The Blancpain Store Settles In Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is the largest air traffic hub in Asia and one of the busiest airports in the world. Thousands of passengers gather here every day. Whether waiting for a flight here or connecting to another destination, travelers will not miss the opportunity to shop at hundreds of international brand stores in the airport terminal.

   Recently, Swiss watch brand Blancpain settled in this world-renowned hub airport and became the newest star member here. The boutique’s work showcases Blancpain’s top craftsmanship and superb quality, making it an ideal place to appreciate and purchase high-end watches.

   The new boutique is located in the East Hall of Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport, which is also the busiest passenger passageway in the entire airport. Blancpain international boutiques are decorated with classic European design. The new specialty store also carries a distinctive Blancpain style. This style represents Blancpain’s spirit of respect for tradition and continuous pursuit of innovation. Has been passed down for 279 years.

   Blancpain’s Hong Kong International Airport stores are mostly decorated with elegant wood, creating a warm and comfortable environment, reminiscent of the origin of Blancpain-Switzerland’s Jurassic Valley. Customers appreciate the exquisite timepieces here, as if they were in Peaceful Blancpain watchmaking workshop. Elegant and classic, and actively connected with modern technology, the huge LCD is broadcasting the latest news of brand activities and new products, showing Blancpain’s passion for fine watchmaking, deep sea exploration and speed racing.

   Since the creation of Blancpain, the master craftsmanship accumulated in the glorious history is the most important driving force behind the brand’s success today, and has also laid a solid foundation for the brand’s continuous development and innovation in the field of watchmaking.

   Blancpain’s Hong Kong International Airport store showcases a series of exquisite watches including Villeret, Fifty Fathoms (50 years old) and women’s clothing. Welcome watch lovers from all over the world to experience Blancpain’s passion for watchmaking Craft.