The Best Choice, Effortless …

Warm congratulations! Mutaz EssaBarshim, a brand friend who joined the Richard Mille family in 2017, has recently taken a new level. On Friday, November 24th, Barshim won the ‘Best Male Athlete of the Year’ award at the 2017 IAAF Annual Awards held at the Grimadier Convention Center in Monaco. Become the first high jumper in history to receive this award, even the great predecessor Sotomayor has never received this award.

   This year, Mutaz EssaBarshim refreshed the world’s best results in the high jump season nine times, exceeding the 2.40 mark twice and becoming the first male high jumper in history to be able to jump above 2.40 meters for five consecutive seasons … not satisfied with With these outstanding performances, Mutaz is still pursuing higher goals-‘It is not easy to break the world record, but I believe that as long as I maintain a healthy and good physical condition, I will definitely be able to jump to 2 meters 46 or 2 meters 47 ‘. The same pursuit further and higher became the inspiration for the RICHARD MILLERM 67-02 High Jump automatic watch, which is itself a timepiece at the pinnacle of innovation.

   RICHARD MILLE’s consistent style of pursuing the best and choosing the best does not stop there. Yohan Blake won the Best of the Year award at the 2011 IAAF Annual Awards. The 400m world champion and world record holder Wayde van Niekerk is also a member of the RICHARD MILLE family. Of course, this big family is also indispensable for his special ‘aunt’-Ans Botha. Botha succeeded Wayde. Without her, Wayde could not become the world champion today. This trusted coach helped Wayde become South Africa’s first sprinter to win an Olympic gold medal in nearly a century. Tannie (Auntie in Afrikaans) is 76 years old and healthy. She is still full of vitality and deservedly crowned the IAAF ‘Coach Achievement Award’.

   RICHARD MILLE attracts the best friends, and the family deserves to be a leader in innovative watchmaking.