388549-3007-DLC coated stainless steel rubber strap
Model: 388549-3006-DLC coated stainless steel strap with diamond bezel

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Jacques Rendez-vous Night & Day

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Night & Day Women’s Day and Night Display Watch Stainless steel and diamonds interpret the charm of the new work in rich colors. Women who love extraordinary masterpieces.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Night & Day

Shining Beauty
   The satin-finished dial is adorned with solar radiation to create a dazzling brilliance that complements the deep and mysterious fuchsia tone. The crown is set with brilliant-cut diamonds, echoing the sparkling dial.
Sky Dance

   On the day / night display at 6 o’clock, the sun and the moon alternately flow, as if an elegant ballet was performed. The chic and exquisite silver sand surface treatment is ingeniously integrated with the iconic digital hour marker design of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous date watch series.
Jaeger-LeCoultre 898A mechanical movement
   This self-winding mechanical movement consists of 204 parts and provides a 40-hour power reserve.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Heritage Series Dual Core Perpetual Calendar Watch Major Breakthrough In Function And Innovation

Dual frequency watch that can be freely switched by the wearer
The watch’s perpetual calendar function uses an instantaneous jump display. It has a high-frequency active mode of 5 Hz and a low-frequency standby mode of 1.2 Hz. It is lossless when switching modes (patent pending)
Power reserve of at least 65 days in idle mode
With a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 12.3 mm, it integrates highly complex clock functions in a tight space and enhances the power reserve
Careful design, easy adjustment and convenient use
A perpetual calendar watch closer to ‘permanent use’

   (Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2019, January 14, 2019) In the 264-year history of superb watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin has unremittingly innovated in the field of watchmaking technology and design aesthetics, establishing an unshakable reputation. Today, with the stunning debut of the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle line of dual-core perpetual calendar watches, this outstanding timepiece that meets the needs of the wearer will redefine the future of fine watchmaking.

   When worn, the Traditionnelle dual-core perpetual calendar watch will be in a high-frequency active mode. The dial displays the hour, minute, date, month, leap year cycle, and power reserve, consistent with the fast-paced modern lifestyle. When the watch does not need to be worn, the 3610 movement developed by the brand can be adjusted to the low frequency standby mode, which reduces the operating speed to ensure a power reserve of at least 65 days.
   There was a basic theoretical setting in the mechanical watchmaking industry. The barrel was designed to output kinetic energy at fixed time intervals, with a small deviation from the power reserve cycle described above. The Traditionnelle series dual-core perpetual calendar watch can effectively transform the fixed kinetic energy of the mainspring into variable energy, which raises the adaptability of advanced mechanical watchmaking to a whole new level.

   With 264 years of fine watchmaking experience, Vacheron Constantin pioneered the Traditionnelle dual-core perpetual calendar watch with two balance wheels, each operating at different frequencies. The button at 8 o’clock allows the wearer to easily switch between the two frequencies. When wearing, set the watch to high-frequency active mode. In this mode, the balance wheel vibrates at 5 Hz (36,000 times / hour), and the power reserve is up to 4 days.

   If the watch is left standing for a long time, you can switch it to the low frequency standby mode. The vibration frequency of the movement of the second balance wheel will be greatly reduced to 1.2 Hz (8,640 times / hour), which enables the watch’s power reserve to be extended to at least 65 days. During this time, the time and perpetual calendar display are still operating normally. If you need to wear it, you can switch back to the high frequency active mode at any time.

Perpetual calendar new ideas

   Perpetual calendar is considered to be one of the most practical timepieces with high complexity. The precise operation mechanism can correctly display all date information including big and small months and leap years, so the perpetual calendar function has extremely high daily practical value. However, the practicality of perpetual calendar watches has so far been limited by the traditional clockwork technology-in most cases, perpetual calendar watches need time adjustment before wearing.

    Today, this hand-wound perpetual calendar watch can correctly display the date and month after standing still for more than two months, which is a pioneering work in the history of brand watchmaking. Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle inherited the series of dual-core rate perpetual calendar watches truly realized the meaning of ‘perpetual calendar’, is a milestone on the journey of continuous innovation of the brand.

Power and Control of Dual Core Rate® System

    The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle series dual-core perpetual calendar watch uses a patent-pending mechanical system that can instantly switch from the high-frequency active mode of 5 Hz (36,000 times / hour) to the movement without disturbing the movement of the movement. 1.2 Hz (8,640 times / hour) low frequency standby mode.

   The system was inspired by the ‘unscheduled’ timekeeping system of the Edo Period (1603-1868) in Japan. This time system (derived from the Chinese twelve Earthly Branches Timekeeping Method) divides day and night into six parts, but the length of each part will be different due to the change of day and night and the season. Clocks of this period were equipped with single or double balances, which automatically switched the operating speed. At the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2019, a Japanese light clock born in the early 18th century with a similar structure was exhibited in the Vacheron Constantin showroom. This light clock is a collection of the Musée Internationald’Horlogerie.

    The mode switcher is the key to the proper operation of the Dual Core® System. It uses a single balance wheel mechanism-only one balance wheel is allowed to operate at a time. In addition, the single balance mechanism allows instantaneous switching between different modes without any delay. This guarantees that the 3610 movement will not be interrupted and the time display is extremely accurate.

   The two balance wheels in the high frequency active mode of 5 Hz (36,000 times / hour) and the low frequency standby mode of 1.2 Hz (8,640 times / hour) are driven by the same barrel. This is also the most effective way to allocate kinetic energy. This distribution method is also the only way to achieve a single power reserve display. Energy efficiency is at the heart of the Traditionnelle dual-core perpetual calendar watch, especially highlighting the dual-core rate system and its significance.

   When the watch is left flat for a long time, the high-frequency running balance will continue to consume clockwork power, while the watch’s low-frequency standby mode has a vibration frequency of only 1.2 Hz (8,640 times / hour). The advantage of its low energy consumption.

Enduring a perpetual calendar watch


   In order to take full advantage of the dual core rate® system that can be adjusted by the wearer and discover potential kinetic energy, the perpetual calendar function mechanism of this watch has also been redesigned to minimize energy consumption.

   The jump display mode will have a side effect on the stable operation of the balance wheel of the movement-the power input to the balance wheel will be reduced due to the jump. In many cases, it will also cause the amplitude of the balance wheel to weaken, affecting the overall movement time of the movement. This interference is particularly noticeable on watches equipped with multiple jump displays, such as a perpetual calendar.

    In the Traditionnelle dual-core perpetual calendar watch, Vacheron Constantin uses the instant jump display of the date, month and leap year (patent pending). To this end, we redesigned the jump mechanism, using a spring-type double gear compound system, so that the torque required by the jump mechanism is only a quarter of the traditional jump display. With this improvement, even if three instantaneous jump displays are active at the same time during the New Year’s zero, the amplitude of the balance wheel is negligible.

More technical challenges

    In Traditionnelle’s line of dual-core perpetual calendar watches, in order to achieve the fusion of extraordinary perpetual calendar functions and the creative and innovative dual-core rate system, the brand has also solved many other mechanical problems.

   For the first time in the Traditionnelle dual-core perpetual calendar watch, Vacheron Constantin broke the traditional range of oscillator frequencies. To this end, the brand has launched a new research and development on the basic principles of mechanical timing.

   The result is the birth of a new hairspring, designed to meet the high-sensitivity idle mode balance (1.2 Hz, 8,640 times / hour). Its cross-sectional area is only 0.0774 mm × 0.0159 mm, which is as thin as hair. . The cross section of the balance spring in the idle mode balance is almost a quarter of the balance spring in the active mode balance (5 Hz, 36,000 times / hour), which is finer.
   The display of time and minutes in the Traditionnelle series double-core rate perpetual calendar watch may seem strange, but its complexity is beyond conventional and far beyond precedent. Since the 3610 movement is equipped with two balance wheels and will not operate at the same time, each time the time is read, the hour and minute hands must obtain variable information from the two gear trains. The existence of a gear differential allows the pointer to read travel time data from multiple input sources.

   The second differential is mounted on the barrel for winding the mainspring and reduces the mainspring torque when the mainspring outputs kinetic energy to the idle mode balance wheel (with a delicate hairspring specially designed for low-frequency swing). . The two differentials transmit the kinetic energy storage information to the small dial to show the remaining power of the mainspring.

   The powerful 3610 movement has 480 parts, but its thickness is only 6 mm and its diameter is only 32 mm, which is a feat of micro-engineering. With the Traditionnelle inherited dual-core perpetual calendar watch, Vacheron Constantin has reached another peak in the field of movement structure optimization.

Craft from design

   In addition to the classic platinum case design and the prestigious high-complexity function, the Traditionnelle lineage dual-core perpetual calendar watch also deliberately incorporates modern aesthetics in ancient finishing techniques.

    The movement splints and bridges are decorated with Côtes de Genève and have a dark coating after NAC treatment, which has better corrosion resistance and durability than other similar processes.

   On the dial, the 18th-century art-inspired machine-painted pattern and matte finish are transformed into simple radial machine-engraved carvings and sandblasted surfaces. In order to achieve the full integration of tradition and contemporary, the dial is divided into two main parts during the processing, and multi-stage processing technology is used. The gold dial is decorated with a hand-machine engraved pattern in the central area of ​​the gold dial and is embedded in the sapphire crystal outer ring. The gold hour markers are also embedded in the sapphire crystal outer ring. Finally, laser engraving and ink filling technology are used to achieve a smooth and seamless appearance.

   Classic case design, contemporary dial and exquisite movement subtly blend, Traditionnelle inherited the dual core rate perpetual calendar watch underscores the self-evident low-key feature-with unremitting innovation, inheriting the unparalleled brand watchmaking essence.

Technical specifications

Traditionnelle Dual Core Perpetual Calendar Watch
  Model: 3200T / 000P-B578
  Movement: 3610
  Vacheron Constantin develops and manufactures itself
  Manual winding mechanical movement
  32 mm in diameter (14¼ ft), thickness 6 mm
  Vibration frequency: 5 Hz (36,000 times / hour); 1.2 Hz (8,640 times / hour)
  480 parts
  64 gems
  High frequency active mode (5 Hz frequency): about 4 days power reserve
  Low frequency standby mode (1.2 Hz frequency): about 65 days power reserve
  Certified by the Geneva Seal
  Display function: hour, minute, instant jump perpetual calendar display, power reserve, vibration frequency switching mode
  Case: 950 platinum
  42 mm diameter, 12.3 mm thickness
  Transparent sapphire crystal case back
  Water-resistant to 3 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
  Dial: gold-plated hand-engraved black-brown dial (central area) and transparent sapphire crystal dial (outer ring)
  18K white gold applied hour markers, 18k white gold hour and minute hands, black oxidized gold hands, indicating power reserve, date, month and frequency switching mode
  Strap: grey double-layer Mississippi alligator leather strap, hand-stitched, riding stitching, large checkered
  Buckle: 950 platinum pin buckle, polished half-Malta cross shape

Time Goes By, Watch The World Blancpain’s New Twelve-day Power Tourbillon Watch

The 100-foot rod goes further, Blancpain breaks through the boundaries of watchmaking and continuously improves the complex functions of watches, creating a profound and rich brand value. The tourbillon has been around for more than two centuries. On the 25th anniversary of the world’s first thinnest flying tourbillon equipped with Calibre23 movement, Blancpain reinterpreted and further refined this design for offsetting Complex design, showing the masterpiece of traditional watchmaking.

  Just like all Blancpain self-produced movements, the new Calibre242 movement was also born in Blancpain’s powerful watchmaking movement factory, integrating and further enhancing all the outstanding performance of the Calibre25 movement developed in 1988. At that time, Calibre25 broke the record and became the world’s first self-winding tourbillon with an 8-day power reserve; the new movement has a power reserve of up to 12 days, and such extraordinary features are only supported by a barrel. It is hard to imagine. The movement consists of 243 parts, with a diameter of only 30.60 mm and a thickness of only 6.10 mm. It is equipped with a silicon balance spring and pallet for reducing the influence of magnetic fields.

  The new tourbillon watch combines Blancpain’s superb watchmaking skills and elegant appearance. Through the back of the sapphire crystal, every detail of the movement is imperfectly presented: the automatic winding device and the power reserve device are integrated into one to create a thin and smart structure. The oscillating weight is completely openworked with openwork and cut edges to provide more space for decorative watches. The movement’s bridge and power reserve disk are also completely decorated with ancestral hand-crafted decoration techniques, which are meticulous and elegant; the large steel wheels use the design of beveled rims to create a more precise and elegant contrast effect.
  Through the enlarged floating tourbillon frame at 12 o’clock, you can see the full picture of the balance wheel and escape wheel from the dial. This watch is equipped with a flying tourbillon. There is no support bridge above the frame, so you can see the complex structure of the entire device. The tourbillon rotates every minute to offset the effect of gravity. Both the dial and the painted Roman numeral hour markers on the dial are made of big fire enamel, which is gorgeous and shiny, and the hollow willow-shaped hands walk lightly and elegantly on it.

  The new tourbillon watch has a diameter of 42 mm and is available in both platinum and 18K red gold. Available in limited edition in platinum; 18K red gold with chocolate alligator strap, alzavel calf leather lining, and triple folding clasp.

Richard Miller’s 2013 Revenue Increases 18% And Kering Kering Group Acquisition Negotiation Breaks Down

Swiss watch brand Richard Mille’s revenue in 2013 reached 132 million Swiss francs, an increase of 17.86% from 2012’s 112 million Swiss francs, with an annual output close to 3,000.

The Frenchman Richard Mille, who founded the watch brand of the same name in 2001, set a target of 2014 annual revenue of 150 million Swiss francs and an annual output increase to 3,300. The brand will launch eight to nine new models this year, and women’s watches with strong demand are the focus of its development.

In an interview with luxury watch industry website, Richard Mille introduced that the brand currently has 16 independent boutiques worldwide, most of which have established joint ventures with local retailers in partnership and opened in 2014. A total of 25 are targeted. New cities such as New York, London, Doha and Jeddah are planned to be added. Paris stores are also expected to move to a 220-square-meter store in Avenue Matignon before Easter.

As for the acquisition negotiations with French luxury giant Kering SA (KER.PA) Kering Group, Richard Mille said it has broken down, and he revealed that the biggest stumbling block is not the price, ‘When you feel that if you choose more When you get more out of your money, you will naturally stop, ‘said Richard Mille. Last June, we reported that Kering SA (KER.PA) Kering Group intends to acquire 51% of Richard Mille’s Richard Mille and may gradually increase its share in the future. According to the report, Richard Mille Richard Miller has a market value of about CHF 340-400 million, which is 2.5-3 times his estimated revenue of CHF 135 million in 2013.

In the future, Richard Mille will adopt a slow-growth development method, and keep going up to a higher level each year while maintaining the supply shortage and the continuous increase in selling prices.