Always Be Solo, A Unique Type Of Fiyta Long Kinetic Energy Automatic Mechanical Watch-solo Series Officially Debuted At The 2018 Basel Watch Fair

At the Baselworld Watch Fair 2018, Fiyta released a new series of men’s watches-the Solo series, with a tough and strong style, echoing the young men’s cutting-edge style, showing that they insist on self and dare to accept challenges attitude. The three-layered case design of the case and the upgraded configuration of the new long kinetic movement make this timepiece quite remarkable.
New Solo pays tribute to cutting-edge self-spirit

   There are such a group of ‘special cases’ in each era. Their attitudes and opinions may be different or even stand alone, but they will eventually go through the test of time and become a unique and emerging ICON, leading an era. All these new achievements come from the same spirit-firm self, maintain purity, and constantly fight with time-we call it Solo. Fiyta salutes the cutting-edge spirit and projects it on the concept of a new watch. The Solo series is not only a way of expressing attitudes, but also represents the collision between the cutting-edge and the traditional, showing the young men’s first sharp and bold style.
Strong style, tough texture and outstanding texture

   The design of the watch is minimalist and generous, with strong modeling lines, which highlights the male’s tough style. The appearance reflects the metallic luster of stainless steel. There are six styles.
   The three-layered case structure is one of the characteristics of this watch. The contrast of different interlayer materials is sharp, and the metal drawing is delicate, highlighting the quality of workmanship. There are two main types of styles to choose from: the classic houndstooth patterned disc surface reveals a high-level texture, and preserves a delicate and gentle style between the sharp lines. The smoky, gradual radial sun sand overflows with the changing light, reflecting the self-confidence between the refraction, like the young man who still has no fear standing in the spotlight of the times.
   Some models are inlaid with scaled ceramic rings. The ceramic material is warm to the touch, and the scales are uneven. It adds a bold and sporty style to the watch, symbolizing the outstanding execution and self-stance of opinion leaders. Compared with the stainless steel case, the ceramic ring mouth has a clear sense of layers, which enriches the structure of the watch. In terms of wear, a double buckle design is adopted to make it easy to wear and fit snugly to the wrist.
Long-lasting battery life, the choice of new movement configuration

   The entire watch highlights a practical design sense. The function of single calendar display is added at 3 o’clock, and the reading experience is comfortable.
   Above the 6 o’clock position, the movement configuration of 60-hour endurance kinetic energy is marked with ‘POWERRESERVE60h’. Take off your watch and enjoy your leisure time. When you wear it again and still read it calmly, just like a young man in the field of self, the persistence and responsibility of it will never change. The use of a long-motion storage mechanism greatly reduces the need for the wearer to wind and adjust the time. A capable broad-sword junior pin, slender bar studs, sharp lugs, sharp edges and corners, the simple and exquisite new breath daring to be the first.
   With six different styles, this watch provides consumers with a variety of watch purchase options. Its style is very suitable for sports and leisure style personal wear scenes. In the holiday time, wear a Solo series watch and raise your hands. To add a few resolute styles to my self-wearing and enjoy the mechanical charm of the ticking operation of the timepiece, every second, it shows the confidence and calmness of life. It is indeed a good choice.

The Fiyta Solo series will be officially launched in May 2018, and the official price has not been announced yet.

Watch configuration

Name: Fiyta Chang Kinetic Automatic Watch-Solo Series
Movement: Imported customized 60-hour long kinetic energy automatic mechanical movement
Surface: Houndstooth pattern / smoky gradient radial sun sand
Case: stainless steel
Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare coated synthetic sapphire glass
Crown: push type
Strap: stainless steel strap / cowhide strap
Buckle: stainless steel
Waterproof: 50M
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair: