Inner Play Of A Watch Editor

It’s my daily life to catch the subway. The result of going out sooner or later is to cleverly and magically avoid the next subway.

 Watch editor fancy not catching up with subway crying dizzy in toilet.

 Fortunately, I live outside the Fifth Ring Road. The subway is not crowded, and I can sneak a glance at what watches people on the subway are wearing. However, the weather is getting colder these days, who will show his wrists?

 Does anyone really roll up their sleeves? Well, you can concentrate on Weibo.

 There will be a topic selection meeting today. This is a weekly meeting. As I dangled my shoulder on the pillow last night, I was thinking about this week’s topic.
 I was nervous when the selection meeting was held, not because I couldn’t think of a selection. The reason that makes me nervous is that I am a full ‘scene’, although the regular meeting is not a scene.
 But at the meeting, you have to speak in front of everyone. This must be embarrassing for me as a shy boy.

   The editor-in-chief of ‘Meeting in Ten Minutes’ Liang Huanghuang bounced out again.

 ‘Don’t be nervous’, take a deep breath and walk into the meeting room.

 Maybe everyone is curious, what do watch editors generally like to write? Of course, it is a topic you like to watch, such as which watches are the most watched at a watch exhibition this year, such as a high-priced watch at an auction, such as which star recently broke the scandal, then by the way Take a look at the watch on his hand, what new voices about the watch on the Internet …

 But there is also a watch exhibition every day. Every day, watches are sold at sky-high prices. If you see me scratching my head, I am either thinking of a topic or thinking of a topic.

 In addition to these topics that can be passed, there are many topics that have been lost to the sea, such as ‘How to avoid becoming a greasy middle-aged person’, such as singular topics, with few clicks and few reviews, and a watch editor has a cool heart. No one feels heartache when watching, and it is also heartbreaking to see the ‘criticism’ in the comments. The watch editor of ‘glass heart’ often has tears in his eyes.

 For watch editors who have just joined the industry, diss (negation) by their predecessors is in my opinion a grateful thing. If you don’t want you to progress faster, integrate into the circle faster, and put yourself in the watch world faster. When the other foot came in, they were too lazy to pay attention to what you wrote and how well you wrote. After all, Master led the door, and the practice really depends on you.

 Sorry to start forcibly chicken soup. I just want to give myself a comfort to be often dissed by seniors.

 After being dissappointed by my predecessors, I wrote down my own opinions in the book (not revenge, really not), hoping that when I become someone else’s predecessor, my naive opinions have a factual basis, not just talk That’s it. (This way I can diss my juniors!)

 ‘Okay, everyone has no problem. Today’s meeting will be here.’ ‘Well,’-the bell rang as follows.

 When the writing is a bit boring, I will take a proper rest. The company’s corridor has a long floor-to-ceiling window. From there, you can see the opposite middle school playground. Young teenagers run and jump, youth belongs to them, and pure happiness belongs to them. We also had it, but we didn’t feel it at the time.

 Just like the envy of adults when I was young, I start to envy my children’s life and have no worries.

 On the premise of ensuring the workload, we also have requirements for the quality of the manuscript. For web editing, many people have stereotypes-unprofessional, not serious, and low starting points. I remember when I first arrived, a senior told me this way, whether or not you were reading your manuscript, you had to pass your own level first.

 It’s not easy to do it in my heart. People love competition, especially watch editors.
 One parameter is wrong, that is wrong, there is no reason to quibble.
 A picture is wrong, many times you may not find it, but the eyes of the table friends are golden eyes. You have to get up from bed on the weekends, turn on the computer and clean up your mess.
 In the previous article ‘A Day of Watch Editing’, a colleague under the comment said, ‘This is also my daily routine. I carry the information of famous watches all day, but it is quite stable from nine to six.’ That is your daily routine. .
 not me.
  ‘Codeword’ is not simply a collection of information, it requires you to connect scattered text and information in some way. For watch editors, this requires that you usually accumulate knowledge about watches, as well as some literary literacy that you have. Rather than a simple text porter.

  As a watch editor, the relevant knowledge accumulated on weekdays is not only related to watches, current affairs hotspots, celebrity dynamics, and even as small as the weather changes, you need to accumulate, and then integrate these knowledge together. You also need inspiration. Unfortunately, my inspiration is not on time from 9 am to 6 pm.
 Sometimes I sit in front of the computer and can’t write a word with a flushed face.
 Sometimes I stood by the window, watching the yellow leaves and children carrying schoolbags on the side of the road, and Wen Si blasted back to the computer.

 So when my family told me, do n’t be too stressed, stay up all night, drink so much coffee, or eat so much (this is the point).

 I can only say ‘OK’ with a smile.
 Although I can’t make it, inspiration comes from food (a celebrity said that books are bread).
 Regarding the ‘Watch Editor’ series, I will write here for the time being, I don’t say a lot of gratitude, thank you all.