Extraordinary Temperament Taste The Bvlgari Rettangolo Rt 45 G L1518 Watch

Bvlgari watches have been loved by many fashion people for their unique fashion design style. Many things stay in memory, giving themselves the power to regenerate with an eternal attitude. The premise is that it must be special enough. What editors bring to you today is such a special watch, the Bulgari Rettangolo RT 45 G L1518 watch.

 Bulgari’s rectangular design of the Rettangolo series is just like the eclectic temperament woman. It has a refined quality, and at the same time, the alternative beauty that escapes the public aesthetic is unforgettable. Official model: RT 45 G L1518.
 A quick glance at the Bvlgari Rettangolo watch does not really make sense of this dial design. Close observation reveals the mystery. It turns out that this fashion inspiration is similar to the mysterious that architectural inspiration is adopted in fashion design. Some things don’t need too many people’s recognition, because super high awareness can replace everything.
 The side of the rectangular case is flat with a sense of design. The crown and case of the gear pattern are made of the same 18K rose gold material, which is luxurious and exquisite, which caters to the beauty of female consumers.
 This watch is not large, because women’s large wrists are mostly slender, and the use of precious metal materials will make the watch heavier, but sometimes heavy represents the high quality of the whole heart.
 The luxurious texture of 18K rose gold polishing has almost accounted for a large proportion of Bulgari’s watchmaking. Of course, this has an inextricable connection with the brand history. There is nothing doubtful about the raw materials and manufacturing technology used by the jewelry family.
 The Bulgari LOGO is deeply embedded in the buckle of the watch. Most brands will promote brand value in this way, because details are an important factor in determining the quality of the product.
 The lugs and dial of this watch are integrated. We can see the thickness of the watch itself through the curvature of the side case. Then the thickness of the lugs extending to the surrounding part of the strap is equivalent to the dial.
 If the dial design also has an Oscar, then I will vote for the creativity of this dial. I think this kind of creativity can be so unexpected only by the master watchmakers in the jewelry family. The large rose gold hour markers at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are combined with abstract artistic beauty. The rectangular calendar window is small and exquisite, but exquisite and luxurious.
 This watch uses a quartz movement, because at the beginning of the series, there was no mechanical movement in the Bulgari family. In fact, the movement is not the most important for this watch. It has a beautiful appearance as a support, and the quartz movement is accurate. This is enough.
 I’m sorry to tell you that this series has been discontinued. If you want to own it, please choose some second-hand channels. The price is also more favorable than the original price, about 30,000 yuan. In addition to the price and the brand, it is worth buying in a sense that it has become a limited edition.