Korean Wave Is Coming See Watching ‘i Miss You’ Watch Watch Match

The hit of the Korean drama ‘I Miss You’ has once again witnessed the great power of the Korean Wave. Not only that, the costumes of the characters in the play also caused another Korean wave. Especially eye-catching are the luxury watches worn by the characters in the play. Let’s take a look at the preferences and combinations of the male and female protagonists for the watch.
Yin Enhui: Round-tone rich watch

The appearance of Yin Enhui as a costume designer in the play is naturally stunning. The same clothing quickly became hot, and many of its accessories are also big-name. In the play, the watches worn by Yin Enhui are mostly round dials with color It is more inclined to be gorgeous and feminine. The Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS Royal Garden series watch has a gentle temperament. The gradient color tone matches the heroine temperament very well. The sharp curve of the back of the classic ergonomic watch and the curved sapphire anti-glare mirror is reminiscent of the soft contours of the shell, presenting a style that is both noble and elegant, and relaxed and comfortable, and has a meticulous and sporty character. The dial is hand-engraved with the Grand Mercure Paris Royal Garden pattern, which completes the overall beauty. Warm shell tones complement all exterior tones, and the highlight polishing process adds a feminine touch to the product. In the middle of the dial, the original Mercury original pointer jumps lightly. Without it, the passage of time will be completely submerged in the brilliant sparkle of diamonds. The rare Mediterranean fritillary dial is one of the distinctive designs of this series, showing a more modern sense. The Queen’s Jewelry Watch and Princess Helen Watch in the Royal Garden series are hand-set with 38 VVS diamonds. The sparkle of the diamonds makes the entire watch full of aristocratic interest.
Park Youtian: Square simple temperament watch

Park’s costumes in the play are mostly based on simple and cold temperament, and the same is true for watch selection. Not only do they have high requirements on the watch in terms of style and color, but also the brand can be a big name. Every piece Watches are dazzling and coveted. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s classic Reverso series introduces a square-shaped case, a black checkered dial with white numbers in the center, and the hour and minute scales on the dial have a fluorescent effect. This new Reverso Squadra watch for men is equipped with a new generation movement from Jaeger-LeCoultre. Another new technology of the movement is to fix four adjusting screws on the outer ring of the balance wheel instead of the original hairspring adjuster. Both ends of the hairspring are fixed to the balance bolt and the shaft by laser welding. On the tube. The dial uses a harmonious and symmetrical configuration and strong contrasting colors to clearly set off the various displays. At 3 o’clock, a rectangular date window with white text on a black background is advanced in synchronization with the main time zone. At 9 o’clock, a symmetrical position is equipped with an AM / PM indicator synchronized with the Hometime sub-time zone. It is newly designed by the watch factory. The dial’s shape is more streamlined and low-key; the small seconds at 6 o’clock is displayed with a unique square dial.
Yu Chenghao: Round mechanical watch

In the play, Yu Chenghao is a real ‘Gao Fu Shuai’. The style of each episode in the play plus careful accessories can be described as the image of the lover in the dream. There are a lot of luxury brands in the match, single watch match let us see a lot of big names. The watch with a high appearance rate in his play is the BIG BANG hazelnut watch from Hublot. This watch combines the perfect combination of summer fruity and autumnal colors, warm gold, deep brown and dark red, making the entire watch an extraordinary temperament, a wonderful combination of rare metals and delicate diamonds. , Once again a perfect interpretation of Hublot Hublot’s ‘fusion’ concept. The interior of the sapphire mirror is specially anti-reflective. The dial is inlaid with 48 long stepped garnets. The luxury is self-evident, and the alligator leather and rubber straps show the noble origin of this watch.
Introducing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s classic Reverso ultra-thin watch
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Hublot Big Bang watch
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