Roman Holiday Bulgari Plays Carols Around The World

When the fascinating summer days unfold the splendid picture scrolls, Bulgari plays the Roman holiday carols, praising Italy’s sweet and enthusiastic, cheerful and happy life attitude. Bulgari global boutiques are filled with a warm and joyful holiday atmosphere everywhere.

Bvlgari Roman themed window

Rome is a carefree, joy-filled paradise. The aesthetics of Italian life has become the essence of Roman culture. Free and unrestrained achievements of Rome’s charm, free and easy expression of Rome’s temperament, even the summer sun brings its charm to the city with its enthusiasm.

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate life throughout the year. In this season, everyone can be immersed in the sweet breath, appreciate the beauty of life, taste the rich food and wine, put aside the mundane spirit, and pursue themselves deliberately. In Rome, it seems to be a beautiful summer all year.

In this brilliant summer, Bulgari uses the map of Rome to wake up all corners of the world with a creative spirit of joy. The Bulgari map of Rome combines exquisite gemstones with brilliant jewelry, as well as a rich and colorful daily life. These maps not only originate from the most beautiful landmarks, depicting the style from Italian ice cream shops to traditional snack bars; they are also genuine invitations to invite people to indulge in enjoying the joyful lifestyle of Rome.

Bvlgari Roman themed window

Lotta Nieminen, a famous Finnish visual art designer, designed the theme of the Roman holiday. She is young, talented, talented, good at using color, lively and creative, and innovative. In 2014, she was named to Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 annual list in the art and fashion field. In 2010, she received the ‘Outstanding Young Designer’ award from the Art Guidance Club, and was selected as the ‘New Visual Artist’ of the year by the graphic arts journal Print, which ranks with 19 other rising international design stars under the age of 30.

Bulgari Rome map design

The theme of the Roman holiday is a precise interpretation of Bulgari’s strong respect for imaginative and artistic life. Free and bold spirits are displayed in display windows all over the world. In the display window are exquisite miniature models made of white ceramics, from Vespa scooter ridden by Audrey Hepburn to the classic car Cinquecento Fiat representing the 16th-century Italian art style. Italian style. They ‘carry’ the luxurious and beautiful Bvlgari jewellery together, heading to the world and hugging everyone.

Bvlgari also launched a surreal, summer-filled Roman short. Bulgari’s jewelry, watches, and accessories are naturally the protagonists in this fun short film. The Valspar scooter and trolley Fiat takes Bulgari through Rome’s most famous landscape, creatively showing the image of Bulgari, which is closely related to Rome: a girl riding a Valspar traveling the world, representing Rome, the eternal city Free spirit. The short film is from the hands of Milan animation director Virgilio Villoresi. He is young and talented, and is outstanding in the Italian film and television industry. His work is famous for real shooting, and basically does not use any post-special effects.

Eight uniquely designed windows and display areas were first unveiled at Milan’s most luxurious Renaissance department store, and another special window and display area was located in Selfridges, a high-end department store in London, England.

Important boutiques around the world are located in beloved resorts such as Florence, Porto Cervo, Capri, London, Shanghai and Beijing. Bvlgari will also host a series of celebrations in these popular resort cities to share Rome’s summer style.

It is often said that all roads lead to Rome. As long as you know how to live in the present, enjoy the present, dare to follow your heart, and release your true self, you will find that this is the road that leads you to the Bulgari world.

Bulgari takes you on a Roman holiday