Seiko 2011 New Men’s Watches Neoclassicism

Premier watches cleverly combine classical inspiration and modern interpretation, and are SEIKO’s main fashion watches. Premier’s design is inspired by the beautiful beauty of neoclassical architecture. Each product is as sturdy and elegant as a Palladian villa, and the pursuit of sculptural detail shown on each dial is inspired by ancient Greek temples. These traditional elements are interpreted in a new and modern way in Premier products. Premier is classic and modern, following the traditional and bold and innovative Big Calendar Chronograph.
Quartz large date display chronograph movement;
Date, 24-hour display;
It can measure up to 60 minutes in 1/5 second increments.
And can be used for timing. Kinetic Direct Drive (Human power can be charged manually) Moon Camera Core: Generated by the wearer’s arm and storing energy to power the watch, it can also be charged directly by turning the crown;
24-hour hand
Moon phase display
Manual charging energy display;
Energy storage display;
Real-time energy generation display;
Energy storage: about one month;
Can be charged manually. Kinetic (personal electric power) movement: the wearer’s arm swings to generate and store electrical energy to power the watch
Tri-fold button switch buckle;
It can measure up to 45 minutes in 1/5 second increments;
Quick start function.