The Upstart Hublot Watch That Revolutionized The Watch Industry

Hublot was established in 1980 and officially entered the Chinese market in 2009. Compared with brands that have been around for a hundred or two hundred years, there is no long history, but everyone is no stranger to this rising star. ‘Fusion The brand concept of ‘art’ is also well known to everyone. Hublot has set off a revolution in the watch industry, both in terms of materials and design aesthetics.
Hublot “5 Million US Dollars”

   At this year’s Basel Jewellery & Watch Fair, there is a watch that shines, that is, the Hublot Big Bang series with 1282 diamonds valued at $ 5 million-$ 5 million. This is precisely because this first Swiss top watch brand that boldly combines precious metals and natural rubber, whether in terms of materials or design aesthetics, has set off a revolution in the watch industry; the marriage with various top events, and It conveys the perfect fusion of brand heritage and breakthrough innovation.
‘Fusion’ tradition and future

   When it comes to Hublot, there is a topic that one cannot avoid, that is, Jean-Claude Biver, known as the ‘magician’ of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Today, the two hot brands in the watch industry Omega and Blancpain, today’s brilliant performance can not be separated from this marketing master. In the 1980s, after Mr. Beaver took over the Blancpain brand, with the unique business philosophy of ‘the quartz watch has never been produced since its establishment in 1735, and will never be produced,’ Blancpain quickly gained a new life. ; When in charge of Omega marketing, Cindy Crawford and other stars were brought to China, creating a precedent for celebrity endorsement watch brands.

   Mr. Beaver is currently Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors. The Hublot brand was established in 1980. The real rapid development was after Mr. Beaver took over in 2004. The big ‘H’ LOGO of the brand reflects the consistent philosophy and principle of governance, that is, ‘the art of fusion’: the vertical line on the left represents the past, the right represents the future, and the middle wave connecting line means connecting the past and the future, A fusion of classic and modern. Mr. Beaver carried forward the brand philosophy of “Fusion Art” and successfully sold it. By 2008, it was acquired by the LVMH Group. The brand turnover increased from 25 million Swiss francs to 200 million Swiss francs.

   Hublot’s four major series: Big Bang, King Power, Classic Fusion and Masterpiece series, equipped with a variety of highly complex movements, such as tourbillon, three questions, dual chase hands, femtosecond hands, calendar retrograde, world time Wait a minute. The groundbreaking materials: ceramics, carbon fiber, tantalum, tungsten, titanium, natural rubber and the tried-and-tested combination of gold, platinum, stainless steel, diamonds and rare gems all convey the brand’s loyalty to the Swiss watchmaking tradition At the same time, unique creativity and vision. And all of this better conveys the brand concept of ‘Fusion Art’.
Official Hublot timepiece on the 2010 World Cup
Marriage of various sports events

   Friends who are familiar with the brand know that the Hublot family has always been star-studded, and there are no shortage of legends in various fields: Jet Li in the film and television industry, Maradona in the football industry, Wade in the NBA, and Maria in the ski industry. , Facundo Pierres of the polo world, and F1 Elton Senna family, etc., one by one, such as Lei Guaner. Members of the Hublot family can also see that Hublot works closely with top sports events. Adhering to Mr. Claude Beaver’s marketing strategy of ‘going to the place where potential customers can be found’, Hublot has become the first luxury brand in history to sponsor football matches.
Love Maradona wearing a Hublot watch on each hand

   In 2008, Hublot became the ‘Official Timekeeper’ of Manchester United and the ‘Official Timekeeper’ of the European Champions Cup. In 2010, after becoming the ‘Official Watch’ of Formula 1TM, Hublot was once again in history For the first time, the FIFA World Cup has become the ‘Official Timekeeper’ for three consecutive sessions in 2010, 2014 and 2018. I believe that everyone can still clearly remember that in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the six letters ‘HUBLOT’ will appear on the referee’s timeboard; and Maradona Mars will wear a limited-edition Hublot on each of his left and right wrists. It attracted worldwide audiences. In addition, Hublot also participated in the Monaco Yacht Club (chaired by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco), the Copa del Rey regatta, the America’s Cup regatta , And golf, polo and skiing, and more.
Hublot Events

1980 Hublot was established, making the first wristwatch combining gold and natural rubber, pioneering the fusion of multiple materials for the first time.

2004 Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver becomes Chief Executive Officer and proposes the concept of ‘fusion of art’, a fusion of multiple watchmaking materials, a fusion of tradition and future.

The 2005 Big Bang series was born, winning the “Best Design Award” at the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards.

2006 Hublot TV is born, the first online TV channel ever created by a luxury brand. The new concept of ‘Invisible Visible’ Big Bang all black series was born.

2007 The first store opens on Saint-Honore street in Paris. The unforgettable Big Bang diving watch with a 48mm oversized case and perfect balance was introduced.

2008 The first Big Bang designed specifically for women debuts. The new Classic Fusion series is launched. LVMH Group, the world’s leading luxury goods company, put Hublot under its control.

2009 The new King Power series is released.

2010 The first King of the Kings watch equipped with Hublot’s self-produced movement, UNICO. The new masterpiece, Masterpiece, is launched, with one or two released each year.

In April, Hublot formally signed an exclusive official watch for F1 ™ racing worldwide, and at the same time announced a limited edition King Extreme F1TN racing watch.

In May, Hublot officially became the Official FIFA Timekeeper for the 2010 and 2014 World Cups and produced the Official FIFA Watch for FIFA.

2011 Hublot and the Maritime Museum of Monaco jointly release the ‘Deep Sea Quest 4000m’ diving watch.