Audemars Piguet Unveils Qingdao’s First Store Zheng Yijian Attends The Opening Event

On May 28th, Qingdao, Audemars Piguet opened the first store in Qingdao at Qingdao Hisense Plaza. Mr. David von Gunten, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet China and Hong Kong; Mr. Pan Jinji, Vice President of Audemars Piguet China; Mr. Zhou Tao, Chairman of Qingdao Hisense Plaza; Mr. attended the opening event and cut the ribbon for the new store. Asian film star Zheng Yijian at the opening ceremony of Audemars Piguet Hisense Plaza store
Audemars Piguet Qingdao store is located in Hisense Plaza, Qingdao. The design of the store inherits Audemars Piguet’s elegant and solemn style, perfectly displaying Audemars Piguet’s 136 years of outstanding watchmaking history and three major brand values: upholding tradition, pursuing perfection, bold innovation . Audemars Piguet watches are on display in the store, including Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore, Jules Audemars and Millenary. Audemars Piguet Qingdao Hisense Plaza stores will provide Qingdao and surrounding watch lovers with access to the finest Swiss watchmaking art.
David von Gunten (middle), CEO of Audemars Piguet China and Hong Kong, showcases the latest Audemars Piguet watches with models
Mr. David von Gunten, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet China and Hong Kong, said: ‘Qingdao is becoming one of the most important luxury goods markets in China. The store strives to create a valued shopping experience for its customers and will be a platform for consumers and watch collectors to get a closer look at Audemars Piguet. ‘
Audemars Piguet Qingdao Hisense Plaza Store
In the evening, more than 30 VIPs attended the opening reception of Audemars Piguet Hisense Plaza store. The brand specially invited the Asian film and television superstar Mr. Zheng Yijian to attend the reception and interact with the on-site guests. Mr. Ekin Cheng is wearing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph (retail price: RMB 245,000). This watch is made of Audemars Piguet’s first forged carbon material, with a ceramic bezel and a yellow hour scale A distinguished and energetic sportsman. He said, ‘I am very honored to be invited to the opening ceremony of the Audemars Piguet Qingdao Hisense Plaza store. Not only does Audemars Piguet adhere to the tradition of hand-made watchmaking, but also has a unique spirit of innovation that never stops bringing surprises. I believe in Audemars Piguet Success in Qingdao, a city with the same spirit of exploration. ‘

Basel Preview Hermes Arceau Lipstick Watch

Every year, Hermès creates new seasonal colors to create a trend-leading color. In 2013, the brand’s strap was covered with the classic pink lipstick for the first time. The exquisite case curvature is inspired by the equestrian world. Time passes, and the style is beautiful and the style lasts forever.

Hermès presents two stainless steel models with matte white dials: case diameters of 28 mm and 32 mm. The latter is equipped with an automatic movement, a central seconds hand and a date display at 3 o’clock. Both watches are paired with a smooth pink lipstick calfskin strap that is stitched with the iconic Hermès saddle stitching. Hermès has created an extraordinary history of leather craftsmanship for 176 years, and Hermes Watches has opened a craft workshop for leather straps since 2006. Inheriting the brand’s representative craftsmanship and wisdom, with unparalleled enthusiasm, it strives for perfection, carefully selects the best leather, and reinterprets style and color.

 Hermès Arceau Lipstick

Technical specifications

Type Quartz, Swiss

13.00 x 15.15 mm

(5? ‘French x 6?’ Fang)

Thickness 1.95 mm

Gems 6 stones

Function hours and minutes


Shape / size round, diameter 28 mm

Material Stainless steel

Crystal Mirror Sapphire Crystal

Water-resistant to 50 meters

Dial Matte white, anthracite gradient

Lugs 15 mm

Buckle Standard

12mm steel buckle

Strap Pink Lipstick Calfskin

Hermès Arceau Lipstick

Technical specifications

Swiss-made mechanical movement

19.4 mm in diameter (8 ‘French cents)

Thickness 3.6 mm

Power reserve 40 hours

Gems 20 Stone

Swing frequency 28’800 times per hour / 4Hz

Finished pearl and spiral grained plywood

Geneva wave-shaped rotor

Engraved with Hermès Paris

Function Hour, minute, second, date display


Shape / size round, diameter 32 mm

Material Stainless steel

Crystal Mirror Sapphire Crystal

Water resistant to 50 meters

Dial Matte white, anthracite gradient

Lugs 17 mm

Buckle Standard

14mm insurance folding steel buckle

Strap Pink Lipstick Calfskin

Rolex New Yacht-master Ii Watch

At Baselworld 2011, Rolex brought us a new Yacht-Master II watch. The new watch is made of 18K eternal rose gold and 904L steel, which is even more noble. The bezel used to contact the movement is made of CERACHROM ceramic material, which is not only more wear-resistant, but also maintains color permanently. The dial is painted in white and matched with rose gold, red, blue, black and other colors. It is not only beautiful, but also very easy to read.

 The Yacht-Master II was born in 2007 with many new watch technologies, and is definitely a model of brand creativity and technology. One of the major creative functions of the watch: the unique RING COMMAND outer ring can be rotated 90 degrees and linked to the movement, especially for resetting and locking the memory countdown function according to the ranking of the event. This relies on the interaction between the movement and the outer circle, allowing navigators to set a countdown from 1 to 10 minutes according to the order of the sailing time of the sailing boat; even if the countdown has begun, if necessary, the navigator can set the countdown The countdown is fully synchronized. From then on, experienced navigators and sailing enthusiasts, at the start, rely on the latest technology of the latest Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II to accurately set sail in an instant with the sound of a conference call, and master the minutes and seconds as they wish.

The watch is still equipped with the 4160 movement equipped with blue PARACHROM hairspring, which is highly effective anti-magnetic and up to 10 times more shock-resistant. The countdown function is promoted by the column wheel of the movement and the vertical cross-linking device. Some fine components of the movement are more made by the UV-LiGA technology developed by Rolex. Traditional production techniques cannot match.

Youth Vitality Three Casio Watches Recommended

Casio is one of Japan’s three well-known watch brands and has been known for many years for its truly versatile G-SHOCK watches. Casio’s vibrant, young, stylish, and versatile brand image has gained popularity. Coupled with the low price, deeply loved by the Student Party, today Watch House recommends several Casio watches for everyone, I hope everyone likes them.

Casio EDIFICE EF-524D-7AV watch

Watch series: EDIFICE series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 1690
Watch details: The 3G protection structure breaks through another limit in the field of earthquake resistance. The first anti-gravity watch with a compass function, the directional hands were made of carbon fiber. It is also equipped with Smart Access operating system, five-motor independent drive and sapphire glass mirror, and equipped with 6 rounds of wave, solar power and other functions, which are both rugged, easy to identify and functional. The strap uses a high-tech design that combines plastic and metal.

Casio LCD series PRW-2500T-7 watch

Watch series: PROTREK series
Movement type: solar power
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Titanium
Watch details: casio / 20157 /
Watch reviews: This series uses large bezels and bumps, as well as simple orientation tests to enhance the operability of the central bezel; concave and convex rotating rings can test the orientation, and a titanium metal strap enhances wearing comfort; altitude, tide A variety of information such as air pressure, air pressure, and air pressure tendency are displayed rationally to meet the needs of professional outdoor athletes climbing and rafting.

Summary: Watch is not only a tool for recording time, it is also a style and spiritual interpretation: fashion, publicity, uninhibited, full of personality, full of self-interpretation of fashion. Casio’s forward-looking creativity, constantly introducing new intelligent functions, has become a striking bright spot among world watch brands. Casio is the first watch owned by most people, probably already in school, and has a special memory for most people.

Introduction Of Blancpain And Lamborghini Speed ​​watch

This extraordinary super sports car combines Super Trofeo racing spirit, unique design and 100% road condition applicability. Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Lamborghini-Baupper Super Trofeo in the final week of the race at Piero Taruffi in Vallelunga on Saturday, September 26 ) In collaboration with BLACPAIN President and CEO Marc A. Hayek (Marc A. Hayek) launched the first unique limited edition Gallardo Blancpain special edition sports car.
These two world-renowned brands: Lamborghini, the Italian supercar manufacturer, and BLACPAIN, the world’s oldest luxury watch manufacturer, are leaders in their respective industries. In the recent ‘ldquo; world’s most exquisite watch brand’ voting event organized by the Luxury Institute of New York, BLACPAIN won the honor of ‘the best choice’. Today, the two work together to bring together the strengths of technology and design to create the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Blancpain Special Edition, which injects the power of the world’s fastest single-brand series into the road version of the vehicle.
BLACPAIN is the title sponsor of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Series. Two well-known companies from the automobile manufacturing and watch industry have jointly developed the highest level of automotive products. Since 1735, BLACPAIN has devoted itself to researching and developing unique and unique watch art in the Vall & eacute; e de Joux in Switzerland. Each watch is carefully crafted by a watch master and is a high-quality work of personal wisdom and hard work.

Both brands have a strong interest in motorsport. BLACPAIN not only actively participated in the production of Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo cars, but also served as the official timekeeper of the FIA ​​GT1 World Championship-in the championship, Lamborghini’s cars compete with other well-known brands of cars.

BLACPAIN President and CEO Marc A. Hayek said: ‘Two companies from totally unrelated industries work together. We have the same characteristics-determined to innovate and pursue excellence. BLACPAIN has always been committed to innovation and courage to explore. We have always strived to be different, to be new and change, and to have the courage to try. The pursuit of excellence-has always been a common feature of Blancpain and Lamborghini. Lamborghini is a leading sports car manufacturer with the highest level of machinery manufacturing capabilities. Because of this, Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo can attract the attention of the world with a perfect cooperation model. & rdquo;
Marc A. Hayek is not only the president and CEO of BLACPAIN, but also a motor sports enthusiast. He has been driving Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo for multiple races. He is currently fighting for the podium of the Pro-Am driver standings.
The special configuration of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Blancpain expresses the spirit of competition-the large-area rear wing can enhance stability and the hood design facilitates ventilation. In addition, the Gallardo LP 570-4 Special Edition is equipped with Skorpius wheels, equipped with yellow brake calipers and carbon fiber-ceramic brake discs. The matte black paint highlights the noble temperament of the Blancpain special edition. The exterior mirror cover and the rear air diffuser are made of carbon fiber.
The interior of the special edition of Gallardo Blancpain emphasizes the characteristics of a sports car, but does not affect the comfort of the driver. The entire interior is made of black Alcantara material and carbon fiber, and uses yellow connection lines to enhance the visual effect. The exterior of the body has the BLACPAIN logo. The same logo also appears on the seat, with yellow cabling and Blancpain logos on the dashboard and seats. The special edition of the Gallardo LP 570-4 Blancpain uses a 570hp V10 engine-the same as the Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera and Super Trofeo. All-wheel drive ensures excellent stability in various driving environments.
This supercar from Sant’Agata Bolognese [where Lamborghini is located] weighs only 1340 kg (2954 lbs), making it the lightest of the Lamborghini road editions.
In order to express his passion for motorsport, Blancpain created a peerless chronograph watch-titanium case; carbon fiber dial and lugs; with flyback chronograph function. Unique decorative patterns, exactly like Lamborghini Gallardo’s taillights; the background of the watch’s pendulum uses a delicate two-color checkered flag pattern; the alcantara strap is a clever response to the interior of the Lamborghini high-end racing car

In order to express his passion for motorsport, Blancpain created a peerless chronograph watch-titanium case; carbon fiber dial and lugs; with flyback chronograph function. Unique decorative patterns, exactly like Lamborghini Gallardo’s taillights; the background of the watch’s pendulum uses a delicate two-color checkered flag pattern; the alcantara strap is a clever response to the interior of the Lamborghini premium car (alcantara is a Lamborghini seat The material of the flannel is the same. This material has a high coefficient of friction. When it is placed in the car, the driver slips. Blancpain also uses this material to echo the Lamborghini interior material.)

Extraordinary Temperament Taste The Bvlgari Rettangolo Rt 45 G L1518 Watch

Bvlgari watches have been loved by many fashion people for their unique fashion design style. Many things stay in memory, giving themselves the power to regenerate with an eternal attitude. The premise is that it must be special enough. What editors bring to you today is such a special watch, the Bulgari Rettangolo RT 45 G L1518 watch.

 Bulgari’s rectangular design of the Rettangolo series is just like the eclectic temperament woman. It has a refined quality, and at the same time, the alternative beauty that escapes the public aesthetic is unforgettable. Official model: RT 45 G L1518.
 A quick glance at the Bvlgari Rettangolo watch does not really make sense of this dial design. Close observation reveals the mystery. It turns out that this fashion inspiration is similar to the mysterious that architectural inspiration is adopted in fashion design. Some things don’t need too many people’s recognition, because super high awareness can replace everything.
 The side of the rectangular case is flat with a sense of design. The crown and case of the gear pattern are made of the same 18K rose gold material, which is luxurious and exquisite, which caters to the beauty of female consumers.
 This watch is not large, because women’s large wrists are mostly slender, and the use of precious metal materials will make the watch heavier, but sometimes heavy represents the high quality of the whole heart.
 The luxurious texture of 18K rose gold polishing has almost accounted for a large proportion of Bulgari’s watchmaking. Of course, this has an inextricable connection with the brand history. There is nothing doubtful about the raw materials and manufacturing technology used by the jewelry family.
 The Bulgari LOGO is deeply embedded in the buckle of the watch. Most brands will promote brand value in this way, because details are an important factor in determining the quality of the product.
 The lugs and dial of this watch are integrated. We can see the thickness of the watch itself through the curvature of the side case. Then the thickness of the lugs extending to the surrounding part of the strap is equivalent to the dial.
 If the dial design also has an Oscar, then I will vote for the creativity of this dial. I think this kind of creativity can be so unexpected only by the master watchmakers in the jewelry family. The large rose gold hour markers at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are combined with abstract artistic beauty. The rectangular calendar window is small and exquisite, but exquisite and luxurious.
 This watch uses a quartz movement, because at the beginning of the series, there was no mechanical movement in the Bulgari family. In fact, the movement is not the most important for this watch. It has a beautiful appearance as a support, and the quartz movement is accurate. This is enough.
 I’m sorry to tell you that this series has been discontinued. If you want to own it, please choose some second-hand channels. The price is also more favorable than the original price, about 30,000 yuan. In addition to the price and the brand, it is worth buying in a sense that it has become a limited edition.

Roger Dubuis Launches A Number Of New Watches Summary Of Roger Dubuis New Products At The 2013 Sihh Exhibition

Since 1995, Roger Dubuis has always been good at blending brand characteristics with professional technology, thus building a reputation in the field of fine watchmaking. The watch series launched by the brand, with its resolute and bold spirit and passion, strives for the values ​​of perfection, excellence, and excellence. The Excalibur series, which was born in 2005, will soon launch several new works in 2013, which will become the focus of much attention at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie. The exhibited 45, 42 and 36 mm models, once again in terms of technical level, appearance, and craftsmanship, once again demonstrate the brand’s extraordinary quality. This series of watches is famous for its unparalleled craftsmanship, and at the same time it reflects the enthusiasm of 250 watchmakers under Roger Dubuis for their work. One of the most creative watch brands is full of vitality.

Excalibur Quatuor Silicone Watch
With its unique lightness and hardness, silicon has become the only choice for the manufacture of special parts for watches. In fact, titanium is twice as light as steel, and silicon is twice as light as titanium, but its hardness is four times that of titanium. Its unique dark gray also makes this iconic work even more extraordinary. The atomic structure of silicon is similar to that of diamond, and its processing requires as much expertise as diamond processing. Therefore, Roger Dubuis employs cutting-edge technology to create this precision timepiece with this ‘metal crystal’ material.

Excalibur Quatuor rose gold watch
A traditional watch with a balance wheel with a frequency of 4 Hz can be regarded as a high-precision watch. The Excalibur Quatuor goes beyond the limit of high-frequency vibration of this watch. This watch with four balance springs has a vibration frequency of 16 hertz. 16 Hertz is about the basic movement, not just a function of the movement. It is a remarkable technical achievement. Four sets of balance springs swing 4 times per second, correspondingly doubling the frequency of the Excalibur Quatuor, because all balances do not oscillate at the same time. This design provides a new guarantee for accurate timekeeping, replacing the ‘tick’ sound of traditional watches with a harmonious and gentle high-precision timing sound.

Excalibur Double Tourbillon Squelette
The first masterpiece was the Excalibur Table Ronde. This collection of noble, bold and historical marks is limited to 88 pieces. This watch is equipped with the RD821 self-winding movement. The 12 heroes holding gold swords form a perfect circle around the magnificent big fire enamel dial. It inherits the iconic elements of the Excalibur series: a large case, a grooved bezel, a sturdy crown protection and three lugs to secure the strap.

Excalibur Table Ronde released
Features the iconic elements of the Excalibur series: a large case, a grooved bezel, a sturdy crown protector, and three lugs to secure the strap. With a vibrant shape and sharp edges, the dial design of this model is powerful and symbolic. Twelve statues of legendary round table knights holding sharp swords in a circle instead of the time scale. Crafted. The stunning miniature craftsmanship has produced twelve statues of knights with a height of only 7 mm and various shapes. These works are derived from the meticulous production processes of skilled craftsmen, while also projecting their talent and enthusiasm. This distinctive masterpiece of timepieces is extremely delicate, and only by carefully appreciating its local details with a magnifying glass can you appreciate its meticulous craftsmanship. Master craftsmen work side by side with watchmakers, ingeniously blending watchmaking tradition with artistic masterpieces.

Excalibur Double Tourbillon Squelette Limited Edition
With its unique charm, it clearly shows its extraordinary personality. Over time, the Excalibur series has become more and more kingly, and has evolved into a variety of diameters and more distinguished and creative models with complex functions. With its relentless pursuit of perfection, this 2005 watch series has written the most wonderful chapter for the fine watchmaking industry. Its large round case, grooved bezel, sturdy crown protector, three lugs to secure the strap, and expressive Roman numerals have become memorable and iconic features. The vibrant shape, three-dimensional sharp corners and tense design make this watch a crystal of organic integration of power aesthetics and perfect machinery. The Excalibur 45 Double Tourbillon Squelette skeleton double tourbillon watch is a vibrant A model.

Excalibur 42 Chronographe
These models are equipped with the new RD681 miniature oscillating weight automatic chronograph movement, which provides hours and minutes display, and small seconds and date display windows at 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock, respectively. Designed, developed and manufactured by Roger Dubuis, this movement contains 280 parts and perfectly combines aesthetic quality with outstanding performance. Based on cutting-edge manufacturing technology, this movement meets all the standards of haute horlogerie and is engraved with the distinguished imprint of high quality in Geneva.

Excalibur 42 Tourbillon Squelette Skeleton Tourbillon
This watch has the classic elements of the Excalibur series: sharp corners, and a combination of masculine aesthetic design and impeccable mechanism. The exquisite 42 mm diameter case showcases large style and superb timepiece technology, combined with perfect ergonomic design, is in line with the Excalibur 45 Double Tourbillon Squelette skeleton double tourbillon watch.

Excalibur 42 Automatique
A rhodium-plated rose gold finish complements the elegant stainless steel or rose gold case. New bracelets made of metal or rose gold extend the overall harmony. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis adheres to the tradition of perfecting the brand’s reputation for perfection, and has submitted the Geneva Seal of Quality certification for these three watches.

Excalibur 36 stainless steel and diamond watch
The stainless steel case gives the watch a timeless and refined aesthetic, and the shape of the case perfectly reflects the classic elements of the brand. With the same color dial and blue alligator leather strap, the subtlety of the first watch is also elegant. The two subsequent watches introduced a stainless steel bracelet with black and white dials, which flowed like day to night. The combination of the polished external surface of the stainless steel bracelet and the central satin makes it perfect and precious.

Excalibur 36 Joaillerie Jewellery Watch
The outstanding mechanical construction and powerful design of the watch are exemplary of jewellery watches. The craftsmen of the brand have designed this beautiful work with the attitude of seeking perfection. The bezel is set with 48 diamonds (approximately 0.99 carats). The aesthetic charm and superb technology combine.

Velvet High Jewellery Watch
This is a watch that symbolizes absolute perfection. Perfect watchmaking technology, perfect jewellery craftsmanship: VeLVet haute jewellery watches are equipped with a white gold case, and its diamond-paved watch is a gift to Roger Dubuis’ extraordinary craftsmanship. Roger Dubuis uses ingenious techniques, meticulous, and excellence, meticulously inlaid 304 diamonds weighing 13.61 carats on the watch with a concealed setting method, which makes the diamonds shine and show the ultimate beauty. The case is paved with 138 rectangular diamonds (weighing 7.5 carats, including 24 different sizes), while the dial is set with 136 diamonds (weighing 5.20 carats, including 50 different sizes). Two pillow-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.4 carats are decorated at the lugs for a more refined look. Another 30 diamonds (0.91 carats) are set on the folding clasp, which is dazzling. The watch showcases femininity, elegance and brilliance, and the unique charm of Diva’s masterpiece is fully displayed.
Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:

Chopard Chopard Becomes The Official Timer Partner Of The First Mille Miglia Green Rally Racing Style, Racing Style

As early as 1988, Swiss classic jewellery and watch brand Chopard had an inextricable bond with the world-famous antique car race MilleMiglia, and has long been a partner and official timer of the event. supplier. This time, Chopard further deepened cooperation and became the official timer partner of the first MilleMigliaGreen rally. From September 27th to 29th, 2019, many all-electric vehicles fought fiercely on the new track. Unique hybrid models and antique vintage cars equipped with electric engine units were unveiled. The current schedule starts from Brescia and eventually reaches Lenat, passing Milan, Italy’s second largest city. This cooperation demonstrates Chopard’s unswerving adherence to ethics. In the future, the brand will continue to adhere to the concept of ‘the sustainable development of luxury goods’ and continue the spirit of racing.

  Since 1988, Chopard has actively cooperated with the ‘Most Beautiful Cars’ (Corsapiù Belladelmondo) MilleMiglia, represented by ‘Father of Racing’ Enzo Ferrari. Today, the brand will cooperate in depth with MilleMiglia’s spinoffs. In the new event, the first MilleMigliaGreen rally, which was held from September 27th to 29th, was the first rally that introduced the concept of responsibility and environmental protection. As a pioneer brand that adheres to ethical values ​​in the field of jewellery and watches and continues to forge ahead, Chopard strongly supports this event, serving as an official partner and supplier of timers, and starting at the first stage of the race in Brescia. 35 electric and hybrid models are timed accurately.

  In just three days, the drivers went through three stages. The first stage starts from Brescia and begins in the heart of this historic city. During the second stage, the players competed fiercely and drove to Milan, the second largest city in Italy. During the third stage of the race, the teams set off from Milan and finally arrived at the Linate Driving Center. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the contestants, Chopard has set up a Chopard espresso lounge in Milan’s Gaolenti Square to build a rest space for racing gentlemen and supporters to share their joy.


  At the end of the Leinat circuit, GianMariaAghem and RossellaConti, who won Tesla’s Model3Performance, each won a Chopard MilleMigliaRacingColours watch with a vibrant British racing green dial.

  Ferrari red, silver arrow grey, British racing green, vintage blue and national flag yellow, these colors represent the five countries participating in MilleMiglia. In 2018, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the collaboration between Chopard and MilleMiglia, the brand launched five MilleMigliaRacingColours watches, once again presenting a new look of this unique dial design and specially designed for collectors and racing gentlemen. . This series pays tribute to the golden years of motorsport and the legendary MilleMiglia. Two MilleMigliaRacingColours watches equipped with British racing green dials have given high honors to the first MilleMigliaGreen rally champion.

Complex Is Very Practical Patek Philippe 5990/1a

PatekPhilippe’s first Nautilus series chronograph Ref. 5980 / 1A was launched in 2006. At the time, it was very popular because it had all the conditions of a sports watch. The time function provides greater convenience for contemporary people to travel around and jump around.

Feature one: The first feature combination of Nautilus
The Nautilus series debuted in Ref. 3700 / 1A in 1976. At present, the series has been over 40 years old. The Ref. 5990 / 1A time chronograph is one of the complicated function timepieces and will replace the aforementioned Ref. 5980 / 1A. Although Patek Philippe used the date, chronograph and time display complex functions in other series earlier, this is the first feature combination of the Nautilus series.

In addition to the unique porthole lines and hinged ridges of the Nautilus case, the new watch’s black surface has a gradual tone from the center to the periphery and is decorated with the common lateral pattern of Nautilus.

Feature two: Super convenient time adjustment between the two places
The watch is equipped with two coaxial hour hands. The hollowed-out hour hand on the lower layer indicates the home time. The upper hand design matches the minute hand to display the local time. If the watch’s main body is in the home country, the two hour hands will overlap each other to indicate the same time zone. , But if you need to go to another time zone, you can adjust the local time hour hand by one hour through the increase and decrease buttons attached to the horizontal ridge on the left side of the watch. If the watch owner goes east to another time zone toward the sun, he must correct the hands counterclockwise; if he goes west, he adjusts the hands in the opposite direction, and the hollow hands will not be affected by the above correction process. Home time. The 5990 / 1A watch also has two separate day and night displays, ‘LOCAL’ and ‘HOME’, located below the center axis of the watch, so that the watch owner will not call his loved ones late in the evening.

The time display function of 5990 / 1A can be adjusted by adjusting the left and right ridges. As the watch and the handle line are continuous, the craftsman must open a hole in the case to join each new handle, and at the same time Keep 120 meters waterproof

Feature three: functional design
The watch is equipped with a CH 28-520 C FUS self-winding movement, a traditional column wheel design, and an innovative disc clutch. The two-time device, which was patented in 1959, can be adjusted in one hour in both directions. The local time display shows that when the time zone setting is changed, the device can be completely disengaged from the gear set without affecting the swing of the balance wheel and the speed performance of the watch. The case has also been redesigned. Nautilus’ unique porthole lines and two hinged transverse ridges are exactly matched with this complex function combination. The right transverse ridge protects the crown and the left side is converted into two time zone adjustment buttons. All buttons are set along the original contour of the case. However, the coherence of the watch and the handle is a great challenge for the watchmaker: the craftsman needs to make a hole in the case and join each new handle, but still must ensure that the watch is waterproof to a depth of 120 meters. The difficulty is self-evident. Nautilus’ new chronograph meets all waterproof specifications and uses the latest sealing technology to achieve such waterproof performance.

The date display of 5990 / 1A is moved to the 12 o’clock position and changed to the pointer display; the original single integrated time dial is changed to a scoreboard. The movement needs 47 new parts to match the above changes, but the thickness is only 0.3mm larger than the original model.

Nautilus 5990 / 1A dual time chronograph

Stainless steel material / CH 28-520 C FUS automatic winding movement / hours, minutes, date display / chronograph function / dual time display / individual time zone day and night display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 120 meters / 40.5mm Reference price: 363,000 RMB

Buy Rolex For Appreciation And Leave It To Those Who Are Prepared

It’s the same green ghost, and the difference is tens of thousands? In 2003, it coincided with the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Rolex explosion series ‘Submariner’. To this end, Rolex specially launched the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Water Ghost Ref.16610LV. The biggest difference from the ordinary Water Ghost is that its aluminum rotating outer ring has been changed from black to green that Rolex has never used before. , And echoes the Rolex trademark. The green ghost is already hot enough, and there is a hotter subdivision version in the green ghost called ‘Flat 4’, the Chinese translation is ‘flat head 4’, and the price is now at least tens of thousands more expensive. It differs from the ordinary version of the green aluminum ring green ghost only in that the internal space of the ‘4’ character on the 40 scale is a trapezoid, not a triangle. This special ‘Flat 4’ version of Flat Head 4 appeared only in the early days of Ref.16610LV Green Ghost launch, the last Y-header in 2002 and the F-header in 2003, and then it was gone, and the number of production was small. The story of Flathead 4 and the long past, where is the last chance? The Sea-Dweller series can be traced back to the cooperation between Rolex and French underwater engineering company Comex in the 1960s. In order to adapt to deep-sea saturation diving, Rolex added a new patented ‘helium exhaust valve’ to the side of the case based on the Ref. 5513 of the Water Ghost series, and then specifically Ref. 5514 for Comex. After further upgrades, the waterproof depth was increased from 200 meters to 500 meters for water ghosts, and began to mark the dial with ‘Sea-Dweller’, and the white font was labeled ‘Submariner water ghost’. ‘Single Red’. By this period, it still belongs to a small-scale experimental stage. ‘Sea-Dweller’ is also subordinate to ‘Submariner’. After actual testing, Rolex publicly introduced Ref.1665 to the market in 1967. Its dial is marked with ‘Sea-Dweller’ and ‘Submariner’ in two lines of red font. It is called ‘Double Red’ . The year 1967 was also known as the ‘Sea-Dweller’. According to the inertia of most people, a two-line scarlet letter is more valuable than a single line, after all, one more line. But in fact, because Shan Hong is an early small batch prototype, it is actually more valuable. In 2017, Rolex launched the new Sea-Dweller Ref.126600. Compared with the previous generation, Rolex added a bold red letter at six o’clock, marked ‘Sea-Dweller’! This is the modern version of ‘Single Red Sea Messenger’. In addition to the red lettering on the dial, a significant change in the new Ref. 126600 is the use of Rolex’s latest 32-series movement. Usually at six o’clock on the dial, Rolex will print the words ‘swiss made’. However, starting in 2018, a small crown was added between the two words. The reason for this is that the appearance of Rolex’s sports watches has not changed much, and at the same time, it has a dense bottom and cannot see the movement. In order to promote the sales of new models, Rolex deliberately added a small crown on the dial to increase the difference between the old and the new models for easy and quick differentiation. The new Ref.126600 was replaced with a new movement when it was launched in 2017, but this ‘diamond crown’ measure was not implemented, but it was only followed up in 2018. Therefore, Ref.126600 of the same model has two versions due to different dials, which are MK1 and MK2. The main difference between them is that the MK1 dial does not have a small crown, and the MK2 dial has a small crown. Because the MK1 was released from 2017 and discontinued in 2018, the actual production life is less than one year. At the same time, as the first new sea dweller to be sold in bulk, it naturally has the same hype as the ‘flat head 4’. When ordinary cousins ​​were still grabbing Ref. 126600 of MK2, the old drivers with ‘smell sense’ were buying MK1. Although popular models + commemorative models + recognition + small numbers may not be speculative, but those who can be speculated have these priority conditions. From time to time, there are watch friends’ private messages. Does a watch have a ‘collection’ value? The answer is very simple. When you ask this question to others, it proves that it is gone, because you do not have independent thinking + precise judgment + a huge source of information. It is undeniable that some of his cousins ​​were overwhelmed, but in fact it was not that he was smart enough and understood, but that he was lucky enough to hit the air. —END —