Tuduo Pushes A New Watch And Is Expected To Surpass Xiao Tonghua As A New Explosion!

At the Basel 2019, the Tudor Biwan series launched a new hybrid chronograph watch, boldly combining the diving watch tradition represented by the Biwan series with the essence of racing chronographs. This watch not only shows sports vitality and fashion taste, but also integrates the retro and nostalgic atmosphere into it, which is durable and durable. Let’s enjoy it together! (Watch number: M79363N-0002).

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  This Tudor Biwan chronograph gold-steel model faithfully continues the classic aesthetic features of the Biwan series. The 41mm stainless steel case with gold buttons is an inspiration to the first-generation Tudor chronograph watch. Gold fixed outer ring with black anodized aluminum speedometer word ring, both sporty and elegant style, make the watch full of personality.

  Like the other models of the Biwan series, the dial design of the Biwan chronograph gold-steel model also draws inspiration from the 1950s Tudor diving watch, using angular pointers familiar to most collectors, called ‘Snowflake’. Its elegant and dignified gold hue contrasts with the arched matte black dial, which is more ideal when reading.

  A calendar display window at 6 o’clock. The combination of the recessed chronograph dial and champagne color not only highlights the sense of hierarchy, but also creates a sharp and eye-catching contrast. The watch’s outer ring is equipped with a speedometer, which can be used to select the required measurement unit, and measure the speed or flow rate.

  In addition, this new chronograph also follows the ‘big crown’ design, which is the typical feature of the first generation of Tudor diving watches. Embossed Tudor rose logo on screw-down winding crown. Above the crown is the start / stop timing button; below the crown is the redesigned button.

  This Biwan Chronograph is a dense bottom design, equipped with Tudor MT5813 chronograph movement, carefully crafted with pure traditional watchmaking technology, equipped with column wheel and vertical chronograph clutch wheel device. With a proud 70-hour power reserve, silicon hairspring, and Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), it is a well-deserved high-performance movement.

  In addition, the strap also has a variety of materials to choose from. In addition to the selected textured black straps that are usually paired with Tudor watches, this Biwan Chronograph can also be paired with gold steel straps and brown antique straps. Antique straps are trimmed with hazel stitching and discounted.

  Summary: This Tudor chronograph gold-steel watch is designed to pay tribute to the two important areas of diving and racing. The watch boldly combines the tradition of diving watches represented by the Biwan series with chronographs in the racing world Essence, the watch design not only has the youthful sense of sports fashion, but also the calmness of retro nostalgia, unique style. If you like this one too, get ready for it!