Blancpain Released The Sixteenth Issue Of Lettres Du Brassus

Blancpain’s award-winning journal Lettres du Brassus has released its 16th issue of reading, celebrating the ninth anniversary of the magazine. At present, Lettres du Brassus is distributed in six languages ​​around the world, and its distribution channels also present a variety of features, including: hardcover paper prints, iPad digital journals and online reading at Blancpain.

   In the sixteenth selected reading, Blancpain introduced the L-evolution series C tourbillon Carrousel watch, Le Brassus’s “Master Art” (métiers d’art) studio, And the Villeret series copper craft watch, which won the best craft watch in the 2015 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. In addition, this issue of the magazine also tells readers 娓娓 the story of the gourmets of the highest Michelin 25-star legendary chef Joel Hobchon and the second expedition by Lauren Ballesta’s ‘Coelacanth Expedition Research’ and many more. With the support of Blancpain’s Heart-to-Ocean Public Welfare Project, the Coelacanth Expedition Research Group explored the spectacular scene of grouper breeding. All featured articles follow the style of Lettres du Brassus, with rich high-resolution images.
   The sixteenth Blancpain journal Lettres du Brassus is the fifth iPad digital edition of the series. Readers can visit Apple’s App Store and search for the ‘Balper Library’ app to download everything for free. In addition to providing all the same content as the paper version, the iPad digital edition journal also includes specially produced animated short films and interactive content, which greatly enhances the reader’s reading experience. In addition, the first four digital editions of Lettres du Brassus can also be downloaded through the Blancpain Library application.
   The Blancpain journal Lettres du Brassus is published twice a year and has received numerous international competition awards since its publication, including the first prize in writing. Readers can obtain it free of charge through Blancpain’s own flagship store and Blancpain authorized dealers, or subscribe online through the website or email.