Classic Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

In the world of antique watches, the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is unique. They may be more representative of the brand than any other type of timepiece. The Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is an industry benchmark, especially Ref. 2499.

 Ref. 2499 is the successor of Ref. 1518, and Ref. 1518 is the first series-produced perpetual calendar chronograph. Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 was introduced in 1951 (a term), and its production cycle was as long as 35 years (ie, 1951-1985). Nevertheless, Ref. 2499 is still a rare and rare model, as most vintages produced less than 10 pieces. According to statistics, the total output of Patek Philippe Ref. 24.99 million calendar chronograph is only 349.
 In 35 years, Patek Philippe produced four generations of Ref. 24.99 million calendar chronographs, each with its own advantages. The first generation was equipped with a square chronograph button, with Arabic numerals and decorative speedometer scales. The second generation (as shown in the picture) uses round timing buttons and is decorated with Arabic numerals or stick-shaped appliques. These features are retained in the third and fourth generations. The third generation replaced the tachymeter scale with a peripheral second circle, and the fourth and final generation introduced a sapphire crystal.

 Ref. 2499 is 37.5 mm in diameter, larger than its predecessor Ref. 1518, and even 1 mm larger than its successor Ref. 3970. The size of the Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 perpetual calendar chronograph is perfect even by today’s standards.
 Which generation of Ref. 2499 is most popular, collectors have their own preferences, but the color of precious metals has the greatest influence on the rarity of watches. The gold model is by far the most ‘common’, although the word doesn’t seem to be a good fit for such a rare and delicate watch. It is believed that there are about 10 rose gold models, with four generations each being distributed. The platinum model is the rarest, with only two surviving, one of which is hidden in the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.
 In view of the rarity of Ref. 2499 and its significance in the history of watchmaking, it is not surprising that the gold model has changed hands for millions of dollars, and the rose gold model has doubled the transaction price. Because this not only proves the benchmark status of the Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 perpetual calendar chronograph industry, but also highlights the global collector’s longing for it.