Parmigiani’s Sixth Asian Store Opens In Venetian Macao

Macau, November 12, 2013-Since 1996, PARMIGIANI, Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand, has always believed that the art of watchmaking is one of the most important and most conserved manufacturing processes in Switzerland. To this end, Parmigiani develops and manufactures branded timepieces entirely on the basis of Fleurier in Switzerland. It is dedicated to reviving the precious heritage of Swiss watchmaking art and has been among the more than ten years. The leader in Swiss fine watchmaking. In recent years, Parmigiani has actively expanded the Asian market and opened five brand stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Singapore. In order to further develop Parmigiani’s retail footprint, the brand recently joined hands with Xunjia Watch Group to present Parmigiani’s first Macau specialty store at the Venetian Macao Shopping Center, and held it on November 12, The grand opening ceremony was unprecedented.

 On the opening day, Parmigiani invited media friends and brand VIPs to visit the brand-new specialty store in Rosewood Hall of the Venetian Macao Shopping Center, and witness the opening of the brand’s sixth specialty store in Asia. In order to be solemn, Parmigiani presents the Atelier series with the concept of ‘travel’ in special stores, which are only displayed at special events and important occasions, and new and complex watches launched at the Geneva International Horological Fair this year. Works, including Pershing Tourbillon Abyss, Toric Tecnica Minos and Toric Tecnica Palme watches, for guests to appreciate. The opening ceremony of the store was first kicked off by a welcome speech by Mr. Jean-Marc Jacot, Global Chief Executive Officer of Parmigiani, who traveled from Switzerland to Macau, and Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyun Jiayu Yuyi Watch Group. Afterwards, the emcee invited Ms. Shan Wei, the managing director of Parmigiana Nitai, Mr. Huang Boyuan, the regional marketing manager of Xiyun Jiayu Yuyi Watch Group, and Mr. Zhong Weitian, the vice president of Sands China retail development department, together with Mr. Jean-Marc Jacot And Mr. Cai Gazan presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the grand opening of the Parmigiani Macau Venetian store, marking another milestone in the Asian market. The five honored guests then toasted together and wished that this brand-new specialty store, which shows Parmigiani’s unique aesthetic design and friendly service, is booming and business is booming. After the opening ceremony, the brand invited a number of guests to visit the store, to appreciate the display of more than 20 women’s and men’s watches in the six watch series developed and produced by Parmigiani completely independently, and to show the brand’s pride and watchmaking. Craftsmanship and exceptionally complex movements with limited special Atelier watches and new complex watches.

 Mr. Jean-Marc Jacot, Chief Executive Officer of Parmigiani, said, ‘Parmigioni is very pleased to join hands with Xunjia Watch Group to present the sixth store in Asia in the Venetian Macao. The development of the Asian and Greater China markets has taken a major step forward. With this opportunity today, we sincerely invite collectors and enthusiasts of high-end watches to visit the brand’s new specialty store to explore and experience the brand’s independence in Fleurier, Switzerland. Masterpieces of watches and clocks produced. ‘
 Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyun Jiayuyiyi Watch Group, said: ‘Thanks to the trust and support of Parmigiani and Sands China, I am honored to open the first Parmigiani flagship store in Macau. The 25th anniversary of the establishment of Xiyunjia Watch Group is a milestone in expanding our business in the Pearl River Delta, making us more active in the development of the Macau and Mainland China markets. Xiyunjia and Yuyi Watches both focus on the quality of service and have been With ‘Find your uniqueness’ as the customer service concept, we hope that more watch enthusiasts can enjoy the highest quality and unique personalized shopping experience. ‘

About Parmigiani
 The world-famous Swiss fine watch brand Parmigiani was born in 1996 in the heart of Val-de-Travers, Switzerland. The soul of the brand lies in its expertise in the restoration of antique watches and clocks and its completely independent production capacity. The brand focuses on the combination of traditional skills and advanced technologies, and is committed to pursuing the superbness, creativity and quality of watchmaking. Today, Parmigiani has grown into one of the very few top watchmaking brands that are completely independently manufactured today.
 Parmigiani now has more than 280 points of sale in 70 countries around the world. In early 2011, Parmigiani chose to open its first studios in Asia in Shanghai and Beijing. In just two years, Parmigiani has opened 6 stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Singapore and Macau, which has witnessed Parmigioni’s further expansion in Asia.
About Xiyunjia Watch Group
 Founded in 1988, Xiyunjia Watch Group has developed into one of the major watch retailers in Hong Kong, selling and promoting high-end luxury watches. Xiyunjia Watch Group has two major retail brands: Xiyunjia and Yuyi Watches, representing more than 40 famous Swiss brand watches, and has become one of the largest luxury watch retailers in Hong Kong. Xiyunjia and Yuyi watch and clock specialty stores are constantly expanding, and the number of stores has now increased to more than 30, covering Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

About Yuyi Watches
 Yuyi Watch is a retail brand of Xiyunjia Watch Group, which is committed to providing innovative and superior VIP services, with stores in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.
 Yuyi Watch attaches great importance to customers’ high-quality experience, takes ‘Find your uniqueness’ as the customer service concept, and moreover ‘Trust’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Excellent Exclusive Service Experience’ (Exclusive) ) (TIE) three innovative business principles to provide customers with the best shopping environment and the most complete selection of watches, and provide customers with personalized and personal professional image guidance to ensure that customers enjoy a superior shopping experience and find what truly belongs Own unique watch.
Parmigiani Venetian Macao
Address: Shop 012, 3 / F, Rosewood Hall, Venetian Macao Shopping Centre
Opening hours: 10 am to 11 pm (Sunday to Thursday)
10 10 am to 12 midnight (Friday to Saturday)
Phone: + 853-2882 9373

Roman Holiday Bulgari Plays Carols Around The World

When the fascinating summer days unfold the splendid picture scrolls, Bulgari plays the Roman holiday carols, praising Italy’s sweet and enthusiastic, cheerful and happy life attitude. Bulgari global boutiques are filled with a warm and joyful holiday atmosphere everywhere.

Bvlgari Roman themed window

Rome is a carefree, joy-filled paradise. The aesthetics of Italian life has become the essence of Roman culture. Free and unrestrained achievements of Rome’s charm, free and easy expression of Rome’s temperament, even the summer sun brings its charm to the city with its enthusiasm.

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate life throughout the year. In this season, everyone can be immersed in the sweet breath, appreciate the beauty of life, taste the rich food and wine, put aside the mundane spirit, and pursue themselves deliberately. In Rome, it seems to be a beautiful summer all year.

In this brilliant summer, Bulgari uses the map of Rome to wake up all corners of the world with a creative spirit of joy. The Bulgari map of Rome combines exquisite gemstones with brilliant jewelry, as well as a rich and colorful daily life. These maps not only originate from the most beautiful landmarks, depicting the style from Italian ice cream shops to traditional snack bars; they are also genuine invitations to invite people to indulge in enjoying the joyful lifestyle of Rome.

Bvlgari Roman themed window

Lotta Nieminen, a famous Finnish visual art designer, designed the theme of the Roman holiday. She is young, talented, talented, good at using color, lively and creative, and innovative. In 2014, she was named to Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 annual list in the art and fashion field. In 2010, she received the ‘Outstanding Young Designer’ award from the Art Guidance Club, and was selected as the ‘New Visual Artist’ of the year by the graphic arts journal Print, which ranks with 19 other rising international design stars under the age of 30.

Bulgari Rome map design

The theme of the Roman holiday is a precise interpretation of Bulgari’s strong respect for imaginative and artistic life. Free and bold spirits are displayed in display windows all over the world. In the display window are exquisite miniature models made of white ceramics, from Vespa scooter ridden by Audrey Hepburn to the classic car Cinquecento Fiat representing the 16th-century Italian art style. Italian style. They ‘carry’ the luxurious and beautiful Bvlgari jewellery together, heading to the world and hugging everyone.

Bvlgari also launched a surreal, summer-filled Roman short. Bulgari’s jewelry, watches, and accessories are naturally the protagonists in this fun short film. The Valspar scooter and trolley Fiat takes Bulgari through Rome’s most famous landscape, creatively showing the image of Bulgari, which is closely related to Rome: a girl riding a Valspar traveling the world, representing Rome, the eternal city Free spirit. The short film is from the hands of Milan animation director Virgilio Villoresi. He is young and talented, and is outstanding in the Italian film and television industry. His work is famous for real shooting, and basically does not use any post-special effects.

Eight uniquely designed windows and display areas were first unveiled at Milan’s most luxurious Renaissance department store, and another special window and display area was located in Selfridges, a high-end department store in London, England.

Important boutiques around the world are located in beloved resorts such as Florence, Porto Cervo, Capri, London, Shanghai and Beijing. Bvlgari will also host a series of celebrations in these popular resort cities to share Rome’s summer style.

It is often said that all roads lead to Rome. As long as you know how to live in the present, enjoy the present, dare to follow your heart, and release your true self, you will find that this is the road that leads you to the Bulgari world.

Bulgari takes you on a Roman holiday

Mingshi Lingni Series Pushes New Products Directly To 2013 Geneva Watch Fair

The new Lingni series 27mm automatic movement watch, with its exquisite and elegant, gentle and elegant appearance, elegant and generous shape, shows the classic timeless beauty. At the same time, this watch is driven by a Swiss mechanical movement, which can be wound automatically following the movement of the wearer’s body, which has the noble qualities of similar watches. This watch is small and easy to wear, its lines are round and beautiful, and it is equipped with a precise and reliable high-quality movement, which makes the delicate and delicate lugs more attractive. This exquisite timepiece comes in both a stainless steel case and a two-tone case. In addition, the uniqueness of the Ling Ni watch can be seen from the appearance alone.

大 The bold use of the self-winding mechanical movement in the production of women’s watches not only protects the watch from the age, but also keeps this practical ornament alive. Ingenious mechanical movement is the core component of this model. You can appreciate its subtle operation through the transparent case back. Watchmakers, watchmakers, and creative designers under Baume & Mercier have long been eager to create extraordinary watchmaking. Today, they can finally take pride in the birth of this women’s watch. For a long time, it was thought that only men would wear a mechanical movement watch. However, this watch with a high-precision mechanical movement was designed for Made for ladies.

Summary: The Lingni series has been an avant-garde in the watchmaking field since its introduction in 1987. Not only that, it also transcends the traditional characteristics of women’s watches and can also be regarded as a very attractive piece of jewelry. While being endowed with unique high quality, this series also attracts women with dazzling and luxurious visual shock. Now also equipped with a precision movement as the power source of the watch, I believe that it will certainly greatly exceed the popularity in the past.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2013 SIHH brought by the special editor of the Watch House. Next, we will present more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang Yang Fan)

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:
Copyright statement: This article is the exclusive original manuscript of the watch house, the copyright belongs to the watch house. Reprinting and quoting in all forms is prohibited, otherwise legal liability will be investigated

Bright And Elegant Parmigiani Tonda Pomellato Series Watch

Tonda Pomellato series of Parmigiani watches are created by Parmigioni and Pomellato, a famous Italian jewellery brand. Both Parmigiani and Bauman Landau demonstrate excellence with high-quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. This strong combination perfectly combines the strengths of both parties: Parmigiani’s expertise in process technology, Bauman Landau Show unconventional creativity, let the elegant appearance of the watch embrace the brilliance of jewelry. This collaboration will surely produce many amazing works in the future, paying tribute to women without reservation and satisfying their diligent and elegant pursuit. Today, the Watch House brings you a watch from the Parmigiani Toda Pomellato series.
This elegant women’s watch produced by Parmigiani with the brand’s signature pattern on the dial is a meticulous interpretation of the sincere collaboration between the two companies, Fleurier and Milan.

Case diameter 39 mm

The case diameter of this watch is 39 mm, which is in line with the current trend of large watch diameters, showing the independent temperament of modern women. The dial incorporates the unconventional creativity of Bowman Landau in the design. Adds femininity.

With a sapphire crystal

The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass. The sturdy glass is treated with anti-glare treatment. While protecting the dial, the beautifully designed dial is presented without reservation.

Crown winding feels comfortable

The diameter of the crown is about 4.3. The design is exquisite, and the winding feels comfortable. The crown is engraved with the ‘PF’ logo of Parmigiani, which shows the distinguished brand identity.

With a white Hermes calfskin strap

This watch is equipped with a white Hermès calfskin strap. The strap is exquisitely crafted, the leather is exquisite, comfortable to wear, clean and pure white with fine-grained calfskin, exudes a gentle feminine charm.

Case in 18K rose gold with diamond bezel

The case of this watch is made of 18K rose gold, which is the ultimate choice to convey a feminine atmosphere. The bezel is set with 84 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing about 0.64 carats, adding a touch of charm to the model. Touching temperament.

Unique petal-shaped lugs

The lugs are made of 18K rose gold, with a unique petal-shaped design, showing a touch of feminine style, and its delicate curve allows it to fit the wrist, ensuring the comfort of the watch when worn.

With a pin buckle

This watch is equipped with a pin buckle, which is flexible. The buckle is made of 18K rose gold. The shape is warm and finely polished. Identity.

‘Arab Arabesque’ dial

The dial adopts a complex coating process to make the delicate ‘Arab arabesque’ pattern show the effect of light and dark, making it show a growth-like vitality, and the meandering lines show the delicate and elegant feminine style. .

With two willow-shaped hands

Above the dial, two rose-gold willow-shaped hands contrast more sharply against the ‘Arab Arabesque’ pattern on the dial, quietly depicting the charm of time with an elegant attitude.

At 6 o’clock on the dial, the brand’s logo is printed

The dial is plated with rose gold-plated inlaid hour markers and is round and full. At 6 o’clock, the dial’s brand logo is printed, marking the combination of the two brands’ extraordinary professional capabilities.

Equipped with a PF701 self-winding mechanical movement

The water-resistant depth of this watch is 30 meters. A sapphire crystal is embedded in the case back, which can reveal the secrets of the operation of complex mechanical movements. The watch is equipped with a PF701 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement is beautifully carved, consisting of 145 parts, including 29 gemstone bearings, which can provide a power reserve of up to 42 hours.

Summary: Two flowers bloom, each with a watch, this powerful combination perfectly combines Parmigiani’s expertise in process technology and Bauman Landau’s unconventional creativity. Today Parmigiani and Bauman Landau have a lot in common: Both companies have complete control over their business, they have the same exacting quality standards, they also pay attention to details, and they also innovate eclecticly. This innovation respects the manufacturing traditions of the watchmaking and jewellery industries, but is not stubborn. Both brands have a spirit of change that doesn’t fall short, so the combination of Parmigiani and Bowman Landau is also logical. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Bvlgari Berries Bright Tourbillon

Favorite followers of BVLGARI BVLGARI watches and fine jewelry, every time we look forward to ushering in sweet temptations and surprises. Following the unexpected launch of two exquisite and sophisticated Berries Tourbillon Retrograde Hours and Berries Jumping Hours and Retrograde Minutes in 2013, BVLGARI is launching again this year New color models never seen before.

This Berries tourbillon retrograde hour hand watch blends BVLGARI’s superb high-end jewellery craftsmanship with watchmaking technology.

The Berries tourbillon retrograde hour hand watch dazzles on the black mother-of-pearl dial. The swirling ring pattern is set with round brilliant cut diamonds, a 40mm 18K rose gold case, emeralds and colored gems. On the tourbillon model, the ring pattern supports the tourbillon at 6 o’clock. The jeweller colored the watchmaker’s technique with a pair of skillful hands. The Berries Tourbillon watch combines precious minerals and complex machinery, and the visual effects are harmonious and pleasing to the eye. The emerald’s Persian name is zamarat, which means ‘heart of gems’, which is especially glamorous on this watch. The natural green tone has long been a symbol of luxury and power; from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment era, it is a symbol of gorgeousness and extraordinaryness.

Berries tourbillon watch with hand-made watch factory-made movement

Green is the color of the Roman Empire, a favorite color of Napoleon, and one of the totems of power. Green represents luck and boldness. Whether on a game board, or on ornaments and jewelry, green symbolizes hope and ‘joie de vivre.’ Green has always been very difficult to imitate, and the color tone is not easy to stabilize, especially for tanned leather and fabric textiles. Emeralds are known for their pleasing brightness and their exoticism and uniqueness. They are often used in BVLGARI’s fine jewelry.

 Berries Tourbillon watch, 18K rose gold case set with 63 brilliant-cut diamonds and 7 colored stones, limited to 30 pieces

The tourbillon is a complex device in a clock, which can offset the effect of the gravity of the earth on the isochronism of the balance wheel, thereby improving the accuracy of the mechanical watch. The tourbillon is protected by an elaborate frame, and the negative effects of gravity are offset by rotation. The rotation action is like a precise racing engine, and the beautiful rotation beats rhythmically like a pulse. To fully understand this complex device, just turn the Berries Tourbillon counter-clockwise watch upside down. Through the sapphire crystal back, you can not only watch BVLGARI’s ingenious tourbillon, but also the rhythmic rotation of the spinner. The function of this spinner is to ensure the smooth movement of the automatic movement (driven by a pendulum made of 22K gold), while ensuring that the watch provides a power reserve of up to 64 hours.

Girard-perregaux And The Gentle Girl’s Fate Table Is Known As Mona Lisa

Chen Yirong wears Girard-Perregaux (GP for short) Cat’s Eye series, which has won the ‘Best Women’s Watch Award at the Geneva Watch Awards’. ‘Cat Eye Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Diamond Watch’ is priced at 8.7 million. For the first time in his life, he brought such a dazzling watch. Chen Yirong said excitedly ‘I feel like the time is now stopped and I hope to stay at this moment forever.’ The fate of gentle girls and solemn watches lies in this, the combination of tough watches and feminine beauty.
Chen Yirong attends Girard Perregaux events
8.7 million diamond watch upper body
    ‘Sanjinqiao’ is a watch craft with a very artistic evaluation, and it is also a classic representative of GP. ‘Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon’ is also known as ‘Mona Lisa in the watch’. When it is added with the petite temperament of ‘Cat’s Eye’ , The effect is more amazing, can be regarded as the pinnacle of GP technology and art.
    Cat’s Eye three gold bridge tourbillon, 18K white gold case, 31.30 x 36.30 mm diameter, bezel and lugs are set with 84 square diamonds (2.12 cts), the face plate is set with 208 gorgeous diamonds (0.55 ct.), Buckle set with 14 beautiful diamonds (0.118ct), crown set with diamonds (0.2 ct.), GP9700.0A bracelet movement, diameter: 27.00 x 32.00 mm, vibration frequency 21,600 vibr./h (3Hz.), 20 stone, 72 hours power reserve, hours, minutes, tourbillon with small seconds, sapphire crystal scratch-resistant mirror, back cover fixed with 4 screws, waterproof 30 meters, Jianyi price: NT $ 8,700,000
    The second watch on display is the three-gold bridge tourbillon from the Vintage 1945 series, which is known for its simple, retro style. This watch combines Art Deco rectangular case, perfect proportion of Sanjinqiao design and original GP9600 movement, which is both practical and aesthetic.
    Vintage 1945 three-gold bridge automatic tourbillon watch, GP9600 automatic movement, vibration frequency 21,600 vibr./h (3Hz.), 30 stones, power reserve 48 hours, hour, minute, tourbillon small seconds, rose gold watch: (Also available in platinum, 18 white gold), diameter 32 x 32 mm, waterproof 30 meters, handmade alligator leather strap, suggested selling price: NT $ 5,680,000
    The third ‘LAUREATO EVO3 Tourbillon with Three Crystal Bridges’ changed Girard Perregaux’s proud golden bridge from metal to crystal. It is more difficult to produce and is currently the only bridge watch on the market that uses non-metallic materials. The design of the crystal bridge is similar to the nickel bridge pocket watch created by the founder of Girard Perregaux, with a titanium case, and the inner octagonal case is also the visual focus.
     Laureato EVO3 triple crystal bridge tourbillon, GP9600 automatic movement, vibration frequency 21,600 vibr./h (3Hz.), 30 stones, power reserve for more than 48 hours, hour, minute, tourbillon with small seconds, titanium metal case, Platinum bezel, 42 mm diameter, anti-glare sapphire crystal back, sapphire crystal back cover fixed with 6 screws, waterproof to 100 meters, the bridge of Sanjin Bridge is made by hand polished sapphire, and the gemstone ball of the bridge is fixed by rose gold The machine board is hand-matted, the depression is manually added with a ring pattern, and the concave edge is polished with diamonds. 72 tourbillon parts, weighing 0.3 grams, are balanced, chamfered, and polished by hand. Suggested selling price: NT $ 6,385,000
   For these three watches, Girard Perregaux specially invited Chen Yirong to attend the press conference yesterday. Chen Yirong put on a diamond watch for nearly 9 million yuan for the first time, ‘I really hope that time will temporarily stop.’ As she almost hit her while taking pictures, the first thing she sat down to interview was to quickly take off her watch.

Events From Blancpain China

-Blancpain 300 Years Retrospective of Watchmaking Art, Anshan, Dalian, Shanghai, Ningbo
Year 2000
-Wine Tasting Ceremony of Blancpain Watches and Wines, Shanghai
-Blancpain Watch Exhibition, Dalian
Year 2003
-Contains Classic · The Legend of Blancpain Expert Forum, Harbin
-A Century of Meaning · The Legend of Blancpain Blancpain Appreciation Meeting, Kunming
year 2004
-New store opened in Dalian Centennial City
-Classical·Legendary Century Blancpain Touring Exhibition, Kunming, Shenyang
In 2005
-Classical·Legendary Century Blancpain Touring Exhibition, Changchun, Dalian, Beijing, Chengdu
year 2006
-Innovation and tradition Blancpain watch and clock exhibition, Kunming, Chengdu, Tianjin, Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Anshan, Changchun
In 2007
-Grand Opening of Blancpain Beijing Oriental Plaza Store
-Collection Traditions Innovate and Brilliant World Blancpain Forbidden City Night, Beijing Palace Museum
-‘Beijing to Paris International Classic Car Rally’ Departure Ceremony, Juyongguan, Great Wall, Beijing
-Three Flowers Collection, Collection Spring City, Blancpain Collection Collection, Anshan, Dalian, Shenyang, Chengdu, Kunming, Shenzhen
Year 2008
-Blancpain Heavenly Rongzang Forbidden Collection Ceremony of Blancpain Carnol Palace, Beijing
Year 2009
-The first treasured watch of the Palace Museum-Blancpain Caruso Appreciation, Dalian, Nanjing, Anshan, Shenyang
year 2010
-‘Balper 2010 Heritage Classics · Leading the Future’ Top Watch Forum, Shanghai
-Crossing the Peak and Leading the Future Blancpain’s 275th Anniversary Watch Show
year 2011
-Blancpain and Lamborghini start their journey to the top
-Leaping the pinnacle and leading the future Swiss Blancpain New Basel Exhibition, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai
-Swiss watchmaking and Oriental wisdom Blancpain presents the world’s first Chinese calendar, Beijing, Shenzhen, Taiyuan, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Shanghai
-Love Makes Life Beautiful Blancpain’s ‘The Unique’ Launch Dinner, Shanghai
-Pinnacle match-up for brilliant Blancpain-Lamborghini Super Trofeo Pinnacle Challenge, Ordos, Guangdong, Shanghai
year 2013
-Swiss watch model continues Oriental legend Blancpain’s flagship store in Xintiandi, Shanghai opens
-60th Anniversary of the 60th Anniversary of Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms Series, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Ningbo
-Press conference and celebration dinner for the ‘Hou De Wei Xin, Gong Zhi Hong Yao’ Blancpain New Culture Ambassador
Year 2014
-The theme dinner of ‘Deep Sea Dragon Dragon Thousands of Legends’ and 2014 Hans Haas Fifty Thousand Awards Award Ceremony, Sanya