Fashion Sports Style Tasting Tissot Quickster Nato Series Sports Watch

Tissot was born in Leloc, Switzerland 162 years ago. This charming town located in northwestern Switzerland brings rich creative inspiration to Tissot. The inextricable relationship between Tissot and sports can be traced back to 1883. Tissot built professional timers for sports events. In 1938, Tissot officially entered the field of sports timing and became a timing partner for many important sports and events. Since then, the perfect marriage of Tissot with many sports events has also become the source of inspiration for the design of Tissot sports timepieces. Today, the Watch House brings you a Quickster Nato series sports watch, the official model is: T095.410.37.057.00.

   At this year’s Basel Horological Show, Tissot launched a new model of the Quickster Nato series of sports watches. The watch continues the classic design and expresses the simplicity and fashion.

40 mm black PVD steel case

   This watch is tough and sporty. The black PVD stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm, the simple three-pin design, the sapphire crystal glass mirror, the frosted black dial with the white inlaid scales are easy to read. The calendar display is very useful.

Gear-shaped screw-in PVD steel crown

   The gear-shaped screw-in PVD stainless steel crown, with sharp edges and corners, has a good feel. The top of the crown is polished and engraved with the Tissot brand logo. Provides 100 meters of water resistance.

Nato strap

   The watch comes with three Nato straps in different colors, perfect for summer wear. They are colored stripes, dark green, and black, which can be replaced by the wearer according to different needs. A variety of color combinations show the charm of fashion and simplicity. Easy to wear with a stainless steel pin buckle.

Brushed sides

   Seen from the side without the crown, the thickness of the case is very heavy, and the side is very textured after drawing. Frosted bezel arc, the edges of the gears are rounded. The bezel is printed with a military green 60-minute scale for easy reading.

Distinct lugs and corners

   The lightweight lugs have sharp edges and corners, which blend well into the case and look smooth.

Frosted black dial

   The matte black dial is tough and sporty. The foreign aid force transfers the minute scale in green, the hour scale is inlaid with a white trapezoidal scale, and is covered with a luminous coating. The calendar display window at six o’clock is simple, beautiful and practical. With the design of the junior hand, the hour and minute hands are also covered with a luminous coating, which is simple and clear when reading.
   The bottom case of this watch adopts a screw-in dense bottom case, which is equipped with a Tissot F06.111 quartz movement, which is accurate and stable. It is worth mentioning that the design of its Nato strap can isolate the contact between the bottom of the watch and the skin of the wrist, which is very suitable for some skin sensitive people.

   Summary: This Tissot Quickster Nato series watch adopts a simple design and practical concept, while using a multi-color Nato strap as a highlight, highlighting fashion and very suitable for summer wear, 100 meters waterproof can also meet outdoor Sports and other needs. The price is also very competitive. At present, the reference price of this watch in domestic counters is RMB 3000.

A Premium Watch That Challenges The Limits Of The Universe

The watches that challenge the unknown environment and the spaceships and submarines that carry the brave to the sea can be described as having the same purpose. Although the two are vastly different, they also reflect people’s determination to continuously break through technological bottlenecks and impact the limits of technology and nature. Regardless of space or ocean, these watches enter one unknown world after another, constantly setting new records. Watches enter into an unknown world one after another. Omega is undoubtedly a pioneer in space. Omega Speedmaster watches have witnessed six human moon landings and half a century of space exploration. Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins all wore speedometers to the moon, and after landing on the moon, they went to the lunar module. The internal electronic timer malfunctioned, so Neil Armstrong left his Speedmaster in the cabin so that reliable timing support could be provided at any time. Therefore, the super watch worn by Aldrin became the first watch to land on the moon. But as early as October 1962, astronaut Wally Schirra entered the space while wearing the Omega Speedmaster while on the Mercury-Hercules 8 mission. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the first Omega Speedmaster entering space, at this edition of the Basel Watch Show, Omega launched the Speedmaster series ‘First Omega into Space’ numbered chronograph. The Omega Speedmaster ‘First Omega in Space’ chronograph uses a polished and frosted 39.70 mm stainless steel case with a speed ring on the black aluminum bezel. The Omega coaxial movement has landed in all four series Today, this watch still uses the famous 1861 manual-winding movement, which is also famous for powering the legendary Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. The watch features a black lacquered dial with a 30-minute and 12-hour counter at 3 and 6 o’clock, respectively, and a small seconds counter at 9 o’clock. The dial features white hour markers and graduations, and the hour and minute hands are coated with a luminous coating. The screw-down stainless steel case back is embossed with Omega’s unique seahorse emblem, as well as the ‘THE FIRST OMEGAIN SPACE’ (the first Omega to enter space), ‘OCTOBER 3, 1962’ Date). The Omega Speedmaster series ‘the first Omega in space’ chronograph number is on sale. The unique number of each watch is also engraved on the case back. Due to its extraordinary legendary color, the Omega Speedmaster watch has almost no need to make any major improvements in the fifty years since its release, and has always maintained its original appearance.豪 In recent years, TAG Heuer has made extraordinary achievements in the field of timekeeping. Whether it is the unprecedented 1/1000 second chronograph or the more eye-catching 1/2000 second chronograph, it has become the focus of attention in the industry. But behind the chronograph’s brilliance, TAG Heuer also has a more legendary experience. TAG Heuer, which shines in the field of chronograph, has also traveled to space with astronauts. In the first four months of the Apollo moon landing, US astronaut John Glenn flew the Mercury-Space God 6 (‘Friendship 7’) spacecraft into the first manned orbit Flying, and he was wearing a TAG Heuer watch on his wrist. According to historical data, this watch is specially modified by TAG Heuer for a trip to space based on a chronograph stopwatch. It has 12 hours of power and one-fifth of a second accuracy. It is equipped with an elastic strap for stability. The ground was fixed on Glenn’s space suit. During the three-week orbital flight of the Earth, the Mercury-Space God 6 spacecraft reached a maximum altitude of 162 miles and an orbital speed of approximately 17,500 miles per hour. The entire mission lasts about 5 hours and requires the TAG Heuer’s 12-hour timer function. At present, this timepiece of historical significance is treasured by the Smithsonian Institution.
This year, at the 50th anniversary of TAG Heuer’s entry into space, TAG Heuer launched the Space X watch to commemorate this feat. The Tag Heuer Space X watch uses a 43 mm stainless steel case with the SpaceX ‘rocket’ embossed on the smoky gray sapphire crystal case. The silver dial with 3 auxiliary chronograph dials, the 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock and 12-hour time The dial is at 6 o’clock, the small seconds dial is at 9 o’clock, and the calendar display window is at 6 o’clock on the 12-hour counter. Blue polished hour and minute hands with fluorescent markings. The TAG Heuer Space X watch uses the TAG Heuer Calibre 1887 self-winding movement, which is water-resistant to 100 meters.
Breitling has a long-standing relationship with the aviation industry. From the aircraft pilot’s dedicated air timer to the first flight watch equipped with a ring slide, Breitling’s great contribution in the field of aviation timekeeping has left it in the history of aviation. A thick stroke. But Breitling in the sky doesn’t stop in the atmosphere. Breitling releases its higher dreams into the infinite universe, where it is the world of freedom.
太空 In the early 1960s, the space race gradually reached its climax. The United States and the Soviet Union fought fiercely for control of space. The former Soviet Union came first, and the United States was not far behind. In 1962, the Breitling Navitimer watch with improved features accompanied US astronaut Major Scott Carpenter to fly the Aurora 7 space capsule three times around the earth. This watch is equipped with a unique The 24-hour scale allows astronauts to recognize day and night, even in the complex and ever-changing space environment. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first flight of Breitling chronograph watches into space, Breitling has launched the Navitimer Cosmonaute with calibre This watch inherits two major features of the watch worn by US astronaut Major Carpenter during his space trip in 1962-24-hour display and manual winding. This limited edition of 1962 watches is both elegant and tough. The black dial is paired with a small silver dial. The dial pattern is crafted with a fine ‘par pargne’ enamel process on a sterling silver chassis, showing good brightness and legibility. . The bottom of the table is engraved with the ‘Aurora 7’ mission medal and the Celsius / Fahrenheit scale. The Breitling 02 movement used in this watch is developed on the basis of the Breitling 01 movement. It has a cylindrical wheel timing device, which is accurate and reliable, and has passed the certification of the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). As a partner of China’s space industry, Feiyida Watch not only actively participates in various space activities, but also travels with Chinese astronauts on many occasions. There were 3 astronauts in the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft. They conducted a manned rendezvous with the Tiangong-1 target aircraft operating in orbit, and then entered and worked for Tiangong-1 for about 10 days. The first Chinese female astronaut’s The emergence of this space flight has greatly enhanced this space flight mission. In response to this mission, Fiyta specially developed the world’s first hand-painted silk enamel aerospace female watch suitable for space environments. This Fiyta aerospace female watch accompanies China’s first female astronaut on a space exploration journey.

A Time-related Romance Appreciation Of The Ultra-thin Men’s Watch From The Medo Berencelli Collection

Romance is a kind of warm and spiritual enjoyment. The romance between couples has created a period of unforgettable love, and the romance between friends makes each leisure time more meaningful. In Italy, romance seems to be deeply rooted in this country, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Milan. There are too many romantic capitals that make people think about it. Milan is an international fashion capital and an art pilgrimage place where many artists gather. It is full of classical European architecture. Swiss professional watchmaking brand Mido is good at drawing inspiration from architectural art and creating exquisite timepieces that can be timeless and classic. In 2016, it coincided with the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Mido Berencelli series. The brand took design inspiration from the arcade of Milan’s Emmanuel II and grandly launched the Berencelli Collection collection of ultra-thin watches. time. This time, let’s admire the ultra-thin men’s watch with rich romanticism, the official model: M027.407.36.260.00.

Mido Belem Celli Collection Slim Men’s Watch

    The new Mido Berencelli Collection Collection commemorative ultra-thin men’s watch has a classic and elegant shape. First of all, it gives the impression of being a modest gentleman. The clean dial, the exquisite and beautiful case, and the retro-inspired logo The bright blue seconds hand in front of you … these exquisite details all show its romantic and charming side.

Stylish and elegant watch design

    Ultra-thin watches need to greatly compress the thickness of each component, even eliminating the second hand or using the sunken small seconds dial. However, Mido did not do this, of course, mainly due to the movement itself, but the large The three-dimensional sense of the three hands gives the watch a visual and functional enhancement, adding a lot of points.

Double bezel

    The bezel of the watch uses a classic double-layer design, which is often used in some vintage or very traditional watches.


    The elegant watch design, combined with Qurun’s delicate crown, further enhances the watch’s unique texture. The surface of the crown is embossed with the brand’s trademark, and the side is designed with a pit-shaped non-slip texture, practicality taking into account the consistency of the overall style of the watch.

Leather strap

    Demonstrates the gentleman’s taste of watches, the most suitable for using a leather strap, not only comfortable to wear, but also suitable for casual, business, formal wear.

Stainless steel PVD rose gold-plated ultra-thin case

    In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Mido Berencelli series, the brand takes ultra-thin as one of the main features of the new watch, emphasizing the exquisite watchmaking technology of the series. This watch fully demonstrates this feature, the case thickness is only about 7 mm.

Clean and refreshing dial

    Another feature of the new Mido Berencelli Collection collection of ultra-thin men’s watches is the refreshing and classic dial design style. The white dial with sandblasted grain surface has a strong sense of simplicity. The refreshing touch of blue is even more exciting. At 6 o’clock, the font used at the beginning of the series is specially selected to pay tribute to the 40 years of the series.

Pin buckle

    Paired with a black leather strap, it is a stainless steel PVD rose gold-plated pin buckle. The pin buckle itself is one of the earliest watch buckle styles, and it is also the most popular style. Its structure is simple and comfortable to wear. .

Transparent bottom case with built-in automatic movement

    Another important feature of the watch is that the Mido brand uses the ultra-thin 1192 self-winding movement for the first time. This movement is based on the well-known ETA 2892-A2. Compared with Mido, it is based on ETA 2824. The automatic movement is better in terms of performance and aesthetics. In order to show the exquisiteness of this movement, the watch uses a transparent back cover design and decorative polishing of the movement.

Summary: When the classical architecture and mechanical watchmaking blend with each other, what wonderful effects will be presented, Mido is giving you the answer. The Belém Série Collection commemorative ultra-thin men’s watch praises the brand’s watchmaking philosophy with a young, stylish and respected tradition. At the same time, this watch is one of the couple’s watches. There is a ladies’ watch, which together brings a romantic journey about time.

Baucher’s Christmas Gifts Timeless Classic Men’s And Women’s Watch

At the end of the year, the pace of the festival is approaching again, and still worrying about what gifts to choose for your beloved and friends? In this joyful season, Bucherer has carefully selected a collection of men’s and women’s watches that combine the brand’s 125 years of outstanding watchmaking essence, unparalleled jewellery craftsmanship, and timeless classic design. Bring a warm Christmas with the lovers in the winter.

 Plavi AutoDate

 How to incorporate extraordinary features into a clean and simple design is indeed an insurmountable challenge for watch designers. The Plavio AutoDate watch introduced here has succeeded in doing this, reflecting the Bucherer’s brand philosophy of ‘do not go with the flow’. On this watch, the stainless steel case and the chain line are clean and comfortable to wear; through the anti-refractive sapphire crystal, the watch’s various functions are displayed at a glance: the silver hour, minute, second hand and the 3 o’clock position The calendar windows are arranged in an orderly manner on the magnificent mother-of-pearl dial, and the layout is pure. Nine FC TW vvs-class diamond hour markers add magic to the overall design of the watch. The outstanding mechanical functions brought by the Swiss-made automatic movement, combined with elegant and timeless design, illuminate every night on the wrist this winter.

 Maliron AutoDate

 The Maliron series is a masterpiece of the Bucherer men’s watch, highlighting the brand’s 125-year model of watchmaking art since its founding in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1888, and its design represents a timeless elegance. This Mali Long AutoDate watch with a stainless steel case is the immortal creation created by the brand using the 1960s watch design charm. The three-pin design combined with the size, simplicity and elegance combined with the calendar window at 3 o’clock, highlights the introverted, first-handedness and indulgence, which is most suitable for the gift given to him with a mature and stable temperament. Behind the clear and easy-to-read dial is a Swiss-made CFB 1965 self-winding movement. The transparent sapphire crystal on the case back can also be used to appreciate the movement of the automatic rotor of the movement and the precise operation of each part of the movement.

 Ariega watch

 In the early twentieth century when watches began to rise, Bucherer has created a number of women’s watch collections combining elegant watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship for elegant ladies. This persistence continues to this day, and continues on the brand’s Aliga watch collection. The unique curved rectangular case is the hallmark of the Alika series, with beautiful radians and lines, and the right proportion exudes graceful feminine beauty for their owners. The Alija series has a variety of materials and design combinations, which will definitely meet the unique temperament of each woman. One is a light brown crocodile leather strap with Roman numerals 12, 6 and beveled hour markers, which adds extravagance to the watch owner; the other model is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and case, and silver Arabic numerals on the dial The time symbols match seamlessly, showing the extraordinary temperament of modern women’s independence. The two watches are inlaid with 40 FC TW vvs diamonds weighing 0.3 carats on both sides of the case, making them beautiful and elegant.

Tortue Watch: A Legendary Rebirth

The Tortue watch is an outstanding example of styling watches, inspired by tortoise shells and integrating endless creativity. Since its inception, it has occupied an irreplaceable position in Cartier watchmaking territory. Today, Cartier uses femininity to inject new qualities and energy into this masterpiece, reshaping timeless classics.
Inherit the tradition and deserve it
 Created in 1912, the Tortue watch was a huge success when it was launched and quickly became one of Cartier’s most admired watches. Whether it is its bold name or its innovative case design, Tortue watches and other Cartier-shaped watches (Tonneau, Baignoire and Crash watches, etc.) together create a great tradition. Today, Tortue watches continue the brand’s proud tradition, reinterpreting femininity into modern style.
Light curves and shapes
 Compact lines, ultra-thin outlines, large dials, irreplaceable shapes and impeccable elegance … The new Tortue watch exudes extreme femininity, perfectly interprets the definition of style, and becomes the most Cartier essence with its delicate curves. One of the models. While carefully maintaining the light texture, Cartier replaced the curved case of the Tortue prototype with a smooth and detailed plane, and its harmonious beauty highlighted the elegance of women.
The perfect fusion of feminine style and homemade mechanical movement
 The new Tortue watch retains many classic elements-Roman numerals, sword-shaped hands, minute track, guilloché dial … The soft dial with striking curves further highlights the unique style of Cartier watchmaking. The watch is equipped with a Cartier workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement, carefully crafted in 18K white gold or 18K rose gold, some models are set with diamonds, available in small or medium size. The day model comes with a leather strap, while the evening model comes with a flat link bracelet in 18K rose gold or 18K white gold, which is soft, flexible and exquisite.

Tortue watch, medium model, 18K rose gold`

Tortue watch, small model, 18K rose gold, diamond case

Tortue watch, medium model, 18K white gold, diamond case

Tortue watch, small model, 18K white gold, diamond case

Sincerity Glashütte Original New 36 Mp Excellence Watch

If you talk about the highlights of the Baselworld 2016, Glashütte’s original Cal. 36 automatic winding movement is definitely an inevitable topic. Not only that, the latest Cal. 36 movement also added a new Glashütte original certification system. The entire watch is tested for 24 days before leaving the factory to meet the stability and running time. And high standards of aesthetics.

   The new Cal.36 movement is currently only available on the Senator Excellence watch series, and only three watches. The material is two steel and one rose gold, and one of the two steel dials uses a large area of ​​luminous material to indicate the time. This is relatively rare in Glashütte original watches. Model: 1-36-01-03 -02-01.

40 mm stainless steel case with clear dial layout

   40 mm stainless steel case, dial design reminiscent of Glashütte’s original classic watch. Black dial and beautifully curved Arabic numerals. In order to maintain the unified integrity of the dial, there is no date display window that every brand is willing to add to the three-pin structure.

Fine case details

   The processing details of the details can be seen at the crown, and the sense of hierarchy is strong. Made of stainless steel with zigzag sides, the crown is polished and engraved with Glashütte’s original double G logo, and the edges are smooth.

Very textured calfskin strap

   The black calfskin strap, with brown hand stitching, has excellent texture and feel, and has a more vicissitudes of life than the alligator strap.

German watchmaking never pursues ultra-thin case, but also pursues solid quality

   The thickness of the case is 10 mm, which can meet the needs of most people for the thickness and quality of the case. Similarly, a 10-mm-thick case has a three-layer structure on the side. The bezel is polished and the side of the case is brushed to a certain extent, which can cover some minor scratches caused by wearing.

Not small lugs

    The micro-arc lugs are also polished in two different ways, front polished and side brushed.

Pin buckle is safer to wear and not easy to fall off

    The double-G logo polished stainless steel pin buckle is more suitable for matching with a calfskin strap than a folding buckle.

The use of a lot of luminous materials makes it easier to read at night
   The black dial with curvilinear Arabic numerals, the white orbiting minute ring on the outside and the 5-minute hour markers are legible. And the large area of ​​Super-LumiNova’s luminous material on the time scale ensures the best legibility even in poorly lit environments.
   The diamond-shaped white gold hands and the arrow-shaped top of the slender seconds hand are coated with Super-LumiNova, which guarantees sharpness in the dark.

New self-made Cal.36 automatic movement

   The new Cal.36 movement is a full application of new technology under the German watchmaking tradition. It basically comes up with the highest configuration currently in the design of automatic movements, a precious metal automatic oscillating weight, a 100-hour power reserve and a card-free silicon clutch. vertical. Adopting the case connection method, the movement is screwed in and the case is locked to ensure stable and reliable fixing, similar to the lens fixing method of SLR cameras.
   The Cal.36 movement uses a single barrel, a central 4-wheel layout, and a fine adjustment balance without screws, while retaining the gooseneck fine adjustment. In terms of hairsprings, it should be from the needs of the group’s internal procurement. Glashütte Original has always used the Swatch Group’s NIVAROX hairspring, which is the 5% of Glashütte original parts’ independent productivity reaching 95%. Nivarox currently has 164 patent applications for silicon escapements. Silicon hairsprings can be manufactured in batches with high precision through the etching method of integrated circuit production, and silicon hairsprings have the characteristics of light density, corrosion resistance, and magnetic resistance.

   In order to let everyone know more about this watch, the watch house also used a professional instrument to conduct a 6-position test on this watch (slightly regrettable that the tested model is not for sale).

The test results of passing WITSCHI Watch Expert III are as follows:

   Summary: Under the premise that the market environment is so bad, Glashütte Original can launch a new self-produced Cal.36 automatic movement, which is full of determination. As for whether it can replace the previous Cal.39 movement, in my opinion, the Cal.36 movement is positioned higher than the Cal.39 movement in all aspects and has excellent hardware quality. Looking forward to its performance after a large number of listings. Domestic price of this watch: 69,500 RMB.

Cartier Animal Series High Jewellery Watch Like Elves Reborn

Mechanical Cartier (Cartier) launched the new Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier high-end jewelry watch series, following Cartier’s consistently outstanding, ingenious and exquisite craftsmanship technology, interpretation of mysterious, bright fashion. Cartier has achieved world-class artistic treasures with fantastic colors and ingenious depictions.
Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier haute jewellery
    Inheriting Cartier’s proud history of glorious watchmaking, it brings together extraordinary design and exquisite craftsmanship. The classic watch series composed of high-end watches and limited works this time is vivid and yet set foot on Le The fantasy stage of the Cirque Animalier de Cartier watch series: the raccoon, crocodile and eagle shapes are instantly loved; Cartier once again demonstrates the tireless research on watchmaking mechanical technology and the future with its fully developed complex function movement. Ambitious.
Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier Cheetah High Jewellery Watch
Case: 18K rhodium-plated white gold case, pavé round diamonds
Decoration: Cheetah head made of 18K rhodium-plated white gold, pavé round diamonds, tourmaline eyes, with black lacquer markings
Dial: Silver paint sunray dial
Strap: Dark gray silk strap with 18K rhodium-plated white gold adjustable folding clasp
Movement: quartz movement
Diamonds: 2.79 carats in total
     Cartier’s magnificent watch is paired with a square dial with a sunray pattern and a cheetah shape paved with white diamonds. Tourmaline eyes sparkle above the leopard’s face, and the black paint streaks and time display appear or hide as the top cover is moved. A jewellery watch can be transformed into two styles, both precious and fascinating.
Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier raccoon jewellery watch
    A veritable journey into the world Following its voyage to Asia last year, the Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier watch series has landed in the Americas: eagles, crocodiles and raccoons have joined the dream team that traveled to the fascinating country. The three original masterpieces that shocked Heavenly Man are limited edition numbered watches, showing pure jewellery craftsmanship.
     Cartier inlaid diamonds on grey mother-of-pearl to form a mysterious starry sky; green leaves painted with green enamel are mixed with diamonds; wings painted in black lacquer stretch at both ends of the dial; everything is in sight Paving … Cartier has invited professional craftsmen from various sides to create this miniature stage with frequent animal presence day and night with real three-dimensional sculpture. There is a circle in the circle, and the crystal cover is set with diamonds. Only in this way can precious and desirable moments be set off.
Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier haute crocodile watch
Case: 18K yellow gold case, pavé round diamonds
Decoration: eagle decoration made of 18K yellow gold, pavé round diamonds, emerald eyes, black one hundred two-tone enamel painted feathers
Dial: 18K yellow gold dial with pavé round diamonds
Strap: light brown silk strap with 18K yellow gold round pin buckle
Movement: quartz movement
Diamond: 6.03 carats in total.
     Sometimes hidden and sometimes hidden watches have always been the brand’s traditional characteristics. Cartier infused the flow of time, seductive charm and endless fun into the charming case of the Panthère secrète de Cartier watch, becoming the latest generation of the brand’s heritage.

Bvlgari Serpenti Series Serpentine High Jewellery Watch

In the world of Bvlgari, the serpentine theme has been one of the most distinctive brand symbols since the 1940s. Today, using the unique and unique technology of Bvlgari quenching, the original configuration of various gem inlays, and the exquisite color combination of each other reflect the beauty of the new Serpenti series Haute Joaillerie high jewelry watch. Bvlgari has launched three new Serpenti Haute Joaillerie high-end jewellery watches with snake-themed motifs in a gorgeous style. In addition to the ‘hidden’ watches, the three new watches are rare and masterpieces, built with the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship. On the platinum model, diamonds and emeralds are decorated, and the main colors are white and green. The white gold, diamond, emerald, and amethyst styles are richer in color, mainly white, green, and lavender. In the rose gold style, diamonds, amethyst, and pink sapphire are used. Flowers. Serpenti Haute Joaillerie haute jewellery watch series is worthy of the name, full of extremely pure gemstones, prosperous. The total number of stones varies by style, ranging from 763 to 1,009, and is delicately distributed over the entire structure of the white or rose gold style (weight between 223.9 and 231.9 grams). In this brilliant masterpiece, the snake scales are particularly gorgeous and exquisite; they are completely paved without compromising the smoothness worn on the wrist. The Serpenti collection of high-end jewellery watches is a symbol of extraordinary achievement and is only produced in small quantities according to Bulgari practice. The body of the watch is magnificently presented with unique Bulgari jewelry design elements. Snake eyes are inlaid with lapis lazuli or malachite. Opening the snake head, you can see the dial completely set with diamonds, which echoes the style theme of the snake body scales, and there are sometimes hands and minutes on it, which glide gracefully.

The Beauty Of Mechanical Rhythm Breguet Heritage Series 7027bb/G9/9v6 Brief Comment

2015, which has just arrived, is undoubtedly a significant year for Breguet. This year Breguet ushered in the 240th anniversary of the brand’s founding, and the brand’s Tradition lineage series has just ushered in its debut this year 10th Anniversary. For the Breguet, which has a cultural accumulation of nearly two and a half centuries, the handed down series is undoubtedly still a very young “new blood” in the brand. It was exactly ten years ago in 2005 that Breguet launched the now popular Breguet series, the 7027 watch, which is Breguet’s first wrist to show the mechanical structure of the movement’s base plate from the front. table. Today, the Watch House brings you a watch of the Breguet series 7027, reference model: 7027BB / G9 / 9V6.

   Like many of Breguet’s classic collections, Breguet’s time-honored watches have captured a large number of watch lovers and collectors with their stunning appearance.

Case in 18K white gold with a diameter of 37 mm

   The diameter of this watch’s case is 37mm, which is easy to use. The case is made of 18K white gold. It is low-key and restrained, but also permeates the luxurious metallic luster that precious metals cannot hide.

Watch with a sapphire crystal

   The watch uses a classic and timeless dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass. The watch is sturdy, wear-resistant, clear and transparent, exposing the perfect craftsmanship of the top watch without any reservation.

Triangle pitted platinum crown

   The crown is made of 18K white gold with a simple and exquisite shape. The side of the crown is decorated with a classic triangular pit pattern, which improves the feel of the winding. At the same time, it makes the classic case more elegant. The crown is printed with a flower The ‘B’ logo shows the distinguished brand identity.

With black alligator strap

   This watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap. The strap is exquisite leather, exquisite workmanship, comfortable to wear, fine stitches and natural crocodile leather texture are elegant and delicate, showing a bit of luxury and domineering.

Classic Breguet Coin Case Design

   The case of this watch still uses Breguet’s very classic coin-shaped case, which fully shows the implicit style of Breguet’s details.

Breguet classic rounded straight lugs

   The lugs are made of Breguet’s classic-style welded rounded straight lugs. The fine polishing reveals the luster of the precious metal material. The slight backward tilt makes the watch fit the wrist more comfortably.

Simple and easy pin buckle

   This watch is equipped with a simple and easy-to-use pin buckle, exquisite polishing and concise design show the elegance of the top brands.

Eccentric time

   This watch features an eccentric design at 12 o’clock. The black-plated 18K gold dial is decorated with delicate Paris studs in the center, showing classic elegance. The other two elegant Breguet hands are more legible. , Triangular pits are used as the division of the functional area between the dial scale, time scale and the inner dial.

Front display movement

   In order to allow people to easily appreciate the design of the precision movement parts, the watchmaker showed the mechanical structure of the movement bottom plate from the front of the dial through a precise design. Not only that, the movement components on the dial are distributed in a very symmetrical manner, so that the other dial has a better appreciation.

3 to 5 o’clock equipped with Breguet ‘parachute’ suspension

   From 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock on the dial, we can glimpse the endless charming movement of the balance wheel usually hidden on the bottom of the dial. Above the balance wheel is the iconic ‘pare-chute’ of the Breguet series. Shock device to protect the balance from impact.

Equipped with a Cal.507DR manual winding mechanical movement

   Through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the case, we can get a glimpse of the perfect technology of the top watch. Although the movement is relatively simple due to the inverted design, the delicate sandblasting and ubiquitous chamfering still make Fascinating. The bottom of the case is engraved with Breguet by Breguet. It is also equipped with a power reserve display function that corresponds to the front of the dial. The Cal.507DR manual-winding mechanical movement in this watch provides a power reserve of about 50 hours.

Summary: The perfect combination of ultra-modern concepts and traditions is another successful initiative of the Breguet brand to modernize historical models. This series once again reflects Breguet’s unique style and brand-new skills. The balance wheel in front of it suddenly runs under the support of a symmetrical bridge, and is even more eye-catching under the background of exquisite finishing … We can see that On the road of advancing with the times and pioneering innovation, it still maintains its purity and elegance as always.

Beyond The Moment Gu Tianle And Xi Liya Helped Fiyada’s New Exhibition Opening Ceremony

On March 23, 2017, the annual ‘Swiss Basel International Watch Fair’ was grandly opened. Fiyta exhibited watches including the Art Series, the new print series, and the new fashionable women’s watch Young +. The accumulation of past energy creates today’s achievements. Since entering the Basel Watch & Clock International Exhibition Hall 1 in 2011, Fiyta’s watchmaking skills and brand value have become more and more internationally renowned, attracting industry attention. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the brand. The year of establishment is a brand new journey. On the way forward, we never stop. This press conference is both a new product launch and a grand unveiling of a brand new pavilion. In addition, the temperamental actress Ji Liya and Fiyta brand spokesman Gu Tianle helped on the spot to wonderfully perform Fiyta’s new 2017 watches and won a lot of attention from the global media.

The powerful male god Gu Tianle and the temperament actress Ji Liya helped the opening ceremony of the new exhibition hall of Fiyta 2017
   As the top event in the global watch industry, Basel Watch Show brought together the most proud timepieces of major brands, showing the industry trend and advanced technology. On the morning of March 23, local time, the Fiyta brand joined hands with the temperamental actress Pu Liya and the powerful male god Gu Tianle, and more than one hundred Chinese and foreign media attended the event. As a close friend of the Fiyta brand, Li Liya and the brand spokesman Gu Tianle shared with everyone the love of the watch. On the same day, Yaya Liya wore Fiyta’s new fashion female watch launched this year, the Young + series of new watches. The exquisite patterns on the dial and the delicate bows on the ears all show the sweetness and touching of the goddess. Gu Tianle chose the Fiyta Indian series mechanical watches, retro and stylish design, deep and clear blue touch, showing the charm of male gods. Mr. Pan Bo, the general manager of the Fiyta brand, together with the two stars, held a grand unveiling ceremony for the 2017 Basel Watch Fair of the Fiyta brand and started a new journey of Fiyta.

Grand opening of new pavilion
   In this event, in addition to showing Fiyta’s new watch works, the brand pavilion also showed people with a new image. The new exhibition hall is composed of 2,600 acrylic disks. Through special light and shadow animations, various effects are changed. Sometimes it seems to be a continuous ‘time river’, sometimes it is like a deep and endless ‘time tunnel’ … In addition to the cool light and shadow In addition, the surface of each acrylic disk is carefully thought about the important moments of FIYTA, recording the growth of FIYTA brand. In the progress hall, you can not only appreciate the newly launched beautiful watches, but also try to pull out these acrylic disks, and read Fiyta’s growth imprint: the aerospace series witnesses the development of China’s aerospace industry, and the art series is embroidered Ancient and exquisite handicrafts; heartbeats are jumping with smart notes, photographers capture memorable moments; clover is crafting beautiful expectations, and the Indian series shows moments that are vividly painted … every disk They all record a brand story, these stories are connected to each other, and together shape the innovative and aggressive Fiyta today; they all carry beautiful expectations, and these expectations will make the new Fiyta in the future.

Variety, freely match-Fiyta Young + series
   Fiyta released the new fashionable women’s watch-the Young + series at the Baselworld Watch Fair 2017, which was freshly interpreted by the brand’s best friend Lu Liya. The Young + series retains the original simple and elegant pearlescent leather strap and steel chain strap, while innovatively applying the scarf material to the strap design. Scarves, as a symbol of classic fashion, always have their place on the fashion stage. It is casual and varied, making girls love it. All the materials in this series have open straps and matching methods. The bow shape of the connection of the lugs is exquisite and chic, making the girl’s spirit breath out. The dial is round and clean, the overall lines are smooth, the quality is kept in simplicity, and the details are fully fashionable. Fiyta’s new fashion women’s watch ‘young’ + series, unlimited DIY design, show the different aspects of girls, and be yourself.

‘India’ is now classic, fashionable and elegant-Fiyta India series
   Each Indian series watch bears the vintage design and exquisite craftsmanship of the entire series. At the conference, Gu Tianle, the brand spokesperson for Fiyta, wore a series of mechanical watches printed in India. The overall design was retro and stylish. The watch lugs are inspired by vintage cycling chains. After the lubricating lugs are fully polished, the light texture enhances the light and elegant atmosphere of the watch. The rounded shape not only has full affinity, but also gives the wearer a comfortable wrist-like experience. The deep and clear blue dial with the dark blue leather strap shows elegance and masculine charm. Under the retro mood, the watch combines modern design concepts: simple lines, atmospheric layout, and rounded cases highlight the beauty of modern touchable arcs. The retro flavor is interpreted by modern design, translating into a unique mood.

Oriental craftsmanship, engraving time-Fiyta Fine Collection Collection
   In 2017, Fiyta was inspired by the traditional Chinese fine carving craftsmanship and joined hands with the sculptor to launch the first fine art carved collection watch-Ruyi Shuangli. Micro-carvings show the charm of oriental art with exquisite techniques, creating rare works of fine art. The sculptors used Chinese harmony and gossip as inspiration for their designs, and used the meaning of ‘harmony’ in the mean to carve a vivid picture of the golden carp passing through. The double-height design and the special old-fashioned treatment present a dynamic three-dimensional sense, making the entire work a flawless picture from any angle. The entire artwork has bred a vast universe of mysteries, conveying auspicious meanings, and at the same time made viewers have to awe the magic of this world.
   The Fiyta series of finely carved collection watches, Ruyi Double Carp, is limited to three pieces in the world. Each one has a different shape and unique characteristics, which contains extremely noble collection value. The self-contained reading angle is different from the traditional minute and second hands. This art treasure reads the time through the turquoise beads that rotate on the scale track. Artwork.
Fiyta Heart is farther away
   This is the seventh year that Fiyta has entered the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, the International Brands Hall. As the first international watch brand from China in this hall, Fiyta always believes that true beauty From the accumulation of time, the watch not only records time, but also records every bit of everyone’s life. Whether it’s going forward elegantly or actively exploring, enjoying everything that time gives you will surely shine.