Looking At The Surface Is A Way To Enjoy Cartier Cartier Golden Pearl Jaguar Watch

CARTIER Cartier’s new watches every year can be described as colorful, taking into account creativity and craftsmanship, and the styles are quite diverse. Usually we can simply summarize the brand new watches into four types, including the highly complex and fine Watchmaking series. High-end collector’s watches, basic real-life styles preferred by the market in recent years, such as the old Santos series or the new-generation Drive series, etc. At the same time, the brand’s original strength-jewelry decoration technology is also a must-see focus of Cartier watchmaking every year In addition to the creation of these three types of watches, in recent years, the brand has also continuously brewed and accumulated a kind of work, that is, rare special craft watches.

The metal beads on the face plate were initially formed by slender strips of gold after high temperature heating, and then Cartier trimmed the beads to a fixed size, making the gold beads an important element of the hourglass trick.

Where is the special craft watch precious?
The above-mentioned types of creation can be said to combine the advantages of the previous three types, and its production is more difficult than the complicated function watch (because of the special technology transplanted to watch creation, we must first overcome the sudden reduction of the creative space to such a miniature volume of the watch (The difficulty can be imagined to be doubled), and works that have been ‘blessed’ by special techniques often have thematic concepts, such as some specific or abstract decorative patterns, sometimes with some gems inlaid, the gorgeous beauty is also the same It is not lost to the jewellery watch. As for practicality, most of the special craft watches maintain the basic time-keeping function. Try to make room for the creation on the face plate to be more free and unobstructed. It’s more than enough to read, so from a certain perspective, this kind of rare special craftsmanship watch is like a masterpiece of Cartier watchmaking craft. It is worth mentioning that the brand also pays attention to freshness when creating. So every year, we try to introduce new craftsmanship, to give the watch an unprecedented beauty.

Cartier launches Ronde Louis Cartier in 2017

Attack blue burning process
Taking 2017 as an example, Cartier will further sublimate the blue-burning technology commonly used for pointer processing into a higher-level ‘fire gold process’. In simple terms, it is the use of metal to face different temperatures that will produce different color changes. The gold carving pattern ‘coloring’, this Ronde Louis Cartier fire gold craft watch at first glance thought it was micro-painting or even enamel technique, but if you look closely, you can see that the texture of the picture is still different. A self-defeating jaguar, Cartier is like an enamel technique in the production process. It needs to use high-temperature heating and coloring layer by layer to describe the look of the jaguar step by step. As long as one layer of color fails As the coloring is expected, then the previous work may be abandoned at any time. Therefore, the model is limited to 30 pieces. It can be seen that the craftsman wants to create a finished product that meets the requirements. Impression, also through this Ronde Louis Cartier fire gold craft watch let the world see the potential and groundbreaking of this technique.

Three Révélation d’ une Panthère watches are coated with black, red and green lacquers on the faceplate respectively. The lacquered surface will produce a difference in shades as the light is projected, which makes the faceplate look more layered.

Golden beads + hourglass =
In 2018, Cartier is still committed to innovation, and rare special craftsmanship. The new Révélation d \\ ‘une Panthère uses metal beads as the main material and fuses Cartier’s representative jaguar pattern. It is even more surprising that even ancient times were used to mark the passage of time. The hourglass has also become the brand’s creative concept, connecting the vivid patterns formed by the three, giving this watch a combination of craftsmanship, ingenuity, beauty and fun, reminding people that time will never return and try to grasp the core theme of the moment It also conveys that every minute and every second is an important and key concept in building our wonderful life.

Whenever the wearer needs to read the current moment, as long as the wrist is tilted slightly, the gold beads will slowly flow down and eventually accumulate under the face plate. At this time, the hour and minute hands of the center axis can be clearly seen

Red, green and black version
There are three versions of Révélation d’une Panthère, all of which are made of rose gold, and the bezel is set with 87 diamonds. The blade-like lugs and the brand’s other series Ronde Solo de Cartier’s taste is a little different, but the Révélation d \\ ‘une Panthère lugs feel more refined and resolute, complemented by the domineering jaguar pattern. The three versions use green, red, and black faceplates as the main color, and the same-tone crocodile leather strap is used according to the color of the faceplate, creating a harmonious visual experience that runs through the inside and outside of the watch. The green-faced and red-faced crowns are set with emeralds and rubies, while the black-faced version is set with diamonds, and the green-faced and red-faced editions are limited (100 each). The three colors of the face plate are drawn with real lacquer, which is filled with hundreds of fine metal beads. The raw material of these beads is cut gold bars. The shape turns into a sphere, and Cartier then processes it to produce a consistent size. These beads eventually become the main corners of the active dish.

In addition to the outline of the leopard head on the watch face, it is composed of a very small ‘track’. The track is also filled with a high concentration of transparent liquid, so that when the gold beads flow into the track to outline the picture of the leopard head, the speed will be increased. Slow, as if in slow motion, let people taste the pattern carefully

Looks more fun
It is known that Révélation d’une Panthère has two patented features in the design. The first is the track hidden under the sapphire mirror that has been patterned into a leopard head. (In the case of an hourglass, this leopard head track is like a leak.) The wearer is placed flat when wearing the watch. Metal beads may be concentrated on the upper or lower edge of the face plate. If the metal beads are gathered on the upper edge of the face plate, once the wearer tilts the watch slightly, the gravity is natural. Will pull gold beads down. Normally, the metal beads will pass through the leak as fast as the sand in the hourglass (ie, the leopard head track), but Cartier then played a second patent-pouring a high concentration of transparent liquid in the track, so it is wonderful When it happened, the gold beads were temporarily sucked and stuck when they came into contact with the liquid in the orbit. When they formed the outline pattern of the leopard head, they seemed to enter Slow Motion for a longer and clearer time. After crossing the track, the speed of movement will resume. This design that seems to apply magic to time makes Révélation d \\ ‘une Panthère full of ornamental value.
Just like the cycle of time, the process of this metal bead from invisible to tangible and then returning to invisible can also be repeated. With the normal movement of the wearer’s wrist, you can inadvertently enjoy the flickering jaguar shape. Although the pattern is fixed, it can only be generated through the interaction between the person and the watch. This kind of challenge breaks through the active design thinking of traditional decoration technology. It is precisely the key attraction that Cartier can always make people look forward to, even if new works are emerging every year.

Révélation d’ une Panthère

18K rose gold material / 430MC hand-wound movement / hour and minute display / green lacquered dial / 87 diamond-set watches, weighing approximately 2.07 carats / sapphire crystal / waterproof 30 meters / 37mm diameter / limited to 100 / Reference price: about 900,000 RMB

Révélation d’ une Panthère

18K rose gold material / 430MC hand-wound movement / hour and minute display / red lacquered dial / 87 diamond-set watches, weighing approximately 2.07 carats / sapphire crystal / water-resistant 30 meters / 37mm diameter / limited to 100 / Reference price: about 900,000 RMB

Révélation d’ une Panthère

18K rose gold material / 430MC manual winding movement / hour and minute display / black lacquered dial / 88 diamond-set watches, weighing approximately 2.15 carats / sapphire crystal / waterproof 30 meters / 37mm diameter / reference price: About 900,000 RMB