Bvlgari Serpenti Series Serpentine High Jewellery Watch

In the world of Bvlgari, the serpentine theme has been one of the most distinctive brand symbols since the 1940s. Today, using the unique and unique technology of Bvlgari quenching, the original configuration of various gem inlays, and the exquisite color combination of each other reflect the beauty of the new Serpenti series Haute Joaillerie high jewelry watch. Bvlgari has launched three new Serpenti Haute Joaillerie high-end jewellery watches with snake-themed motifs in a gorgeous style. In addition to the ‘hidden’ watches, the three new watches are rare and masterpieces, built with the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship. On the platinum model, diamonds and emeralds are decorated, and the main colors are white and green. The white gold, diamond, emerald, and amethyst styles are richer in color, mainly white, green, and lavender. In the rose gold style, diamonds, amethyst, and pink sapphire are used. Flowers. Serpenti Haute Joaillerie haute jewellery watch series is worthy of the name, full of extremely pure gemstones, prosperous. The total number of stones varies by style, ranging from 763 to 1,009, and is delicately distributed over the entire structure of the white or rose gold style (weight between 223.9 and 231.9 grams). In this brilliant masterpiece, the snake scales are particularly gorgeous and exquisite; they are completely paved without compromising the smoothness worn on the wrist. The Serpenti collection of high-end jewellery watches is a symbol of extraordinary achievement and is only produced in small quantities according to Bulgari practice. The body of the watch is magnificently presented with unique Bulgari jewelry design elements. Snake eyes are inlaid with lapis lazuli or malachite. Opening the snake head, you can see the dial completely set with diamonds, which echoes the style theme of the snake body scales, and there are sometimes hands and minutes on it, which glide gracefully.