The Evolution Of Complex Diving Watches

Water resistance and reliability are the key characteristics of a diving watch. Any timepiece that does not meet these two requirements is not a diving watch. Historically, diving watches were mostly sturdy and durable, showing only time. However, advances in technology have made it possible to achieve waterproofness unimaginable half a century ago; in addition, the reliability of various functions has also been improved, and the watchmaking industry has the ability to create diving watches like never before.

Richard Mille RM 025 Tourbillon Chronograph is one of the most complicated and expensive diving watches on the market
   Regarding diving watches, another major development needs to be considered. Historically, Blancpain’s first Fifty Fathoms watches were sold in professional diving shops, but nowadays even if not diving, it is fashionable to wear diving watches. Dive watches have gone beyond pure functionality and become part of people’s lifestyles. Others like diving watches and complications, and are drawn to the combination of both.

Rolex Submariner is a model of diving watches

   In addition to the date display, one of the most common complication of diving watches is timing. The timing function can provide practical value for divers, it can measure the time of the entire diving process, and it can also determine the stay time of the decompression station. Some watches can mechanically measure the depth of a diver’s underwater and often record the deepest dive depth. These complications are designed for divers, although no one actually depends on them in actual diving.

Graham cleverly redesigned Chronofighter into a dive version and named it Prodive

The Breguet marine watch is equipped with a bell function, and the sound can be heard even underwater

   Since most dive watches spend most of their time on land, many dive watches are now equipped with complex features that are useful on land (more than water). Some have a perpetual calendar function (Athens Nautical Perpetual Calendar Watch), some have a bell function (Breguet Nautical Watch), and some even have the coveted tourbillon function (Richmond Mill RM 025 Tourbillon Chronograph).

Blancpain X-Fathoms with mechanical sounding

Diving when lifestyle: scuba diving watch with perpetual calendar function, rubber bezel cleverly set with gems

   Objectively, from the perspective of professional instruments, mechanical diving watches have been surpassed by dive computers. In many cases, divers still wear diving watches, either just as a spare or simply out of love. It sounds sad, but it also means that watchmakers now enjoy unprecedented freedom. They can combine technological advances to create the most distinctive and complex diving watches, whether they are real or not. Will be used for diving.