Beyond The Moment Gu Tianle And Xi Liya Helped Fiyada’s New Exhibition Opening Ceremony

On March 23, 2017, the annual ‘Swiss Basel International Watch Fair’ was grandly opened. Fiyta exhibited watches including the Art Series, the new print series, and the new fashionable women’s watch Young +. The accumulation of past energy creates today’s achievements. Since entering the Basel Watch & Clock International Exhibition Hall 1 in 2011, Fiyta’s watchmaking skills and brand value have become more and more internationally renowned, attracting industry attention. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the brand. The year of establishment is a brand new journey. On the way forward, we never stop. This press conference is both a new product launch and a grand unveiling of a brand new pavilion. In addition, the temperamental actress Ji Liya and Fiyta brand spokesman Gu Tianle helped on the spot to wonderfully perform Fiyta’s new 2017 watches and won a lot of attention from the global media.

The powerful male god Gu Tianle and the temperament actress Ji Liya helped the opening ceremony of the new exhibition hall of Fiyta 2017
   As the top event in the global watch industry, Basel Watch Show brought together the most proud timepieces of major brands, showing the industry trend and advanced technology. On the morning of March 23, local time, the Fiyta brand joined hands with the temperamental actress Pu Liya and the powerful male god Gu Tianle, and more than one hundred Chinese and foreign media attended the event. As a close friend of the Fiyta brand, Li Liya and the brand spokesman Gu Tianle shared with everyone the love of the watch. On the same day, Yaya Liya wore Fiyta’s new fashion female watch launched this year, the Young + series of new watches. The exquisite patterns on the dial and the delicate bows on the ears all show the sweetness and touching of the goddess. Gu Tianle chose the Fiyta Indian series mechanical watches, retro and stylish design, deep and clear blue touch, showing the charm of male gods. Mr. Pan Bo, the general manager of the Fiyta brand, together with the two stars, held a grand unveiling ceremony for the 2017 Basel Watch Fair of the Fiyta brand and started a new journey of Fiyta.

Grand opening of new pavilion
   In this event, in addition to showing Fiyta’s new watch works, the brand pavilion also showed people with a new image. The new exhibition hall is composed of 2,600 acrylic disks. Through special light and shadow animations, various effects are changed. Sometimes it seems to be a continuous ‘time river’, sometimes it is like a deep and endless ‘time tunnel’ … In addition to the cool light and shadow In addition, the surface of each acrylic disk is carefully thought about the important moments of FIYTA, recording the growth of FIYTA brand. In the progress hall, you can not only appreciate the newly launched beautiful watches, but also try to pull out these acrylic disks, and read Fiyta’s growth imprint: the aerospace series witnesses the development of China’s aerospace industry, and the art series is embroidered Ancient and exquisite handicrafts; heartbeats are jumping with smart notes, photographers capture memorable moments; clover is crafting beautiful expectations, and the Indian series shows moments that are vividly painted … every disk They all record a brand story, these stories are connected to each other, and together shape the innovative and aggressive Fiyta today; they all carry beautiful expectations, and these expectations will make the new Fiyta in the future.

Variety, freely match-Fiyta Young + series
   Fiyta released the new fashionable women’s watch-the Young + series at the Baselworld Watch Fair 2017, which was freshly interpreted by the brand’s best friend Lu Liya. The Young + series retains the original simple and elegant pearlescent leather strap and steel chain strap, while innovatively applying the scarf material to the strap design. Scarves, as a symbol of classic fashion, always have their place on the fashion stage. It is casual and varied, making girls love it. All the materials in this series have open straps and matching methods. The bow shape of the connection of the lugs is exquisite and chic, making the girl’s spirit breath out. The dial is round and clean, the overall lines are smooth, the quality is kept in simplicity, and the details are fully fashionable. Fiyta’s new fashion women’s watch ‘young’ + series, unlimited DIY design, show the different aspects of girls, and be yourself.

‘India’ is now classic, fashionable and elegant-Fiyta India series
   Each Indian series watch bears the vintage design and exquisite craftsmanship of the entire series. At the conference, Gu Tianle, the brand spokesperson for Fiyta, wore a series of mechanical watches printed in India. The overall design was retro and stylish. The watch lugs are inspired by vintage cycling chains. After the lubricating lugs are fully polished, the light texture enhances the light and elegant atmosphere of the watch. The rounded shape not only has full affinity, but also gives the wearer a comfortable wrist-like experience. The deep and clear blue dial with the dark blue leather strap shows elegance and masculine charm. Under the retro mood, the watch combines modern design concepts: simple lines, atmospheric layout, and rounded cases highlight the beauty of modern touchable arcs. The retro flavor is interpreted by modern design, translating into a unique mood.

Oriental craftsmanship, engraving time-Fiyta Fine Collection Collection
   In 2017, Fiyta was inspired by the traditional Chinese fine carving craftsmanship and joined hands with the sculptor to launch the first fine art carved collection watch-Ruyi Shuangli. Micro-carvings show the charm of oriental art with exquisite techniques, creating rare works of fine art. The sculptors used Chinese harmony and gossip as inspiration for their designs, and used the meaning of ‘harmony’ in the mean to carve a vivid picture of the golden carp passing through. The double-height design and the special old-fashioned treatment present a dynamic three-dimensional sense, making the entire work a flawless picture from any angle. The entire artwork has bred a vast universe of mysteries, conveying auspicious meanings, and at the same time made viewers have to awe the magic of this world.
   The Fiyta series of finely carved collection watches, Ruyi Double Carp, is limited to three pieces in the world. Each one has a different shape and unique characteristics, which contains extremely noble collection value. The self-contained reading angle is different from the traditional minute and second hands. This art treasure reads the time through the turquoise beads that rotate on the scale track. Artwork.
Fiyta Heart is farther away
   This is the seventh year that Fiyta has entered the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, the International Brands Hall. As the first international watch brand from China in this hall, Fiyta always believes that true beauty From the accumulation of time, the watch not only records time, but also records every bit of everyone’s life. Whether it’s going forward elegantly or actively exploring, enjoying everything that time gives you will surely shine.