Pleasing And Pleasing Lange Saxonia Series Female Watch

graceful and gentle, elegant and shining. For women, modern watches are not just as simple as timekeeping tools on the wrist. They are also decorative objects that can enhance the taste of the wrist and show their unique charm. Therefore, its meaning is self-evident. In the Lange watch series, the term SAXONIA is the embodiment of minimalist design and charming machinery. In 2017, Lange adhered to many years of watchmaking traditions, and added two new works to the SAXONIA series at the Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. Outstanding craftsmanship and minimalist design make them look noble and elegant, showing the essence of the brand watches. Today, what I want to introduce to you is the rose gold payment. Let’s take a look.

Simplicity is elegance

   The balanced, simple and connotative SAXONIA series watch, with its highly recognizable and simple design, interprets the unique charm of this German brand timepiece. It is worth noting that this year both watches inherit the classic design solid silver dial of the brand SAXONIA series, and the dial is covered with a thin and gorgeous mother-of-pearl, set against 18k white gold or 18k rose gold. , Showing a unique elegance and refinement of women. Either high-cold or exquisite, or mild and low-luxury, all pave the way for the simplicity and elegance of the watch, which is alternative and gorgeous.
Extremely elegant

Watch overall display
   Last year, four ultra-thin watches of the Lange Saxonia series impressed us. The classic and elegant dial combined with the thin body design makes the pure simplicity and charm. This year, this rose gold ladies watch is launched with the theme of slimness again, which promotes simplicity to simplicity, giving people the ultimate beauty of women.

Rose gold case display
   There is no dazzling gold material, and the rose gold material always touches our hearts with a mild and luxurious gloss. 35mm 18k rose gold three-layer case with polished bezels on both sides, delicate texture and very beautiful. The crown is also made of 18k rose gold, with a non-slip texture design, which is comfortable and convenient for adjusting and adjusting the watch.

Watch dial display
   The solid silver mother-of-pearl dial gives a fullness like smooth white jade, which contrasts with the elegant solid 18K gold slender hands and hour-shaped hour markers, which are not gaudy, arrogant or humble. Gives a generous and natural feel. The ‘small three-pin’ design makes the watch more simple and elegant, and the time indication is eye-catching and intuitive, showing the essence of the timepiece.

Watch back cover display
   Equipped with Lange’s legendary manual L941.1 caliber, the collection of traditional Lange quality components, screw-fixed gold sleeves, hand-engraved balance wheel plywood and other Lange quality marks, has repeatedly demonstrated the watch factory’s prominent reputation. The back cover of the watch is designed to be transparent, and the movement of the movement is clear at a glance through the sapphire crystal back cover of 9 Mohs hardness. The large splint is decorated with Glashütte diamonds, and a strong German design atmosphere comes out, adding glory to the charm of the movement.

Watch strap and buckle display
   The white alligator leather strap is soft and elegant. Perfectly integrated with the rose gold case, showing the overall style of the watch. The strap is connected with an 18k rose gold pin buckle, which can well protect the watch from the wrist and not accidentally fall off.

Watch overall display
In summary: it is as warm as jade, full and ornamental. Lying sideways, as if an elegant lady. Showing extraordinary and decent manner in raising his hands and feet, it is irresistible. The combination of minimalist design and slim thickness is a watch feast given to us by Lange. For those who like it, we can look forward to it! Watch price: RMB120,000

Introduction To Iwc Zidane Special Limited Edition Models

IWC Schaffhausen has launched a new special edition watch, which perfectly extends its cooperation with star Zidane. The Swiss watchmaker further praised the star player’s unique style with ‘Large Engineer Automatic Watch Zidane Limited Edition’. Zidane himself participated in the design of this watch. The watch is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

Zidane’s remarkable achievements. Zidane was born in Marseille, France, and has Algerian Kabyl Berber pedigree. He has played for Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid. He has won the title of FIFA World Footballer three times, and in 1999 won the title of athlete of the year. He has won the Golden Ball many times in the World Cup and has won the Spanish Champions League, Champions League and Intercontinental Cup: his career has witnessed the perfect team spirit and noble style, both in the arena and in Off the field.

Historiques Historical Masterpiece Aronde 1954 Watch

Follow the classic rectangular case design of the historical series, and combine bold style with novel design. Inspired by classic styles created in the post-war and peace years, this new Historiciques masterpiece series The watch is another masterpiece of the brand this year.

  Reinterpreting the classic and legendary watch design in a modern way, the Aronde 1954 watch is undoubtedly a salute to the brand’s innovative spirit and cultural heritage for more than two centuries, especially in 1954, which was crucial to the brand’s innovation and development. On the watch, we have once again experienced the essence of Vacheron Constantin’s top watch and the charm of manufacturing technology.

  The elegant elegance of the 18K 5N pink gold case is just as natural as the name Aronde (meaning ‘swallow’s wings’ in ancient French). The side of the case is designed with a creative double arched arc, which is matched with an arc. The shape of the sapphire crystal mirror, flying like wings spread. Ivory silver-plated dial with hand-engraved patterns, 18K 5N pink gold hour markers, and small seconds at 6 o’clock.

  Powered by Vacheron Constantin’s self-developed 1400 AS manual winding movement, 40-hour power reserve, 30-meter water resistance, hand-stitched crocodile leather strap, 18K 5N pink gold buckle.

The Best Choice, Effortless …

Warm congratulations! Mutaz EssaBarshim, a brand friend who joined the Richard Mille family in 2017, has recently taken a new level. On Friday, November 24th, Barshim won the ‘Best Male Athlete of the Year’ award at the 2017 IAAF Annual Awards held at the Grimadier Convention Center in Monaco. Become the first high jumper in history to receive this award, even the great predecessor Sotomayor has never received this award.

   This year, Mutaz EssaBarshim refreshed the world’s best results in the high jump season nine times, exceeding the 2.40 mark twice and becoming the first male high jumper in history to be able to jump above 2.40 meters for five consecutive seasons … not satisfied with With these outstanding performances, Mutaz is still pursuing higher goals-‘It is not easy to break the world record, but I believe that as long as I maintain a healthy and good physical condition, I will definitely be able to jump to 2 meters 46 or 2 meters 47 ‘. The same pursuit further and higher became the inspiration for the RICHARD MILLERM 67-02 High Jump automatic watch, which is itself a timepiece at the pinnacle of innovation.

   RICHARD MILLE’s consistent style of pursuing the best and choosing the best does not stop there. Yohan Blake won the Best of the Year award at the 2011 IAAF Annual Awards. The 400m world champion and world record holder Wayde van Niekerk is also a member of the RICHARD MILLE family. Of course, this big family is also indispensable for his special ‘aunt’-Ans Botha. Botha succeeded Wayde. Without her, Wayde could not become the world champion today. This trusted coach helped Wayde become South Africa’s first sprinter to win an Olympic gold medal in nearly a century. Tannie (Auntie in Afrikaans) is 76 years old and healthy. She is still full of vitality and deservedly crowned the IAAF ‘Coach Achievement Award’.

   RICHARD MILLE attracts the best friends, and the family deserves to be a leader in innovative watchmaking.