Arnold & Son Dlc Case All Black Design Makes Traditional Precision Watch Look Fashionable Too

A watch factory with a history of more than 100 years, usually its watch works often have deep technical connotation, and the design also tends to be stable and mature, but it also often makes people ‘classical, old-school’ stereotypes, but ARNOLD & SON obviously doesn’t want to fall into such a stereotype. It can give a modern and stylish character to the traditional and sophisticated watchmaking process. For example, the brand recently launched the Time Pyramid Watch and 36 in the Instrument and Royal series respectively. The Observatory Tourbillon Special Edition is a good example.

The arrangement of the movement parts of the Time Pyramid watch shows a pattern that gradually spreads from top to bottom to the sides. The upper part of the face plate is hollowed out in a wide range, and the visual effect is quite strange.

Time Pyramid Watch-Idea from a Clock
The design of the time pyramid watch was inspired by the brand’s founder John. The hollow school timepiece made by Arno in the 19th century. This British clock features not only the accuracy of the time, but also the reference standard for timekeeping. At the same time, its design also takes into account the symmetry and the sense of sculpture. It can become a delicate decoration in the space. As the antique clock presents a tower-like structure stacked up from the base, when transplanting to the creation of the watch, ARNOLD & SON also transformed such a structure from a three-dimensional to a flat layout. The black DLC case and black alligator leather strap create a cool visual sense, and what is more amazing is the chic movement structure presented by the skeleton movement.

The left and right sides of the upper part of the watch are equipped with power reserve indicators to convey the remaining power of the dual barrel. The dot scale is printed on the bottom of the sapphire mirror, which looks unique.

The picture shows the time pyramid watch in rose gold. ARNOLD & SON has not plated the A & S1615 movement’s bottom plate, bridge plate and hour-division dial ring black as the special version, the silvery white gloss of the parts and rose gold reveal the classic elegance

The A & S1615 manual movement developed by the brand is different from the traditional movement in the overall design. For example, its movement sets the escapement system at 12 o’clock on the faceplate, and the transmission gear train extends vertically downward. To the left and right sides of the faceplate at 6 o’clock, set two barrels (the effect is visible, the crown of the time pyramid watch is set at the case at 6 o’clock), when the hollow eccentricity is closer to the dual spring The position of the box forms a pyramid shape with a narrow top and a wide bottom. This special edition version is even plated with black at the same time, including the movement’s bottom plate and plywood, in contrast to the rose gold of the eccentric dial scale ring, barrel cover and gears; the dual barrels can output more than 90 Hours of power. At the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the faceplate, a power reserve indicator can be used to indicate the dynamic growth of the two barrels, especially when one barrel starts to convey to the other barrel. In kinetic energy, the dynamics of the two hands are noticeable.

The No. 36 Observatory Tourbillon Special Edition uses black tones on the case and strap, but the bottom plate and plywood of the movement are sandblasted with rose gold.

The earliest timepiece called Chronometer inspired the Observatory No. 36 Tourbillon
Another special model for the 240th anniversary of the Observatory Tourbillon No. 36 is to commemorate John. Arnold’s well-known masterpiece, Arnold 36 pocket watch, has an original T-shaped balance wheel, and its well-known deed is that the brand once sent it to the Greenwich Observatory for 13 months of testing. The results were excellent at the time, which also made John. Arnold was inspired to name the pocket watch \\ ‘Chronometer \\’, which made it one of the origins of today’s observatory precision timepieces.

The main components of the movement exposed on the watch face dial include the dual barrel, small dial and tourbillon, which are symmetrical to each other, while the open face design conveys the three-dimensional impression of the mechanical structure vividly.

Although the inspiration for the creation is from an antique pocket watch, the Observatory No. 36 tourbillon is full of modern appearance. The special edition uses a DLC-coated stainless steel case and a black leather strap. The appearance is completely black. Adopting the three-dimensional beauty of the open-face design movement structure, ARNOLD & SON arranges the main components of the movement symmetrically on the side of the face plate, including two barrels on the upper half of the face plate, and a tourbillon in the direction of 4 to 5 o’clock. With the small seconds dial in the direction of 7-8, these components are mostly fixed by triangular hollow bridge plates. The bottom plate and plywood of the movement are sandblasted with rose gold 5N, exuding elegance and luster. Processing, some ruby ​​bearings are also protected by K gold sleeves, showing the heritage of traditional watchmaking technology. The front of the watch combines symmetry, three-dimensionality, precision and exquisiteness only from solid handwork. Even if it is matched with a stylish black plated case, it will not make people feel obtrusive, and the model is not just eye-catching. It just passed the certification of the Swiss Observatory, just like its creative inspiration, making people feel at ease and reliable.

The tourbillon is located in the 4-5 direction. Its balance wheel has the classic three-spoke design of the brand, and the tourbillon device is fixed by a single arm. The tourbillon frame is less than 1 gram, which is quite light. The picture shows the tourbillon tourbillon in rose gold

In addition to the special edition of the Time Pyramid Watch and the 36th Observatory Tourbillon mentioned above, the brand has also launched a rose gold version. Compared with the black DLC case, the rose gold style has a more classic style and provides a strong sense of market contrast. The variety of choices also makes people can’t help but admire the omnidirectional interpretation of ARNOLD & SON watch design.

Time Pyramid Special Edition

DLC stainless steel material / A & S1615 manual winding movement

No. 36 Observatory Tourbillon Special Edition

DLC stainless steel material / A & S8600 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / tourbillon device / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / 46mm diameter / limited to 28 pieces