Inventory Of Those Expensive Diamond Watches

For quartz watches, people often linger for their accurate travel time and easy maintenance; for mechanical watches, people are more interested in the beautiful mechanical beauty embodied in that square inch. In the context of the new era, wristwatches that have been practically dominant in the past have also been given decorative effects on the wrist. Luxurious jewellery, gorgeous enamel, detailed engraving technology … bring gorgeous pen and ink to the watch. As one of the precious gemstones, diamonds have also been set on watches by watchmakers, creating a pricey diamond watch with a high price. Below, I will take everyone to take inventory of those diamond watches that are not the most expensive, but more expensive.
 Hublot ‘Big Bang 5 Million Dollars’

 Last year, the news that Beyonce bought the most expensive Hublot ‘Big Bang $ 5 million’ as a birthday gift to her husband Jay-Z became a hot topic. This ‘Big Bang $ 5 million’ set a total of 1,282 square diamonds with a total weight of more than 100 carats. From searching to cutting to setting, it took 14 months for many experts.
 Harry Winston Glacier High Jewellery Watch

 Harry Winston, known for his high-end jewellery, has achieved success in the watch industry, and his low-key, elegant and highly technological brand concept runs through the whole story. Harry Winston Glacier Fine Jewelry Watch set 36 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 5.4 carats in a curved dial; 386 baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 71 carats were set in platinum and passed The delicate platinum grid creates an extremely soft chain. With a total diamond weight of 76.4 carats, this watch perfectly combines fashion and timelessness, and is a masterpiece that truly reflects the beauty of art.
 Athens Royal Blue Flying Tourbillon Diamond Watch

 The Royal Blue Flying Tourbillon Diamond Watch launched by Athens Watch last year. The sparkling diamonds and delicate sapphire are like a perfect work of art, which adds a perfect glow to the entire tourbillon series. Each diamond and sapphire is cut by a master craftsman of jewels, which perfectly matches the platinum case.
 Chopard Imperiale Tourbillon Full Set Tourbillon Fashion Watch

 The Imperiale Tourbillon Full Set tourbillon fashion watch embodies all the skills of the Chopard brand’s world-renowned two fields. The mosaic technique highlights Chopard’s extraordinary accomplishments and is breathtaking. Both watches and jewelry, Chopard perfectly combines the two. 18mm white gold case with a diameter of 42mm, the matching 18K white gold crown is set with rectangular and drop-shaped diamonds, and the lugs are set with oval egg-cut diamonds.
 Graf The LadyGraff

 GRAFF launches The LadyGraff watch, which combines extraordinary diamond design and outstanding craftsmanship. This exquisite 16mm ladies watch features a Swiss-made movement with a delicate staggered strap that is set with 109 brilliant-cut brilliant Graf diamonds.
  Piaget Limelight Gala Jewellery Watch

 In the 1960s, full of whimsical energy, Piaget transformed the creativity of the times into a dazzling jewellery watch with only elegant women at the time. Inspired by this aspiring soul of the times, Piaget launched the new Limelight Gala jewelry watch and transformed it into Piaget’s new identification mark.
 Blancpain SPéCIALITéS Tourbillon

 The Blancpain SPéCIALITéS tourbillon watch is set with innovative and unique Blancpain baguette-cut diamonds. For jewelry, it is the tourbillon of watchmaking. Prestigious, complex and made by the most professional craftsmen, this watch with unparalleled gem setting technology combined with Blancpain 25A movement is extremely honorable on the watch stage.
 Breguet Diamond Flower Watch

 Breguet launches Crazy Flower with diamond clusters, which is rare and rare. The bracelet is set with 120 square diamonds, making this unique piece even more dazzling. At the heart of this gorgeous flower, 206 brilliant-cut diamonds are laid upside-down on a dish-shaped face plate, while the edge of the face plate is set with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds.