Blancpain Villeret Classic 8 Days Long Power Skeleton Watch

The Blancpain Villeret series of classic 8-day long power models, this time with a new look in Baroque style hollow carved. Almost to a few semi-circular watch bridges, spanning the dial warp and weft, it supports the reasonable layout between the three barrels and the wheel train, maintaining a stable and constant movement between them. In order to achieve a truly pleasing look, the watchmakers replaced different types of traditional tools, spent dozens of hours on uninterrupted filing and chamfering, and finally polished the movement parts to an extremely slim profile, giving the arch a delicate and complicated inner angle The craftsmanship is fully revealed. Even harder, the meticulous carvings on the tiny arches never relax. The swirling motifs, an ancient tradition of fine watchmaking, appear on barrels, bridges and bridges, adding a finishing touch to the magnificence of the movement. Makes the whole movement look transparent and light, like flying in the air in the case. The white gold case has a diameter of 38mm and has a skeleton caliber 1333SQ. It is hand-polished and elegantly decorated with exquisite carving. The entire surface of the movement, even the thinnest small parts, are carefully carved by hand, showing the cutting-edge craftsmanship of cutting-edge watchmaking. The movement is equipped with a titanium balance wheel, a Breguet hairspring and three barrels in series, ensuring a power reserve of up to 8 days. Through the sapphire crystal glass and case back, you can see the beauty before and after.

Han Han Attended Hublot Hublot F1 Shanghai Station Conference

Hublot, the top Swiss watch brand owned by LVMH, a world-renowned luxury goods group, recently held a press conference in Shanghai to celebrate the opening of the 2011 F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai. At the same time, it announced that Han Han, a Chinese racing figure and famous writer, joined Yu The watch family, became a goodwill ambassador for Hublot. At the conference, Hublot Global CEO Jean-Claude & middot; Beaver and Han Han jointly donated a limited collection of one Hublot F1? Han Han watch auction donation to a fund established by Mr. Li Lianjie. To help children infected with HIV.

As the official watch of F1 ?, Hublot has held a press conference in Shanghai for the second consecutive year to celebrate the unveiling of this unique top-notch event. On this occasion, HUBLOT Hublot is proud to announce that Han Han, a Chinese racing figure, has officially joined the Hublot family and has become a goodwill ambassador. In the future, Han Han will represent Hublot and pay attention to and support the development of Chinese motorsport.

Han Han not only has both the talents of the car world and the literary world, but is also an opinion leader who influences the world. He has a distinctive personality and passion, which coincides with the breakthrough and innovative spirit represented by Hublot. In April 2010, Han Han and Hublot became involved in racing. Since then, the two sides have specially designed an F1 limited edition watch full of personality. The back of the watch is engraved with the declaration of freedom written by Han Han & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; For Freedom & rdquo; (Advocating freedom) and Chinese signature. In 2011, this watch was auctioned for two weeks through a two-week online auction, and was finally auctioned by a Mr. Xiang from Sichuan for RMB 160,000. The entire auction income together with the RMB 160,000 sponsored by Hublot’s generous donation, and Han Han On-site donation of 100,000 yuan and a total of 420,000 yuan were donated to the One Foundation to help and improve the living and treatment environment of children in distress due to HIV infection.

Hublot Global CEO and Chairman Jean-Claude Biver proudly said: ‘HUBLOT advocates the concept of’ share ‘, and we actively support it worldwide. Children-related charity activities, we hope to share our care and love to more people. This time, we are able to cooperate with Mr. Han Han and invite this humorous, wise and caring young man to join the Hublot family, adding a strength to the public welfare cause we are engaged in. We are deeply honored! & rdquo;

Han Han said at the press conference: ‘Hublot has always been my old friend, and the F1? And World Cup it sponsors are my favorite sports. Of course, the most important thing is that Hublot is very unique. I especially like its innovative materials and the future trends it represents. I also admire Hublot’s commitment to charity. I am honored to be able to cooperate with such an excellent brand and become a Hublot cousin of goodwill! Looking forward to the near future we can do more together in public welfare! & rdquo;

Today is also the first anniversary of the official signing of HUBLOT watches to F1? Worldwide exclusive official watches. In the past 365 days, HUBLOT Hublot, which represents ‘the art of fusion’, and F1? Motorsport, which combines high-tech, passion, and fashion elements, have traveled the world hand in hand, and there have been countless collisions of passion. The Hublot print advertisement, which is based on the photos of F1? Head Bernie & middot; Ecclestone after the robbery, is humorous and powerful, and it has stirred up the media craze.

At the Shanghai conference, Hublot’s F1? Series limited edition watches all appeared in addition to the first F1? King Zirconium, F1? King King Gold, and the world’s first red In addition to the limited edition of the F1? Monza circuit with sapphire as the mirror, the first appearance in China this year also includes the newly launched F1? King Extreme Tourbillon and F1? King Extreme Full Ceramic Watch launched by Basel in 2011.

The F1? King Tourbillon is limited to 50 pieces. The unique tourbillon frame, the balance wheel and the bezel are decorated with the same line of F1? Car brake discs, and the disc surface made of ceramic is brushed with satin. From F1? Racing brake discs. The F1? King Extreme Full Ceramics is limited to 500 pieces. The bezel and case are made of micro-blasted black ceramic. The dial is black nickel plated with red luminous coating. Both have the hubris of the Hublot Kings Extreme Series and the dynamic passion of F1? Motorsport. Two watches have been launched in China for the first time. Hublot Beijing Wangfujing Store and Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza Boutique Store are available for inquiry.

Rolex Blackwater Ghost Beijing Guanya Watch City Spot On Sale

Rolex’s Water Ghost Watch has always been hailed as a Rolex classic, and the word ‘once and forever’ is also a very vivid description of the quality of Rolex’s watchmaking. Recently, the House of Watches visited Beijing’s Wangfujing Guanya Watch City and found that there are Rolex Blackwater Ghosts currently on sale. Today I will bring you a real-life large-scale picture of this Rolex 116610LN “Black Water Ghost”

Rolex Submariner Calendar 116610LN Black Dial Watch

In-store public price: 65900 (collection time June 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Submariner
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details:
Dealer Phone: 010-65274678

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Basel Straight

Among the readers who chatted over the years, I was impressed by a girl. That year she bought the first watch of her life-Hublot’s embroidered watch. The whole process is passing, entering the store, fancy and buying, all in one go. I believe that readers who have bought watches will realize this kind of courage, because consumption is in stages, and most people will only move forward slowly, starting with the safest and conservative choices, and carefully searching for identity. Some readers in the group shared with me a few days ago, his journey of buying Hublot watches. In fact, I have been with you for more than three years. Many readers have at least five or six large watches in their hands. The rabbit also feels that it is time to give you some special recommendations. At the 11th Basel Watch Exhibition, Rabbit started with Hublot (as the main player of LVMH Group, Hublot is famous for its personality and one of the most successful young brands). This year’s most important four series of new products, we have a glimpse. When it comes to tattoos, many people may instinctively think of underground art, and even keep tabs on it, but when they first saw Hublot’s tattoos, they felt that it was a geometric abstraction. And in the past few years, in the circle of friends, I silently peeped at the watch of several big brothers, and the frequency of occurrence is getting higher and higher. Don’t sell it, look at the hot tattoo Big Bang Sang Bleu II, 45 mm diameter. This year’s new tattoo, Wang Jin’s watch is still in cooperation with London tattoo studio Sang Bleu, the design of the dial part by the founder tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi. This year’s new Tattoo Watch King Gold Maxim Placia-Bucci showcases the combination of tattoos and watches. In fact, the Tattoo Watch was only released in 2016, and it is only three years. That year, HUBLOT and Sang Bleu hit it off, releasing the first Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch. The 2016 tattoo watch looked more symmetrical and the regular Maxim was inspired by Da Vinci’s famous painting ‘Vitruvian Man’, which put a harmonious and balanced pattern design into the watch. Da Vinci’s famous painting ‘Vitruvian Man’ has a mysterious pursuit of pattern symmetry. Maxim reversed and superimposed the circular ring and square to form a very special pattern, and also introduced the concept of ‘orthogonal circles’. In fact, if we look closely at Maxim’s design works, we will dimly find the use of this pattern. Figure of Maxim’s design works In 2017, the Tattoo Watch also appeared in the super tyrant version, let’s take a look. This year’s new tattoos have a richer sense of layering and a three-dimensional visual experience, which requires a very deep design foundation. And the geometric lines even extend into the replaceable strap. One of the highlights is that the movement is transparent, and the interior can be seen through the lines. Which one do you prefer, titanium and king gold? Limited to 200 and 100 pieces respectively. Tattoo titanium version, using Hublot’s homemade HUB1240 Unico self-winding chronograph movement, 72-hour power reserve. The first generation of tattoos in China started at 150,000, and the gold watch was close to 300,000. This year’s second-generation tattoos are because Chronograph, the price will be higher. Because of the complicated lines, the tattoo model should not be too small, so it is very cool to wear. Some readers told me before that tattoos are too figurative, but I like it very much. The seemingly complex but regular design can only be remembered. Classic fusion Orlinski watch classic fusion calculation entry series, and Orinski (in collaboration with French sculptor Richard Orlinski) is one of the most distinctive, full of design. This year’s Orinski watch adds new members, a 40mm diameter case in titanium and king gold (a special feature of Hublot, 5% platinum in 18K gold), 4 of which are set with large diamonds what. Wang Jin’s pavé model, 238,900 yuan. The reason why 40 mm diameter was chosen is said to be based on Orinsky’s request to develop the watch in a small size direction to attract more new customers. The fitting effect is very handy, and girls can control it! Don’t worry, not all models are so luxurious. Hublot and Richard Orlinski only launched this series at the end of 2017. One of the reasons is that the classic fusion Aero skeleton chronograph and tourbillon watch that the two parties have cooperated with before were very successful. Orinsky and his work are in the same frame. The red gorilla statue is his classic. As a sculptor, one of the characteristics of Orinsky is to get inspiration from Pop Art. His works are also related to animals. . Therefore, Orinsky watches also have very strong architectural elements, and use angle and reflection flexibly in design. For example, the case and bezel, as well as the buttons and hands, different aspects reflect each other, and even give a 3D effect. Titanium and blue ceramic models each produced 200 pieces. The original appearance of this watch also brought challenges to Hublot. Because the case is a three-dimensional folding model, you must first model it, and then ceramic or titanium gold. Material for cutting. Back to Basel’s new products, because Olinsky’s sculptures often have mirror-polished surfaces, and diamonds are naturally the perfect match for gemstones with the highest refractive index. All four diamond-set watches use a 12-sided case, which is also an iconic element. ‘Diamonds are not happy’ rabbits like this year’s staggered pavé, the dial is more varied, echoing its own refraction. Wiggling your wrist under the light, I really can’t get bored! Titanium pavé section is 161600 yuan (left) and titanium staggered pavé section is 138400 yuan (right). The other two pieces do not have diamonds, but the watch has a gradual light and shadow effect. The titanium model is 84,300 yuan. As far as the rabbit is concerned, given the economic strength, the more luxurious the Hublot watch is, the more characteristic it is, and don’t be afraid to be too special. Believe in the experience of people—after consumption reaches a certain stage, the more practical it is, the easier it will be replaced. Big Bang Soul Watch This is particularly popular in the Chinese market. The barrel-shaped design, which started at more than 100,000, has been one of the most popular models since its birth in 2014. Six H-shaped titanium screws and lugs on both sides of the dial are the iconic design of the soul watch. The original soul watch of 2014 also has a major feature. It uses the HUB4700 movement. This is the famous El Primero chronograph movement with date display (high frequency) from Zenith. It is also two brands. Created by teamwork. Obviously, no matter what the value of the party, they will not refuse to have such a powerful movement. The soul color moon phase watch of 2017 is very dazzling. I am afraid that everyone will have difficulty choosing. But this year’s new version is an upgrade for everyone-the tourbillon watch made of carbon fiber material, there are two black and blue models, each limited to 100 pieces. Black model, 632700 yuan, feels very light to use. The eccentric hour and minute dial of the new watch HUB6020 movement is set at 3 o’clock, the tourbillon device is located at 6 o’clock, and the 5th power reserve is displayed at 8 o’clock. Clock position. We can manually wind the watch with its large grooved crown. This blue model has the same price, which is also 632,700 yuan. Moreover, this year’s Soul Watch also used a quick-release strap for the first time, and the accessory attributes were further strengthened. Before discussing with rabbit powder, everyone expressed their preference for soul watches, a big reason is the barrel design. This probably explains why the Chinese market is particularly popular. At present, Chinese consumers’ preferences for watches are more biased towards the recognition of the shape, which can be recognized at a glance from a distance. And something like Orinsky’s full of detailed design sense, it takes more time to accept. Ferrari watch Before looking at the new watch, I can do a random search on the ins and I can find many photos of Ferrari owners wearing Hublot Ferrari watches. Ferrari owners wear Hublot Ferrari watches to see that this identity fit has been implicitly accepted by some people. The Ferrari watch obviously has a smaller audience, but it is also more clear. Zhang Han has been photographed wearing a Hublot Ferrari watch many times. This piece of his hand is more than 3 million MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ sapphire watch. Out in 2016. Zhang Han’s Hublot Ferrari watch has been exposed to countless times. Of course, this is just one of the Ferrari watches. In 2011, Hublot and Ferrari launched a full-scale cooperation. This year, Hublot released a special edition of the Big Bang Tourbillon Watch in Guangzhou, China for the first Ferrari’s 20th anniversary in China. This watch is regarded as the prelude to the Ferrari series. . In 2012, the first Big Bang Ferrari watch was born, the Prancing Horse logo was set at 9 o’clock, and this was the first model to use Hublot Magic Gold (gold and ceramic composite precious metal), which is also a very Hublot Important characteristic materials. The 2012 Magic Gold Ferrari watch has many historical models, and rabbits have brought it. After all, we need to focus more on this year’s new products. First of all, this year marks the 90th anniversary of the Ferrari team. Hublot has launched three commemorative watches with a diameter of 45 mm. The new watches all use the UNICO movement, which has a power reserve of 72 hours. The bezel is made of ceramic carbon fiber (the material of the brake kit used by Ferrari in the race), which is also one of Hublot’s classic materials. The first is a platinum case with yellow, one of the three colors of Ferrari on the bezel, numerals and hour markers. Hublot borrowed this watch to represent the early glory of Ferrari, so it has a more vintage car taste in style, and the price is 307,000 yuan. The second piece is 3D solid carbon fiber with red color. This watch represents the present day of Ferrari. Its strap is made of Nomex. It is the new refractory man-made fiber on the racing team of the Ferrari team. The price is 254400 yuan. Transparent sapphire means the future, its color is black, the strap is made of Kevlar fiber, and the rabbit is also getting started. The actual object has more layering than the picture. These three watches are limited to 90 pieces each, and there will be 10 ‘collector suits’, three in one. Finally, let the classic fusion Ferrari GT (Gran Turismo) watch finale. For Hublot, having worked with Ferrari for many years, the two sides have been intimate comrade-in-arms relationship. This year, aiming at the GT, it is also to express a more lifestyle-oriented feeling. It’s not a very public car, it’s closer to life, and so is the watch. The price of the GT King Gold model is 285,300 yuan, no matter how it brings life, it is still a distinctive Ferrari new GT watch using the second self-produced movement (HUB1280) officially released by Hublot last year as an automatic winding The flyback chronograph movement, the column wheel can be seen from the side of the dial, and the thickness is only 6.75 mm, so it is comfortable to wear. There are still three materials: titanium (1000 pieces), Wang Jin (500 pieces), and 3D carbon fiber (500 pieces). Everyone takes what they need. The price of the GT3D carbon fiber model is 200,300 yuan (left) and the GT titanium version, and 161,000 yuan (right). After reading the Hublot watch every year, I always ask myself: ‘When can I buy it, and which one? Because in terms of high-end personality, you can’t take into account the so-called wild at the same time. As for the Big Bang sapphire model that I particularly like, there are countless colors to entangle me (after all, it is poor). I remember one year, Hublot launched a fruit-colored female Big Bang. I also asked Mr. Liver about the positioning of Hublot. He answered me with affirmation: ‘Let everyone dream, we must turn our watch into a dream and realize it. Dream is the greatest achievement in life. ‘Hublot is indeed not the first watch for most people, but people who have more than three or four watches and have considerable economic strength will choose because it is not intended for entry. When we have a reputation for safety and recognize the needs, it is time to pay for our personal preferences. I wish you all an early consumption upgrade and open up Xintiandi ~ Bagua Rabbit is only original, welcome to forward!

Music Master’ Raymond Weil Released A New Video Blockbuster ‘accuracy Is The Source Of Inspiration’

The music is melodious, and the rhythm of the keystrokes evokes Raymond Weil’s love for music. The jumping notes outline the source of inspiration for the brand’s creative watches. Raymond Weil’s new video blockbuster, ‘Precision is the Source of Inspiration’, has completely reinterpreted the perfect interweaving of the watchmaking field and the music world. With music as the thread, the film talks about the birth of the classic master SEMAINIER moon phase watch.

New video blockbuster ‘Precision is the source of inspiration’

 Watchmaking and music have too much in common, whether it is technical, aesthetic or emotional expression. This wonderful work also inspired Raymond Weil-the Swiss watchmaking brand’s creative inspiration. In the film, the brand expressed a love for music and a persistent pursuit of technology: from line drawing, careful design to intentional creation , Moving pictures, with beautiful music coming out.

 Precision is the source of inspiration, both for the brand’s slogan and the theme of this new film. Inspiration is the basis for the creation of artworks, and precision is an essential element for achieving excellence. This is not just a brand image film. Its far-reaching significance is to inspire, educate and convey the company’s brand message to the audience. For a long time, Raymond Weil has been trying to show its superb skills to the public, and now the brand wants to show the connotation of its work. This new video is the core of the brand’s multi-channel publicity. Raymond Weil hopes to try a new way of promotion.

Raymond Weil Classic Master Moonphase Watch

 Accompanying the elegant melody, the new brand image film condenses time and space on the 41mm diameter Raymond Weil classic master
On the SEMAINIER moon phase watch: the dial flashes as bright as a bright moon, and the seven blue steel hands operate accurately without error. Hour hand, minute hand, second hand, and four large hands showing the weekly calendar and the month are constantly rotating around the ‘clou de Paris’ decoration in the center of the dial. The small hands showing the calendar, moon phases, and days of the week are located on three small auxiliary dials (at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, respectively), like stars that orbit the sun. The polished stainless steel case features four in-line delicate buttons to adjust the watch. The proofreading system, developed exclusively by the watchmakers of Raymond Weil Watch Factory, is very easy to operate, with just one finger press. Through the bottom of the sapphire crystal, the wearer can appreciate the movement of the automatic rotor in the center of the movement, which can bring 42 hours of power to the watch. In addition, this watch inherits the pure tradition of watchmaking, using a black alligator leather strap and traditional pin buckle design, which perfectly combines precision and elegance.

 This outstanding and elegant watch work perfectly interprets music as the source of Raymond Weil’s creative inspiration, and has become the carrier of the brand’s expression of value, skills and passion, and an integral part of brand marketing. Raymond Weil Global Vice President Elie Bernheim believes that from now on, Raymond Weil can conduct “music” marketing for partners and customers at the same time, and show the world the successful image of this Swiss brand to achieve Harmony, elegance, tradition and innovation.

Raymond Weil Classic Master Moon Phase Watch Technical Parameters:

Movement RW3600 mechanical movement
Automatic winding
Power reserve 42 hours
25 jewel bearings
Function Central hours, minutes, seconds
  Calendar at 3 o’clock
  Moon phase displayed at 6 o’clock
  Day of the week at 9 o’clock
  Month and weekly calendar
Case Round, polished steel
  Diameter: 41.5 mm
  Thickness: 10.85 mm
Bezel Polished steel
Crown Polished steel teeth, engraved with RW
Table mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-glare treatment
Dial Anodized silver with Paris studs in the center
Time scale black roman numerals
Hands Hour / minute hands
Calendar week calendar blue steel willow leaf pointer
Weekly calendar monthly calendar
Case back Gland sapphire mirror
Strap Brown alligator-embossed calfskin strap with saddle stitching and polished steel pin buckle
Water resistant 50 meters

At This Moment, The Carnival Timing, Tissot And Liu Yifei Opened The Tmall Double 11 ‘global Carnival’ Surprise Prelude

The annual Tmall Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’, which is exciting for everyone, is coming. Are you already anxious and looking forward to the contented moment when the shopping cart is emptied at midnight? Tissot Watch, as the first official timing partner of the Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’ in the history of Tmall, will be surprised to help out on the Double 11 Carnival night and occupy the Aurora Building and multiple outdoor large screens on the eve of the party for the upcoming Double 11 11 made enough surprises to warm up. Tissot watch global ambassador Liu Yifei also helped, with intimate video clips and exquisite double 11 limited edition timed gift boxes, to ignite fans’ attention. Carnival timing, let us wait and see!

Figure 1: Tissot Watch and Liu Yifei unveiled the surprise prelude to Tmall Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’
The perfect match of Tissot and Tmall
   The Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival is not just about buying and buying, the night before the official start of Double 11—the Double 11 party gathered on November 10—has also become a great event for consumers. The Double 11 Party successfully attracted countless traffic by using three stars of hot stars, the latest and most amazing technology, and attractive new products. Tissot watches have customized a number of unique brand features for this party. Whether it’s time reminders during live broadcasts, or interstitial ads on webcasts, or countdowns in media information release centers, Presented by Tissot. As part of the cooperation between Tmall and Tissot Watch Double Eleven, before the start of Tmall Double 11 party, many large screens in Shanghai Bund and Xujiahui will be rendered in carnival colors. Many giant screens will be used Tissot Watch and Tmall’s brand color-red as the main color, warms up for the arrival of carnival.
   And all these preludes are for the carnival after 0 o’clock. Tmall’s official website and client, as the platform of this global ‘chop hands’ carnival, countdowns of its many venues will also be accurately presented by Tissot watches. As the first official timing partner of the Tmall Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’, Tissot watches not only provide accurate timing support for Double 11 but also prepare intimate surprises for consumers. At the same time, Liu Yifei, the global spokesperson for Tissot, also helped, offering intimate video clips and exquisite double 11 limited edition time gift boxes to help your Double 11 ‘Buy Buy’ model. From now on, if you purchase a pre-sale unit price of less than 2,000 yuan, you will receive a Tissot custom card set; if you purchase a pre-sale unit price of more than 2,000 yuan, you will receive a Tissot custom U disk; when you purchase a pre-sale unit price of more than 3,000 yuan, Receive a gift from Liu Yifei with the same Tissot Double 11 timing box, which includes a customized high-efficiency working timer and a beautiful notebook. Surprise is coming, the rhythm of the carnival is already sounding!

Figure 2-3: Tissot Global Spokesperson Liu Yifei presents Double 11 Limited Edition Timekeeping Gift Box
Tissot watches and Tmall sign a memo to start carnival timing
   Tissot watches have always adhered to the concept of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’, and continued to break through with outstanding technological innovations to create accurate timekeeping for many classic flourishing times, creating countless moments belonging to Tissot watches. This is in line with the achievements of Chinese e-commerce giant Tmall, which has repeatedly broken the industry record and surpassed itself under the booming e-commerce economy. The joint cooperation between the two industry giants will surely continue to inherit the spirit of innovation that both parties have been adhering to, inspire huge potential momentum, and create a wider and deeper space for cooperation.
   In September, Tissot watches and Tmall executives attended and signed a memorandum at the headquarters of the Alibaba Baxi Creek Park in Hangzhou. The signing of the memorandum means that Tissot has become the first brand to cooperate with Tmall timing, and this is also the first time Tmall has an authoritative and professional official timing partner. In addition to the countdown to the double eleven, the two parties will also cooperate in various aspects such as timekeeping and marketing promotion in a wider field in the future.

Figure 4: Senior officials from both sides attended and signed the memorandum document
   At the end of October, the countdown clock designed and produced by Tissot for the Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival was officially unveiled at the Hangzhou campus of Alibaba. Festival ‘countdown to a new era.

Figure 5: Tissot Tmall Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’ countdown clock
   The unprecedented cooperation between Tissot watches and Tmall platform is professional, reliable and full of new ideas, and ignites countless expectations. This indicates that the Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’ is about to usher in another breakthrough and success. Tissot watches will unveil the global carnival and release the long-established heat. Double 11 this year is bound to be extraordinary.