Fanghua’s Peerless Treasures Tasting Treasure Queen Of Naples Watch

On June 8, 1810, the most special moment for Breguet, Mr. Breguet was commissioned by Queen Caroline of Naples to design and create the first watch in history. The oval-shaped spring watch combined with the bracelet was made after more than a year of watchmaking and sold to the queen. She bought a total of 34 Breguet chronographs in 6 years. To commemorate the first watch made for it, Breguet infused noble and elegant elements into the design of women’s watches, showing the feminine side of femininity, incorporating art, jewelry and fine watchmaking complex functions. Today, let’s admire a fashion jewelry watch from the Breguet Queen of Naples collection. (Watch model: 8908BR / 5T / 864 / D00D)

Classic luxury design


  From the side, you can see the classic design of Breguet and the pattern of the coin pattern. You can experience the clever idea of ​​Breguet in the design details of the exterior, and people can feel the design everywhere. The case is made of 18k rose gold, showing luxurious beauty. With perfect diamond setting technology, the bezel and dial outer edge are set with a total of 128 diamonds, weighing about 0.77 carats.

  The overall background of the oval dial is made of silver-plated gold, with hand-engraved patterns, engraved flowers, and partially decorated with Tahiti mother-of-pearl. The appearance is more delicate and dazzling. Off-centre dial design with engraved independent number and signature Breguet signature.

  The graduated ring adopts Roman numerals, and the Breguet pointer design with blue steel needle tip is slender and elegant. Small seconds at 7 o’clock. The 12 o’clock position is equipped with a power reserve and moon phase profit and loss display function.

  Because the watch uses an eccentric dial design, the position of the crown is also different. It is located at 4 o’clock on the dial. It is designed with a common non-slip texture and set with a curved ruby ​​(about 0.27 carats). The color and texture design Make the most of the luxury beauty of the watch.

  The strap is made of satin material, which fits the wrist comfortably. The diamond-studded case is more luxurious and exquisite.

  The bottom of the table uses a semi-back design, and the back effect is designed at the eccentric dial. The material of the sapphire glass back cover can watch the movement of the movement and the composition of some parts.
  The movement uses Breguet Cal.537DRL1 movement, 20 mm in diameter, flat silicon balance spring, automatic winding watch, only the wearer needs the balance wheel to generate power. The perfection of this technology makes Breguet His career has been monumental, both in terms of technology and aesthetics, and he is known throughout the courts of Versailles and throughout Europe.

Summary: There are 7 styles under the Reine de Naples 8908. Each watch is different from each other on the strap or the watch material. Today I will share with you the 7 main watches, the rose gold watch The materials and design can best embody the fashion design spirit of the Queen of Naples series, showing the unique charm of women. The functional design of women’s watches in this series is very sophisticated, and interested friends can pay more attention. Watch price: RMB 284,800 (picture / text watch home Qiu Shiya)

Iwc Sponsors 2013 Beijing International Film Festival

IWC Schaffhausen, Switzerland is not only famous worldwide for its top watchmaking technology, but also for its long-term enthusiasm for the global film industry. As the designated watch sponsor of the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival, during the recent Beijing International Film Festival, IWC has specially organized a filmmaker dinner with the theme of ‘For the Love of Cinema’. More than 200 filmmakers and VIPs attended. The well-known director Zhang Yimou was awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award.

 IWC Schaffhausen has always maintained close ties with Hollywood superstars, and also has good relations with Chinese movie stars such as Wu Zhenyu, Zhang Zhilin, Yuan Yongyi, and has cooperated to achieve many independent film projects, theater and photography projects. In addition, IWC watches are also the accessory of choice for countless film and television works: in the movies ‘Wall Street’, ‘Thirteen Arhats’ and ‘Red Flame Battlefield’, the actor plays the IWC watch. At the same time, the brand also won the favorite of the heroes in American dramas such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Gossip Girl’.

 IWC has presented the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award at major international film festivals such as Cannes, Tribeca, New York and Dubai, in recognition of outstanding filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to the film industry. Today, Zhang Yimou, the world-renowned master of the Chinese film industry, has been awarded this award, and the brand has awarded Zhang Yimou an IWC watch: the new Portuguese Chronograph Classic (model 3904) with a special engraved ‘For the Love ‘Cinema’ is unique worldwide.