Jingdong Watch & Clock Night Movado Porter Exclusive Exclusive

On the evening of August 23, 2017, JD.com held a grand “Jingdong • Xindong 2017 Watch and Clock Night and Brand Alliance Launch Conference” at the China World Trade Center Hotel, officially announcing that JD.com will vigorously advance the watch channel strategy, the United Nations Famous watch brands at home and abroad work together to create a stylish, quality and guaranteed online watch shopping ecosystem. Movado, as a member of the Swiss watchmaking industry, has achieved outstanding sales performance on the online platform since cooperating with JD.com. To celebrate the fruitful results of this cooperation, Dingli supports JD watches and brands to work together to promote the industry’s healthy ecology. Fantuo has now exclusively released the BOLD series watches. Movado authorized franchise stores, Furen Chengye Watches Specialized Store, Movado’s official flagship store, and other brands will be able to purchase this unique design directly on JD.com authorized channels. Watch. Core industry players such as Movado, JD.

   The Movado brand was founded in 1881. It is an old Swiss watchmaker with more than 135 years of history. As early as the beginning of the last century, Movado established a core position in professional watchmaking in the industry. Today many famous high-end jewelry Luxury brands, fashion luxury brands, at that time commissioned Movado to make clocks for them, including travel bag watches, multi-functional full calendar watches, small wall charts designed by the Art Deco trend, etc., and provided for many other brands The mechanical movement, with its extraordinary watchmaking strength, has won a good reputation in the industry.

   In 1947, a well-known American industrial designer proposed a very unique design plan. In the era when watches were just popular, everyone was deeply restrained by the design rules of clocks in the pocket watch period. Nathan George Horwitt proposed a The black dial, a silver dot at 12 o’clock, symbolizes the sun at noon, and the hands imply the movement of the earth. There is no number on the dial. This is anti-traditional. This concept is completely shocking. It is very stylish and very The avant-garde, when the famous scientist Einstein saw the sketch of this design, was amazed. Its beyond-conventional design concept, and this design eventually became part of the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art, affecting scholars and modern art enthusiasts who have come to appreciate its innovative design. In 1975, Movado signed a contract with Nathan George Horwitt, paid $ 29,000, acquired its patent, and vigorously promoted the ‘Museum Dial’ design. Today, 42 years later, the ‘Museum Dial’ design is still the core of Movado .

Model presents Movado Porter special watch

   The new Porter Jingdong exclusive sale special watch inherits this great idea and incorporates high-tech modern watchmaking technology. It expresses the different meaning of time in a new attitude through distinctive color matching and materials. The watch face is decorated with brown sun prints, which changes with light and shadow, showing dynamic vitality and excellent quality. The new watch model is 3600455. The case is made of TR90 compliant material and stainless steel. The case diameter is 42 mm and waterproof is 30 meters. It has a built-in quartz movement. It is made of K1 crystal glass. The design also has a sun pattern at 12 o’clock. The decorative dots follow the classic museum dial design. The strap adopts a ‘Colorado’ style leather strap, inspired by the natural style of the western United States, forming a contrast with the black case, highlighting the visual impact, making the overall style of the watch more tough and bold.

Mannequin watch

   At the event, through the interpretation of models and influencers, it showed the graceful appearance of the new Movado Porter series watches. It is not only a cool scenery on the wrists of young boys, but also a personality expression of fashionable women. Become a time companion for business people.

Movado Porter Bracelet Women’s Watch

Movado Modern Classic Women’s Watch

Movado Porter new special watch

   In addition, Movado also brought a variety of classic museum dial ladies watches, showing small, stylish, elegant, feminine charm. The exclusive Movado Potter series is currently on sale at JD.com, waiting for you.