At This Moment, The Carnival Timing, Tissot And Liu Yifei Opened The Tmall Double 11 ‘global Carnival’ Surprise Prelude

The annual Tmall Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’, which is exciting for everyone, is coming. Are you already anxious and looking forward to the contented moment when the shopping cart is emptied at midnight? Tissot Watch, as the first official timing partner of the Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’ in the history of Tmall, will be surprised to help out on the Double 11 Carnival night and occupy the Aurora Building and multiple outdoor large screens on the eve of the party for the upcoming Double 11 11 made enough surprises to warm up. Tissot watch global ambassador Liu Yifei also helped, with intimate video clips and exquisite double 11 limited edition timed gift boxes, to ignite fans’ attention. Carnival timing, let us wait and see!

Figure 1: Tissot Watch and Liu Yifei unveiled the surprise prelude to Tmall Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’
The perfect match of Tissot and Tmall
   The Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival is not just about buying and buying, the night before the official start of Double 11—the Double 11 party gathered on November 10—has also become a great event for consumers. The Double 11 Party successfully attracted countless traffic by using three stars of hot stars, the latest and most amazing technology, and attractive new products. Tissot watches have customized a number of unique brand features for this party. Whether it’s time reminders during live broadcasts, or interstitial ads on webcasts, or countdowns in media information release centers, Presented by Tissot. As part of the cooperation between Tmall and Tissot Watch Double Eleven, before the start of Tmall Double 11 party, many large screens in Shanghai Bund and Xujiahui will be rendered in carnival colors. Many giant screens will be used Tissot Watch and Tmall’s brand color-red as the main color, warms up for the arrival of carnival.
   And all these preludes are for the carnival after 0 o’clock. Tmall’s official website and client, as the platform of this global ‘chop hands’ carnival, countdowns of its many venues will also be accurately presented by Tissot watches. As the first official timing partner of the Tmall Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’, Tissot watches not only provide accurate timing support for Double 11 but also prepare intimate surprises for consumers. At the same time, Liu Yifei, the global spokesperson for Tissot, also helped, offering intimate video clips and exquisite double 11 limited edition time gift boxes to help your Double 11 ‘Buy Buy’ model. From now on, if you purchase a pre-sale unit price of less than 2,000 yuan, you will receive a Tissot custom card set; if you purchase a pre-sale unit price of more than 2,000 yuan, you will receive a Tissot custom U disk; when you purchase a pre-sale unit price of more than 3,000 yuan, Receive a gift from Liu Yifei with the same Tissot Double 11 timing box, which includes a customized high-efficiency working timer and a beautiful notebook. Surprise is coming, the rhythm of the carnival is already sounding!

Figure 2-3: Tissot Global Spokesperson Liu Yifei presents Double 11 Limited Edition Timekeeping Gift Box
Tissot watches and Tmall sign a memo to start carnival timing
   Tissot watches have always adhered to the concept of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’, and continued to break through with outstanding technological innovations to create accurate timekeeping for many classic flourishing times, creating countless moments belonging to Tissot watches. This is in line with the achievements of Chinese e-commerce giant Tmall, which has repeatedly broken the industry record and surpassed itself under the booming e-commerce economy. The joint cooperation between the two industry giants will surely continue to inherit the spirit of innovation that both parties have been adhering to, inspire huge potential momentum, and create a wider and deeper space for cooperation.
   In September, Tissot watches and Tmall executives attended and signed a memorandum at the headquarters of the Alibaba Baxi Creek Park in Hangzhou. The signing of the memorandum means that Tissot has become the first brand to cooperate with Tmall timing, and this is also the first time Tmall has an authoritative and professional official timing partner. In addition to the countdown to the double eleven, the two parties will also cooperate in various aspects such as timekeeping and marketing promotion in a wider field in the future.

Figure 4: Senior officials from both sides attended and signed the memorandum document
   At the end of October, the countdown clock designed and produced by Tissot for the Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival was officially unveiled at the Hangzhou campus of Alibaba. Festival ‘countdown to a new era.

Figure 5: Tissot Tmall Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’ countdown clock
   The unprecedented cooperation between Tissot watches and Tmall platform is professional, reliable and full of new ideas, and ignites countless expectations. This indicates that the Double 11 ‘Global Carnival’ is about to usher in another breakthrough and success. Tissot watches will unveil the global carnival and release the long-established heat. Double 11 this year is bound to be extraordinary.