Superb Chinese And Western Tastes Earl Dancer Zodiac Watch Series

The timeless round shape of Piaget’s Dancer series watches, coupled with stunning slim style. The bezel and bracelet are embossed with a double-ring circular mold. As a time scale, it also reflects the unique personality of this classic luxury watch.

  The ultra-thin case, the low-key bezel set with diamonds, the soft-fitting strap, and the classic double-folding decoration make up the Piaget’s elegant Dancer watch. Today, the House of Watches brings you a perfect fusion of Chinese culture and Swiss craftsmanship. Like people, they have demonstrated the watchmaking skills of the Dancer series. The official model is G0A32193.

  Piaget deliberately added ancient and profound Chinese cultural elements to the design, and grandly launched a total of 12 Dancer Zodiac watch series. This Piaget Dancer Zodiac series features an auspicious Chinese zodiac pattern on the dial elsewhere, and a diamond-lined ‘rabbit’ is presented on the black agate dial. 38 mm in diameter. 18K white gold case set with 36 round diamonds (approx. 0.7 carats). Black agate dial with Chinese zodiac ‘Rabbit’ set with a ruby ​​(about 0.01 carats) and 55 round diamonds (about 0.1 carats). Sapphire crystal case back. 18K White Gold Bracelet. Equipped with Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement.

  This small and exquisite watch, the side of the crown is more prominent in the simple style of the watch, the satin-finished crown is engraved with the Piaget letter ‘P’, representing its noble brand identity.

  The bracelet continues the style of the Dancer series. The outer and inner edges of the white gold bracelet are polished and matted with two different dial treatment methods, dumbbell-shaped links, and the silk structure connected to the linear chain. The originality of the design of the bracelet, such a unique craft, comes from the long-term accumulation and innovative breakthrough of the Piaget brand.

  The ultra-thin design has always been Piaget’s signature craftsmanship. The thickness of this watch’s case is 6.9 mm, which is definitely in line with the pursuit of thinness for most women. The classic silhouette design highlights the classic luxurious charm, and the gorgeous diamonds set on the bezel exude a bright light. Piaget meets the highest standards in the choice of diamonds in terms of colour, weight and purity.

  The integrated buckle is simple and convenient, safe and reliable. The buckle is engraved with the letter ‘P’ as a decoration, and the subtleties show the meticulousness and exquisiteness of the brand’s watchmaking.

  The compact lugs are more exquisite in design, and they are almost the same length as a bracelet, making them more flexible and comfortable to wear.

  The ‘rabbit’ of the zodiac sign is a symbol of being easy-going and easy-going. It can adapt to various environments. The ‘rabbit’ on the black agate dial is inlaid with diamonds, and ruby ​​is used as the ‘painting rabbit eye’, which is vivid and full of aura. Exquisite craftsmanship, even the dots around the dial are polished.

  A sapphire crystal caseback on the back offers an exquisite ultra-thin movement. It is equipped with a Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, which is derived from the legendary Piaget 9P movement. It is only 2.1 mm thick and has a power reserve of about 43 hours. This movement offers a variety of possibilities for different shapes and is the blueprint for the world’s thinnest 600P rectangular tourbillon movement. The movement is extremely slim, with hour and center hands, the movement is decorated with a traditional circular Geneva wave pattern, the main splint is decorated with a ring-shaped corrugated finish, the bridge is chamfered, and the blue steel screws on the bridge reflect Piaget watchmaking brand strives for perfection.

  Summary: With the rapid growth of the Chinese watch market, the importance of the Chinese market to watch brands is increasing. It is not new for high-end watch brands to launch watches specifically for China. The Piaget Dancer series is famous for its classic design and exquisite gold watchmaking. This Dancer Zodiac watch is based on the theme of Chinese national elements. Can be described as extremely collectible. This watch is currently discontinued, and interested friends can consult the local Piaget watch store.