Putin Loves Patek Philippe Sarkozy’s Favorite Prada

The heads of state are not only fashionable but also cause political trouble if they are not careful.

Recently, South Korean President Park Geun-hye has caused a lot of trouble due to careless dressing. On October 27, Park Geun-hye appeared in the Korean Professional Baseball Finals to kick off the game, but she was strongly accused by Korean netizens of wearing a Japanese brand sports shoes. In fact, in international politics, the dress of the heads of states is not only a manifestation of fashion taste, but also political attention. A little carelessness may cause a lot of political trouble.

‘Show off rich’


Clothes and pants don’t matter

Watches worth $ 60,000

It is said that due to personality, lifestyle and other reasons, Russian President Putin paid little attention to the accessories, but the watch was an exception. Putin has always liked to wear watches. In the early years, his watches were unremarkable. As his career became smoother, his watches became more and more high-end.

After he became president, he immediately took off the Playboy watch with a metal strap and replaced it with a high-end watch with a high-grade leather strap.

In 2003, at the suggestion of a professional, Putin bought a $ 18,000 Carrova gold watch made by the Swiss company ‘Pakto Philippe’. Later, he replaced another ‘Perpetual Philippe’ gold watch with a perpetual calendar value of up to $ 60,000.

What’s interesting is that when Putin was young, he wore a watch with his left hand, but after he became president, he changed his watch with his right hand. It is said that this was Putin’s adviser who told him that wearing a watch on his left hand would affect the normal working of the heart.

很少 Few of the leaders of major powers are ‘show off riches’ like Putin. Russian opposition figure and former prime minister Nemtsov once joked on Weibo: ‘It seems that Putin can save enough money to buy these watches for six years without eating or drinking.’

‘Fashionist’ Sarkozy

Inauguration wearing Prada

Clothing selected as the best in the world

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been the most sought after politician in the international fashion industry.

At the 2007 presidential inauguration ceremony, Sarkozy shined in a slim Prada suit, making a splash in the fashion industry.

On the 2007 Vanity Fair magazine’s 2007 Global Best Men’s Wear List, Sarkozy is on the list, and is tied with stars such as Hollywood star George Clooney.

科 Sarkozy, who is particular about clothes, even has a nickname of ‘President Bling Bling’. In the latest Oxford Dictionary, ‘Bling’ means: wear designer clothes and bright jewelry.

明 ‘Camouflage’ Li Mingbo

Inside a designer suit, hidden jacket

I want to pretend to be close to the people,

Former CEO of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, the CEO, had an enviable economic income. After taking over the Blue House, Lee Myung-bak intended to be a pro-president of the ‘pragmatism’ policy, but in the eyes of some Korean people, he may never be a super-rich man who cannot understand the people.

In 2008, when Li Mingbo was attending a conference, because of the hot weather outside, he took off his ordinary thick coat and was photographed by the media. After the photo came out, Korean netizens found that the suit worn in the president’s jacket was actually an expensive Italian suit worth more than $ 3,000, which caused a fierce response from Korean netizens.

Many Korean netizens have said, ‘The South Korean economy is so bad, but the president himself is wearing such expensive clothes. Is the president someone who works for ordinary people?’

平 ‘Civilian’ Obama

Soles for holes

Approved for Love Show

Relying on grassroots support for Obama who won the election, he also likes to follow the civilian route in his clothes. Chicagoans may be very proud. Obama often wears a Chicago brand suit. At least five suits of this brand are said to cost only a few hundred dollars each.

Obama’s 2008 ‘elegant hole’ photo was very famous during the 2008 election. Obama had said at the time that he had changed soles since the beginning of the election. However, Obama’s actions on the clothes were also called by many opponents as a show, because he deliberately attracted the votes of the bottom class during the election.

‘Nobility’ Cameron

Suit only wear custom

A set of 3,500 pounds

As a distant relative of the British royal family, British Prime Minister Cameron, who grew up in Eaton College and Oxford University, is not only a specimen of political elites, but also a fashionable male in the public eye.

In 2007, Cameron ranked second on the list of ‘Best Dressed Men in the UK’ by the British version of the men’s fashion magazine ‘GQ’, second only to British male star and actor Bond in the 007 movie. Craig.

According to reports, in order to avoid people’s eyes, Cameron repeatedly recruited tailors to Downing Street official residences for him. Cameron’s favorite new-style tailors in recent years have cut slim fits, and the details are also clever. However, the price of up to 3,500 pounds per set has repeatedly become the focus of criticism from political opponents.

In 2010, Cameron was captured by the media that his jacket cuffs were nailed with ‘5 buttons’ dedicated to the British royal family, causing British media to be flogged.