The Piaget Altiplano Is Extremely Thin. Why Is It Different?

Since the 20th century, Piaget has become one of the most recognized high-end brands in the country. Many celebrities will purchase Piaget watches as the best partner for social dinners. Although sports watches have become popular in recent years, so too have the complexity. But the more complex the function, the thicker the movement. Many people in the business and political circles, when attending formal occasions or social events, are worried about the embarrassment of the watch getting stuck in their cuffs when they reach out, and they will choose to wear an ultra-thin watch to show their cultivation and taste. The charm of the Piaget Altiplano series has never been reduced over the years, and it is still the watch of choice for high-end people. The new models launched this year are even more amazing.

Piaget Brand Ambassador Hu Ge Wears Altiplano Meteorite Dial Tourbillon Watch
   As we all know, Piaget has an absolute position in the two areas of ultra-thin watchmaking and gem setting. And this year’s Altiplano Meteorite Dial Tourbillon Watch is a masterpiece of Piaget craftsmanship. Looking at this watch in this way, you may only think it is beautiful enough and luxurious. But it doesn’t stop there.

Altiplano Meteorite Dial Tourbillon Watch
   First of all, let’s look at its dimensions: the diameter of the table is 41 mm, the thickness of the case is 7.05 mm, and the weight is 46.58 grams. It is a truly slim and lightweight high-end formal watch. It is equipped with a homemade 670P ultra-thin manual winding tourbillon mechanical movement with a thickness of only 4.6 mm. The case is made of 18k rose gold, the dial is made of meteorite, and the bezel is set with 60 round diamonds (about 1.44 carats). On the basis of slimness, luxury and elegance are added to the watch.

   There are many meteorite watches on the market, but why is Piaget more characteristic? First of all, every watch of Piaget’s Altiplano ultra-thin series is an ultra-thin watch, and the production process of an ultra-thin watch is more delicate and more difficult than ordinary watches. At the same time, the meteorite is very hard. If it is used as a dial on an ultra-thin watch, it needs higher setting technology. Because of this, although there are many brands that use meteorite dials, Piaget is the only one that can be used on ultra-thin watches.

   Another highlight of the watch is this highly recognizable Piaget floating tourbillon. The shape of the tourbillon is very unique. The letter ‘P’ on it signifies ‘Made by Piaget’. This watch is a limited edition launched this year. Only 28 pieces are released. With the unique texture of the meteorite dial, each watch is unique.
   Another popular model this year is the Meteorite watch from the Altiplano ultra-thin series.

Piaget Altiplano Ultra-Thin Meteorite Watch (G0A44051)
   This watch also uses a meteorite material to make the dial, but it is more simple. The thin rose gold hour markers are on the dial, and the calendar display window is located at 3 o’clock. The minimalist two-pin design is the signature style of the Altiplano ultra-thin series.

Piaget Altiplano Ultra-Thin Meteorite Watch (G0A44051)
   From the side we can see that this watch is very thin and light, only 6.36 mm thick, but there is no lack of texture. In addition to the application of the meteorite material, its most special feature is that it is equipped with Piaget’s legendary thin movement-1203P ultra-thin automatic movement. The thickness of the movement is only 3 mm, but the design is equally fine. Circular Geneva wave pattern, polished round pattern main splint, chamfered bridge, solar radiation pattern decoration gear set, and Piaget brand seal engraved on the movement pendulum. Everywhere proves that superb technology and ultra-thin technology are not contradictory. 18K rose gold case, meteorite dial, legendary ultra-thin automatic movement, simple and atmospheric design, can you imagine that its public price is less than 200,000? However, this watch is also limited to only 300 pieces worldwide.
   Everyone knows that Piaget’s Altiplano series of ultra-thin watches are famous and different, but what is its strength, maybe you can’t fully understand just by looking at two new watches. Let’s start with the birth of the Altiplano series.
   ‘Born’ but different

Fairy Slope in the Jurassic Mountains, Switzerland
   In 1874, Earl was founded in La Côte-aux-Fées in the Jurassic Mountains of Switzerland. At that time, Piaget was an ultra-thin accessories expert, active on the product list of major suppliers, supplying ultra-thin parts for major brands.
   In 1957, Piaget introduced the first manual-winding ultra-thin mechanical movement, 9P, with a thickness of only 2 mm, which caused a huge sensation at the Basel Expo that year.

In 1957 Piaget introduced the first ultra-thin manual winding movement-9P
   This legendary hand-wound movement is only 2 mm thick. So thin, the workmanship is still fine. Equipped with center hour and minute hands. The movement is decorated with vertical Geneva ripples, the main splint is decorated with a ring-shaped corrugation, and the bridge is decorated with hand-chamfering, which embodies Piaget’s pursuit of perfection everywhere.
   With the birth of the 9P movement, the first watch of the Altiplano series was also launched. The subtle and elegant design makes this ultra-thin watch stand out from the controversial forest of watchmaking, and also officially launches Piaget’s legendary journey in the field of ultra-thin watches.

Altiplano watch (equipped with 9P movement)
   Three years later (1960), Piaget introduced the first automatic movement, the 12P. The thickness of the movement is only 2.3 mm, setting a record of the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement at the time.

In 1960, Piaget introduced the ultra-thin self-winding movement-12P
   The movement is equipped with an 18K gold eccentric miniature automatic oscillating weight, also known as the ‘Pearl Turbine’. ‘Pearl Tuo’ puts the automatic winding structure on the edge of the main gear train. Because it does not need to be stacked, the thickness of the movement is reduced. So far, ‘Pearl Tuo’ still only appears in a very small number of high-end watches, which also shows Piaget’s superb skills in watchmaking.
   With the continuous transformation of the Altiplano Ultra-Thin series for decades, a series of ultra-thin movements such as 430P, 504P, 800P have been successively introduced, all inheriting the slimness and performance of these two legendary movements. Added calendar, chronograph and other functions, but still does not change the classic slim appearance and elegant temperament. With a low-key and elegant style, it drives the pursuit of ultimate aesthetics.

Altiplano ultra-thin watch
   ‘Odd’ and different
   The Piaget Altiplano Ultra-Thin Series has broken the world record twice. The first record was obtained by Altiplano Ultimate Automatic.

  Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic
   In 2017, Piaget launched the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Altiplano Ultra-thin series and ultra-thin 9P movement. The new watch is only 4.3 mm thick and is equipped with a 910P self-winding mechanical movement. In order to save every inch of valuable space, the entire mechanism and manual assembly are included in the thickness of the balance wheel. The black PVD-coated gold oscillating weight also makes good use of structural space and is located on the periphery of the movement to integrate it with the thickness of the movement. In addition, the hour and minute hands are also incorporated into the thickness of the movement, which is completely different from the standard structure on the surface of the movement. This technological breakthrough contains Piaget’s top technology essence, and is also a perfect example of nobility and elegance.
   The second record is the outstanding work of Piaget’s ‘Research and Innovation’ department-Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept watch.

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept
   In 2018, Piaget released a blockbuster work-Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Awards. With 2 mm of extreme fiber, the most slim hand-wound watch with no suspense has become Piaget’s strong tribute to the ultra-thin watchmaking gene.
   This concept watch uses ultra-strong cobalt-based high-tech alloys to ensure that while the watch is thin, it will not be bent by external forces. In addition, the ‘two-in-one’ structure is applied to this watch, which truly eliminates the boundary between the internal movement and the external case, allowing the case to become the external component and the movement substrate in both directions. This avant-garde technological innovation naturally achieves the special status of the Piaget Altiplano series.
   ‘Beauty’ is different
   If ‘slim’ is the watchmaking gene of Piaget’s Altiplano Ultra-thin series, then ‘elegance’ is the aesthetic gene of Altiplano series.

Altiplano ultra-thin watch
   In addition to the R & D and innovation of ultra-thin technology, Piaget’s use of precious materials is also top-notch. From the 1960s to the 1970s, Piaget boldly used gems such as hard ruby, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli, coral, malachite, onyx and emerald to embellish the dial, creating a luxury watch with both fashion and elegance. Simple but luxurious, stylish and elegant. Such an aesthetic design adds a touch of tenderness to Piaget’s Altiplano Ultra-thin series under mechanical hormones.
   It has been 62 years since Piaget’s Altiplano ultra-thin series was launched. Always unchanged from the beginning, the courage to pursue innovation. It is most appropriate to describe Piaget as ‘luxury in watch, complexity in core’. Altiplano’s ultra-thin series provides wearers with the joy of mechanical masterpieces, while never erasing high-end elegant aesthetics. It is this perfection that will make the world’s celebrities, collectors, and even connoisseurs favor it. Simple, low-key without losing its meaning and fun, this count is really charming.